Chapter 1

A Future to Have and To Hold.

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Chapter 1 I'm In Love With A Girl

I'm in love with a girl(I'm in love with)(x2)

Out the many broken backdoors and windows,

Through the valley of the love of the lost,

Is a hole that is cut through the souls falling down from the thrones without leaving any windows,

But you drown in a piece for the moment,

The moment was over in time,

Then its gone the hit and run the tactless one has a short life

I'm in love with a girl who knows me better,

Fell for the women just when I met her,

Took my sweet time when I was bitter,

Someone understands,

And she knows how to treat a fella right,

Give me that feeling every night,

Wants to make love when I wanna fight,

Now someone understand me,

I'm in love with a girl (I'm in love with) (x2)

Gonna tell you what you do to think you practice what you preach,

Now I know there's nothing we can't preach,

'cause the heart can't erase once it finds a place to be warm and welcome,

To be held in shelter

I'm in love with a girl, who knows me better,

Fell for the women just when I met her

Took my sweet time when I was bitter

Someone understands,

And she knows how to treat a fella right

Give me that feeling every night

Wants to make love when I wanna fight

Now someone understands me

I'm in love with a girl (I'm in love with) (x3)

Who knows me better

Wants to make love when I wanna fight

Now someone understand me

Gavin DeGraw

Nathan could barely wait for this afternoon. His family would be coming back into town. Haley's sister Vivian got married this weekend and she and the kids had gone to Texas for the ceremony. He and Jamie had a lot of work to do. The Raven's first basketball game was in three weeks. Whitey had retired and had approached Nathan about taking over the team. Jamie had been so excited about the time he would be able to spend with his dad that he hadn't quit bugging him until he said yes.


"Jamie, you are fifteen years old son. You are old enough for your wants not to hurt you."

"Please Dad. Natalie and Nicole are always doing things with Aunt Brooke and Mom and Bri is on Uncle Luke's junior league basketball team. I want you and me to do something together. Besides, I want to learn everything you know."

"Jim Jam, I've already taught you everything I know."

"Dad" he whined.

"Jamie, I'll talk to your Mom ok? That's all I'm going to promise."

Lucas had published his fourth book last month. He and Peyton were doing really well for themselves. Peyton's record label was doing great. She had seven artists that had recorded songs that Haley had written. Karen had signed Tric over to Lucas and Peyton. She was with Andy now and they had plenty of money. Peyton had worked really hard on Tric to get it started so it only seemed right for her to continue running it. Plus her studio was right next to it, she was available to take care of the club and still work on her record label, Red Bedroom Records.

Haley was busy with Natalie and Nicole. They were on the cheerleading squad for the junior leagues. They were in 4-H and Girl Scouts and both of them were straight A students like their Mom. Brian had told his Dad quite a few times of several of his friends that thought both girls were hott. Natalie had honey blonde hair and blue eyes like Nathan and Nicole had Raven hair and the same doe eyes as her Mom. Nicole and Brian looked a lot alike and Natalie and Jamie looked a lot alike. Haley was secretly grateful that the girls had been fraternal twins instead of identical. It gave them both their own identity.

Ashlyn Natalie and Nicole were cousins but they were also the best of friends. The three girls and Brian and Keith were so tight. They had been inseparable since they were little. Jamie had protected all of them fiercely. He and Lily were the best of friends. They were the same age and Lily understood Jamie in a way that other's didn't seem to get.

Lucas and Peyton's youngest child Anna Karen Scott was now eight years old. She and Brooke and Cooper's youngest son, Nathan Cooper Lee were six months apart. They were both into video games more than any of the rest of the kids.

As Nathan ran into the house after a long day at the Kids Club, he searched around for the items he had bought last night. Lucas and Peyton were picking up the kids at seven. Nathan wanted to see them for a couple of hours before they left but he also needed to be alone with their Mom. Dinner was going to be delivered from Luigi's at eight. He had the small two person round table out by the pool. Brooke had come over and placed floating flower arrangements that held candles in the middle next to the pool so Nathan could light them and place them out before dinner. Brooke had helped him a lot today. She had contacted the cleaning service to go in and clean the house for Nathan so Haley wouldn't feel overwhelmed when she came home. She had come to inspect their work and she had picked up the wine and ordered the food. Nathan had been so tied up at the Kids Club working with the new grants that they had received he was unable to get it all done. It had been that way for the last two weeks, but tonight his family was coming home after being gone for five days and he was dying to see them. Their flight was due in at four thirty. They should be home around six. The kids were being picked up at seven. This gave him an hour before dinner would be there. He thought about it for several minutes. Quickly he picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Luigi's" the lady answered.

"Hi. This is Nathan Scott. I have a delivery order for eight o'clock tonight"

"Oh yes Mr. Scott I have your order right here."

"Could I change the time on that?"


"I'd like for it to be delivered at eight thirty"

"No problem sir. Our waiter will also be available until ten if you need him."


Nathan hung the phone up. Ok now he had the time he needed to be alone with his wife. He was sure that it would take more than an hour for what he had in mind. Just thinking about it had him straining against the jeans he had on. It was amazing to him that their sex life had not toned down any at all. The older they got the richer their love making became. Nathan wouldn't trade that for anything.

The annual Rent A Mom auction was being held this Saturday night and Haley and Brooke were nominated by Brian and Ashlyn to participate. Nathan didn't like it one bit. She would be auctioned off like a piece of livestock to buddy up to some unknown winner for four hours. The worst part was anyone could bid. Nathan was sure no one could outbid him so that wasn't what worried him. His wife would be in an elegant evening dress designed by Clothes Over Bro's ala Brooke Lee. She had insisted on donating dresses for all of the participants to wear during the auction. She had turned the whole gala into a New York fashion show. He didn't want his wife on a stage in some evening gown being ogled by every horny male in Tree Hill and when Brooke had brought the dress over yesterday for Haley he knew that would be the case the minute he saw it. It was a deep peach color, cut low in the back with rhinestones on the straps. The front was designed in a deep V that would only enhance his wife's most beautiful features.

As he heard the garage door opening he quickly moved to stand in the kitchen holding the bouquet of purple wild flowers that he had stopped to buy on his way home. He felt the excitement grow in his blood as the door opened. Natalie and Nicole came running in and darted to his open arms when they saw their Dad.

"Daddy" they exclaimed.

"How are my two beautiful girls?" Nathan asked.

"Good" they told him. "Jamie wouldn't let us ride in the front with Mom though. He's such a pain sometimes."

As Jamie and Bri came in the door carrying the bags the smiled, "Dad don't listen to them. Mom told them that they couldn't sit upfront because they wouldn't leave her radio alone." Jamie said.

"Yeah, all they want to listen to is that mushy love song mess." Bri added.

As Haley came in the door with her small overnight bag and the trash from their stop at Mc Donald's, Nathan felt his breath being taken away. His wife had on a white halter top and cut off jean shorts. Her long wavy blonde hair was down, and her time at the pool so far this summer had totally paid off. As he saw her taking her sunglasses off and placing them on top of her head, he moved to her and placed a hand on the side of her neck, claiming her lips with his own.

"Hi baby" Nathan whispered.

"Hi yourself."

"I missed you Hales."

"I missed you too Nathan. So much!"

"God are you two gonna start that again this quick?" Bri asked.

"Bri you know Dad and Mom are affectionate" Jamie tried to take up for his parents.

"Yeah I also know big brother that until Tiffany came along you didn't think it was so grand." When Jamie glared at his brother Bri realized his mistake. "Oops"

Nathan turned to Jamie with his cocky smirk and his eyebrows raised. "Tiffany huh?"

"I don't know what he's talking about." Jamie told his parents.

"Jamie, do you have a crush?" Haley asked her son.

"No Yuck! Mom that's just gross." Jamie said but even to his own ears it didn't sound believable. The truth was Tiffany Chatlan was the prettiest girl in the ninth grade and James Lucas Scott noticed.

Nathan turned to the kids. "Ok you guys your uncle Luke and Aunt Peyton are coming to pick you up at seven. They want you to help them move into their new house."

"Awe Dad." Jamie griped. "I wanted to work out tonight"

"Jamie you can work out tonight son, lifting boxes" Nathan told his oldest son. "Besides Lily is going to be helping too so you will have someone your age there."

"So not that point Dad"

"Well buddy I'm sorry"

"Jim Jam, come on, you can help Luke this time can't you buddy?" Haley asked knowing that Jamie could never deny her anything. He was tall like his dad and just as protective over his mom as he was his sisters. His mom was tiny next to Jamie in his eyes. Nathan had been teaching him to work out with weights because Jamie wanted to be built like his dad. That was so paying off for him too. He thought it might be a way to get this girl to notice him. They only had four more weeks before school started.

"I guess so Mom but for you not for Uncle Luke or Dad"

"Thank you Jim Jam" Haley smiled.

After the kids left Nathan and Haley were in their room. She was unpacking her suit case.

"How was the wedding?"

"It was nice. Vivian said that this time she didn't want anything fancy like her first one. You know Nathan I thought her and Tony would last forever. Now she's married to Gary and I understand what happened to her first marriage."

"Sometimes people don't find their soul mate the first time Hales." He moved behind her and began kissing her neck. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?"

"No but if you want to show me I'll be willing to stop unpacking" she taunted.

"Oh I'll show you Sexy."

He moved his open mouth against her neck until he felt her drop her head back against his shoulder. His arm came up from her waist to allow her to turn to face him. In one breathless second her lips were on his. As she felt his tongue slide into her mouth a moan escaped from her throat. Finally panting for breath, they pulled away. Nathan lifted her and carried her to the bed and laid her on top of it. Only pausing a second to gaze into her eyes. They were darkened with desire. The look she was giving him only sent more blood south to the already engorged spot.

"Hales" he whispered just before he took claim over her lips again. After several minutes he reached behind her neck and untied the halter top that she was wearing. After tugging it down by the straps his eyes drank in the sight of her bare breasts. Just before he pulled a nipple into his mouth a moan escape his throat.

"Nathan please"

"Please what baby" he spoke as he removed his lips from her breast.

"You know what. I can't wait."

Her husband smirked just before the depth of her plea hit him. He reached to unbutton the jean shorts. As he removed them from her legs he quickly placed his mouth on her right inner thigh, moving up rapidly as though he were racing to reach his destination, he parted her lower folds and pulled the already hardened nub into his mouth.

"Oh God Nathan"

As he heard her moans he gently slid two fingers in to her dripping center. After moving them gently in and out just a few times, he felt her pulling on his shirt.

"Please I need more. I need you filling me" she explained.

He undid his jeans and hurriedly removed them. Turning back to his wife he saw the pleading look in her eyes to end her wait. He moved on top of her and with one fluid motion, he sand deeply to her core.

"AAAaaa Hales, you feel so good baby"

"So do you. Please Nathan hurry"

Her plea drove him wild. He sped up his thrusts and before either of them could take another breath he was pounding into her, reveling as he heard her screaming his name. In no time he felt her body tighten as her orgasm claimed her carrying her over the waves of ecstasy. Feeling her pull him with her he threw his head back "Oh shit baby, oh shit that's good"

When they both came back down to earth, he whispered against her neck "I've been waiting for that all day. I couldn't keep my mind on anything that I tried to get done today for thinking of this very moment, Hales. Please don't take anymore trips without me. I hate not being with you. I haven't slept worth a crap since you left baby."

"Me either. And don't worry, I'm not going anywhere for quite a while. Next time I promise you can go with me" she smiled. "I missed you too Nathan. So much. I nearly got a speeding ticket today trying to get home from the airport."

He finally moved from his position on top of her while resting his weight on his forearms. "It was the longest five days of my life Hales."

"Mine too. So what did you do while I was gone?"

"Well, I got the grant funding paperwork finished. Cooper and I have found a contractor to build the additional rooms for the art that Peyton is going to be teaching on Saturday morning and, we have the locker rooms equipped with water for showers."

"Wow you did get a lot done."

"I had to do something to keep from filling our shower drain."


"Let's just say I've taken a lot of cold showers since you've been gone. Of course it didn't help that my gorgeous impossibly sexy wife called me at night and wanted to have phone sex, knowing that I was here alone."

"I did not" she defended. "Besides, you act like I wasn't in just as bad of shape as you"

He bestowed his best smirk upon her. "Oh yeah"

"Absolutely" she said as he moved back over her and quickly pushed into her again.

Saturday night came much to fast for Nathan Scott. As he sat at the table that had been reserved for him and his group he let out a deep sigh. He was ready to get this mess over with. Natalie Nicole, Brian, Jamie, and Jamie's friend Mark were sitting at the table with him. Cooper, Ashlyn, and Nate were supposed to be on their way. Lucas, Keith, and Anna were at the door. Peyton was in New York signing a contract with a new singer Melody Swartz. That was the only thing that saved her from this suck fest.

The speakers were now filled with sound as the gym filled with more residents from town. Cooper and his family and Lucas and his family were now sitting at the table with him and his children. They chatted lightly about the funding projects for the Kids Club, while the younger generation carried on their own conversation.

"Jamie, I can't wait to see your Mom dude. That is one fine ass lady" Mark told his friend.

Nathan stopped in mid sentence when he heard his son's friend's remark. "Ah Mark, you don't know me very well son but I have been known to beat a guys ass for much less than that comment that you just made."

Mark's face turned beet red. He couldn't believe that Mr. Scott had heard that.

Cooper and Lucas both were doubled over with laughter. "Damn little brother. Seriously? You're jealous of a fifteen year old boy?"

"Hey he remembers what he was like at fifteen Luke" Cooper smiled.

Nathan glared at his uncle and his brother and then gave them both his fakest smile ever. "I don't put up with anyone ogling my wife. Both of you should know that. Plus I've seen this damn gown that you're wife has her wearing tonight Cooper. I should make you a widower for that."

"Why what's wrong with the gown Nathan?" Cooper asked.

"You damn well know what's wrong with it you ass."

Soon the music began and the master of ceremonies began the auction. They had twenty two women being auctioned off tonight. The rules were that anyone could bid, the ladies were not expected to do anything immoral or grotesque and they were only obligated to the winner until eleven pm.

Haley was the fifteenth girl in line to be auctioned off. Brooke was right behind her at sixteenth. As they waited for their turn they were backstage working on Haley's hair.

Brooke had put it up so that only the bottom four inches of her long tresses were not captured in the up do style. There were strands pulled out of the style and curled to perfection, left hanging in whisping strands around her face. The dark peach gown had slits up the sides to the mid to upper thigh level. Haley chose a silver pair of heels to wear with the gown. It showed off her tan and made her look even darker. The sun had lightened her hair as it did every summer. The honey blonde color had pale blonde streaks throughout its depth.

As the stage coordinator came up to tell Haley and Brooke they were on in five minutes Brooke looked in the mirror and met her friend's eyes.

"Are you ready Tutor Mom?"

Haley gazed at Brooke. Her friend was gorgeous. She had on a royal blue gown and her hair was done similar to Haley's except hers was not as poufy as hers didn't have the natural curl that Haley's had.

"I guess so. I just hope that I don't get stuck with some horny old fart tonight"

Brooke laughed. "I think you'll be ok Hales. I really do."

As the Gavin DeGraw song began, Haley stepped out on the stage. Brooke had chosen "I'm In Love With A Girl" for her stage run. She moved and the spotlight was on her.

When Nathan saw her his throat went dry. Haley moved slowly down the runway that was up against the stage. 'God, she's gorgeous' he thought to himself. He knew she was going to be a knock out but this was even more than he expected. The deep peach gown hugged her curves and enticingly lured the eye to her every movement.

"Up next we have Ms. Haley Scott. We'll start the bidding at 50.00. Do I hear Fifty?"

A guy from the back stood up "200.00"

Another guy from the side of the room "500.00"

Haley had made her way back to the stage. She moved in slow motion in Nathan's vision. He could only see him and his wife in the room. Suddenly Cooper nudged him as the next bid was made. Nathan closed his mouth, which had been in his lap since his wife stepped out. "1000.00" Nathan yelled.

Suddenly a strangely familiar voice spoke. "3000.00" Cooper hollered.

Nathan glared back at his uncle. He couldn't believe this son of a bitch was going to bid against him for HIS wife. "5000.00" he called.

Cooper decided to stop messing with his nephew. He swooped his hands toward Haley as if to say she's all yours.

"5000.00 going once"

"5,000.00 going twice"

"Sold to Mr. Nathan Scott."

Haley smiled at Nathan as she walked off of the stage. As she passed Brooke who was on her way to start her walk Brooke laughed. "Sorry babe. Looks like some horny old fart got you after all"

Haley just giggled as she moved back stage to grab her purse and other belongings. She was going to sit with her winning bidder. She had a very special night planned for him.

When she made her way to her family's table she moved to sit by Nathan. Once she was in her seat he turned and gave her a light kiss on the lips. "You better be worth every penny." he smiled.

"Oh I don't think you'll be dissatisfied Mr. Scott"

"Alright tonight's gonna rock" he smirked.

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