When i saw your face

Chapter 23 You Fill My Heart

When I saw your face
It was like a space
In my heart was filled
It's like I knew From the very start
That you were every other part of me

It's like I have loved you since
From the moment when Since time began
You fill my heart
Oh, love Oh, love of mine
Why did it take so long to find Your touch

Hope was never gone
Even though it took so long
To find you

Jason Walker

None of the people in the bedroom where the birth was happening heard either of the two doors opening up. Cooper busted in the back door and caught the entire group by surprise. He had the four that were living in the house under control. Lucas had a bead on Dan through the scope but hadn't alerted him that he was there yet. He wanted to make sure that Cooper had the others under control first.

After listening and watching for about fifteen minutes a baby wailing in the distance was clearly heard.

Dan smiled and then stepped forward as the door opened. He lifted the gun and aimed it at the one person that had kept him from living the life he had planned on. As he settled the gun and began to squeeze the trigger a shot was heard and Haley screamed "NATHAN!"

Nathan had just turned to look at his father. He was holding the gun up and pointing it towards Haley who was holding their new son. Nathan flung his body across Haley and the baby to shield them from the gun shot wound that was inevitable to come. After the shot was heard and Haley screamed there was a sickening thud heard, a body clearly falling to the floor. Nathan sat up and his eyes searched his wife's. The he ran his hands up and down her arms while panic was about to take him over. "Haley, are you ok? Are you hit baby? Is the baby ok?"

Haley nodded and then stared at the door way. Nathan finally returned his gaze to her face and followed her sight to see what had her attention. Deb was standing in the doorway smiling. "Don't worry he won't ever bother either of you again" She pulled the gun from behind her and blew across the end of it.

Nathan stood up and saw his father lying in the floor and looked back to his Mom. "What?" As he saw his Mom's satisfied smile he turned to look at Haley. "Are you ok?" He wrapped his arms around her. "Hales?"

Haley was in such shock that she was unable to speak. She couldn't believe that Deb had just shot Dan Scott. After all of the years that she wanted to kill her ex husband she finally had shot him. She finally drug her gaze away from the limp body on the floor to look into her husbands eyes.

"Hales? Baby, please say something. Are you ok? Were you hit?"

She shook her head and her shoulders began to shake. She wasn't sure if it was from relief or fear that she had witnessed Nathan's Mom shooting his Dad. The sobs racked her body hard. Nathan pulled her head to his chest. Placing his hand behind her neck he held her to him.

"Is she ok Nathan?" Lucas asked.

"Nephew everything alright?"

Nathan just nodded his head and turned to look at his Mom. "I love you Mom" he whispered.

"I love you too Nathan. Take care of your family son. I'm so proud of you" She told him as she watched her only child comforting his wife and protecting their new baby.

When Lucas and Cooper saw Dan lying in the floor unmoving they both looked to each other. It was obvious each man was glad it was finally over.

The paramedics made their way into the room and immediately placed Haley and the baby on a stretcher. As they rolled her out of the room Nathan followed them to the ambulance. The cops came and began questioning the remaining members of Nathan and Haley's family while the Scott's were on their way to Tree Hill Memorial.


Nathan was sitting in the waiting room. Haley was being checked out by the ER physician since Dr. Baldwin was held up with the Tree Hill police. She had been back there a really long time and Nathan was beginning to panic. He was worried that something had gone wrong. They should have been back out here to get him by now.

Twenty minutes later, Lucas and Cooper walked through the automatic doors to the ER department. They made their way over to Nathan and sat on each side of him.

"Have you heard anything? Where are they?"

"They are back with the Doctor. I have no idea what's going on" Nathan answered. "I can't believe this" he said as he shook his head while holding it down. "Where's Mom?"

"Deb is still talking to the police Nate"

"Why? She only shot him to save us"

"Yeah but the law is a little more complicated than that"

"What do you mean? Where's my Mom? Is she in trouble?"

"She's just answering some questions. Dr. Baldwin witnessed the whole thing so he's collaborating her story. Don't worry little brother. Deb is going to be fine"

"I never thought that I would be glad that she knew her way around the shooting range. I remember just before graduation. She asked Haley to go with her. Do you remember that Luke?"

"Yeah I do" Lucas smiled.

"My wife was nine months pregnant Cooper and your sister, my Mom, invited her to go to a shooting range with her. I asked her had she lost her mind"

"Nate, you know my older sister's never had a mind to lose" Cooper chuckled.

"Mr. Scott?" the doctor stepped in front of Nathan. He stood up quickly.

"How are my wife and son?"

"They are fine. We just wanted to check them out since the birth happened outside of a medical facility."

Nathan shoulders relaxed with relief. "Can I see her? I want to see her."

"Sure you can"

Just before Nathan made his way to the double doors to go in the back to see Haley he heard someone call his name. He stopped and turned around.

"How are they?" Deb asked.

Nathan moved to his Mom and drew her into his embrace. "They're fine Mom thanks to you. I don't know how I will ever repay you. Thank you for saving them, us"

"Son you don't have anything to repay. I'm glad that I got there in time."

"What happened with the police?"

"I've been cleared of all charges. They are taking Dan's body to Charlotte. He will be buried up there with his parents."

"I'm not going to be there" Nathan told her. "And neither is my family"

"Nope and neither am I son" Deb smiled.

Nathan nodded to his mother and then stepped back. "I'm going to see Haley and the baby" he held out his open hand for his mother to take "come with me"

Deb followed her son to see her daughter in law and her new grandson. When they made their way to Haley's bedside her eyes were closed and she was still being monitored by machines. They hadn't taken them off yet.

"Hales? Baby? Are you ok?"

Haley's eyes slowly opened and she looked into her husbands loving sapphire blue eyes while smiling a sleepy smile. "Yeah" she whispered.

"Are you sure? Can I get you anything?"

"No I'm just a little tired"

"Haley baby I'm so thankful you are ok" Deb told her.

"I wouldn't be if you weren't such a good shot Deb" Haley smiled.

"Ok you two let me see my new grandson" Deb chuckled.

Nathan moved to the small crib next to Haley's bedside and picked the baby up. "Hi there little man" he cooed as he then turned to Deb and placed the baby into her waiting arms.

"Ok so what are we going to name this little guy" Deb asked as she smiled into her grandson's opened eyes.

"I was thinking Manel" Haley answered in nothing much above a whisper.

Nathan turned to look at her and saw that she was drifting off to sleep. "I think that sounds perfect" he said and placed a feathery kiss against his wife's lips.

Deb placed the now sleeping baby back into the crib and followed her son back out of the ER. They were going to move Haley to a room in just a few minutes so Nathan moved back out to his older brother and uncle.


Manel Nathan Scott was now four weeks old. As his Dad held him he gazed up and then saw his older brother Brian standing behind his Dad's chair. He began to coo at Bri and smile while flinging his tiny fists back and forth. "He's so awesome Dad" Bri smiled.

"He is isn't he?" Nathan agreed. "Just think guys, I made that" Nathan chuckled.

"Hi there little brother" Jamie chuckled as he rubbed Manny's tiny cheek. "He's awesome Dad. I can't believe he has blonde hair and blue eyes like Natalie. She was the only one that had a combination like that. Oh well I guess all of us males couldn't take after either one of you or the other. Manny got a combo of Nathan and Haley Scott"

Tiffany walked up beside her boyfriend and smiled. Jamie wrapped his arm around her and turned to look into her beautiful brown eyes. "We're going to have one of those one day, Tiff."

"Don't get in any hurry James Lucas Scott. We have another year of school and I am not ready to be a Mom"

"Why not baby? You're are going to be sexy as hell pregnant"

"Do you really think about things like that Jamie?"

"I think of every aspect of my life with you Tiffany. I finally understand what my Dad has been telling me all of these years. When you find the one, you think of things that you never would have thought of before."

Tiffany turned her gaze over to Jamie's parents. Haley had just joined his Dad and the baby in the overstuffed chair. When her eyes found them Nathan's hand was beside Haley's slender neck and he had pulled her in for a tender kiss. "Jamie I hope we will be that way years from now. Their love story is epic"

"Believe me I know. That's all I've heard all of my life. But you know what they've beat the odds. They were each other's first love. They got married at sixteen and have had five kids. They made it through college with me in tow and they've come out on top. They are fine upstanding citizens of the community and my grandfather is gone once and for all. I'll bet those folks that thought they would never make it all those years ago have been surprised."

"Yeah they will be with us too" Tiffany said as she kissed her boyfriends cheek.

"Ewww! What is this, the make out room?" Natalie asked as she began laughing. "Jamie I remember a time not that long ago that you were in my shoes and now look at you"

"You'll learn little sister if you can't beat 'em join 'em" he laughed as he moved his lips back to Tiffany's.


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