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Chapter 8

It was a few days later that Oliver invited Clint and Nancy over for coffee that evening. They accepted. While the relationship they had with the doctor and his wife had definitely improved over the past couple of weeks, they hadn't been invited to the Crane's house often yet, and usually, the invitation had come from Lynn Crane.

That evening, Oliver seemed somewhat preoccupied. He had been for the past couple of days, but it was only after a few hours of talking about all kinds of things, that Oliver brought up the subject.

"Doctor Cassidy. Something has been… well, teasing me for a while. Perhaps you can shed some light on it."

"I'll try if I can. What's up?"

"I ehm, overheard that prayer in the hallway, when I came to tell you all about Mr. Peterson getting out of surgery. Well… when Luke prayed… he basically said that, if his father didn't get better… if his father died, that that would be ok too. I… I don't know if… It seems so unnatural."

Nancy looked over at Clint, and Lynn too was curious as to his answer.

Clint nodded. "Maybe. You know, once you believe, and have given yourself to Jesus, you get a different perspective on things. Especially on the important matters like life and death. Luke had only known the truth for a day or two… but he'd talked to the hospital chaplain and asked him all kinds of questions."

"But I don't understand. How could the boy take it that calmly?"

"Well Oliver, the child's mind's a curious thing… they seem to see things pretty clear cut. Once they've made a choice to see something as the truth, it is the truth. He knew his father was a Christian, so he knew his father would go to Heaven if he died, and that he'd see him there again. Obviously, if he'd really died, it would have been difficult. But less so, knowing he'd see him again."

Oliver looked at the country doctor sitting in his living room. "You sure must have said something right that first evening."

"No Oliver, I was just at the right place, at the right time, where God had brought me."

Dear Doc,

How're you doing?

Things have been busy here in NY. Or rather, our Father's been busy. He's taken an accident where a man ended up in a coma, and turned it, so the man's son was eternally saved. His wife was very opposed to it at first, but that too has changed now.


There was a knock on his office door. "Doctor Cassidy?"

"Mrs. Peterson. Come in."

"It won't take long," she said as she sat down. "I want to apologise for my behaviour towards you. No, please, let me finish," when she saw he was about to object. "I want to explain. When I was a young girl, my Christian mother died. I was angry at God for taking her. For years it annoyed me that my husband was a Christian, and I didn't want to hear what he wanted to say. Even interrupted conversations about it with my son. He was on his way from church when the accident happened. I was angry and afraid God would take my husband and my son's father away too, like with my mother, and blamed Him for the accident. So when Luke said he'd let Jesus into His heart, I was even more frustrated. Then Luke prayed. And it was as if a dam burst."

She looked Clint straight in the eyes. "I've found my faith again. Thank you for being a link in giving not only me but also my son and husband a fresh start."

End flashback

Other things changed too. Nancy and I've been teaching doctor D to swim. We've had some major help from a swimming pool overseer, but now Derek can swim. He even managed to not come in last on one of those parent-races they had the parents doing on the swimming event Gracie's school had organised. Of course we've all gone to cheer him on. Even managed to get some more swimming in of our own.


"So… rematch?" Clint challenged. Nancy took one look at him. "You're on!"

They had both dived in, Nancy again getting a head start… but this time Clint caught up on her, caught her, and had thrown her a metre back again. Of course she hadn't let him get very far after that, dunking him under water, yelping when he put her across his shoulder. They'd continued to spar for a little while, but eventually ended up holding each other, locked in a kiss. Let's just say the match remained undecided.

End flashback

As for Oliver… well, things seem to be going in the right direction. Nancy invited Lynn to come 'wedding-shopping' with her and the rest of the girls, and Oliver seems to come around a bit more too. I've invited them over for the Easter service next week. We'll see if they come, but I have good hopes. And Easter certainly seems like a good moment for a fresh start. Well, we'll continue to pray for them. We'd sure appreciate it if you did the same.


Doc Cassidy