"Look at me, not at her" frowned Pam, watching Booth jump around while his partner sang.

"Seeley" said Pam, but Booth didn't turn around.

Pam pulled out her gun, she was jelous of Dr. Brennan and she knew that her and Booth were more then partners. Booth continued to cheer for Temeperance while she jumped around the stage.

"SEELEY!" shouted Pam.

Booth spun around, his eyes widened as he saw the gun and he quickly jumped up so protect his Bones. Although, Temperance was to fast for him, she ran infront of Booth and sheilded him with her arms.


Temperance fell to the floor, blood pouring from her chest as tears sparkled in her eyes. A smile widened across Pams face, Booth felt disgusted as he fell to his partners knees.

"Now we can be together, Boothy" giggled Pam.

Booth shook his head and shouted "never!"

"He would never touch you" a quiet voice croaked.

Booth looked down at his partner, she was covered in her own blood. He cradled her in his arms, he stroked her hair and told her to hold on.

"BOOTH!" roared Angela.

Booth looked back towards Pam, she was aiming her gun at Temperance again. Booth had no other choice, he pulled out his gun and shot it at her with accuracy. Pam fell to the floor with a thump, she was alive no more. Booth looked at Angela, she was shaking violently as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Hodgins was hugging Angela, while Zack and Cam stared at the shot Dr. Brennan. Although, Sweets had gone.

"B-Booth, I can't breath" murmured Temperance.

Booth suddenly heard sirens, he knew that the ambulence was coming and that Sweets must have rang 911. He looked back down at Temperance, blood began to roll out of her mouth so he wiped it with his sleeve gently.

"Bones, it will be Ok - the ambulence is coming! Just hold on, for me!" gasped Booth, he was on the edge of tears.

Temperance nodded. Booth had never seen his partner so weak, or scared. Her hair fell across her face, she was a deathly white, her clothes were covered with blood, her breathing was short and slow and she had tears welling up in her eyes.

"Its Ok, Bones! Your safe, I promise" cried Booth.

"I know Im safe, Im with you Booth" smiled Temperance gently.

With those last eight words, Temperance fell into a world of darkness.