A/N Hey guys, sorry that you've had to wait so long for this. This was inspired by a very similar scenario that my friend experienced. I don't have any more ideas in the works for this set of oneshots so this could quite possibly be the last one, we shall see. Thank you for all your reviews and support.


Chriss fiddled with the hem of her dress and shifted her weight in her seat. Why did she accept the invitation again? She must have been half asleep when she spoke to Maria over the phone agreeing to come to her wedding to Derek. She could barely even remember it happening and was only reminded of it when she received an invite in the post for Christie and guest. Matt joked that she'd agree to hand over all her personal belongings and sell herself into slavery if someone asked her before she'd had her coffee. So that was why she was sitting on this hard wooden chair outside in the sunshine in the middle of a field somewhere hoping that it wasn't going to rain.

Derek was standing in front of the rows of chairs, shifting anxiously from foot to foot, looking nervous yet excited in his smart suit. There was a gurgle of a baby and Chriss peered over a few heads to spot the child reclining in the arms of Derek's mother. The tiny fists were curled as he laughed and tugged on her clothes. Chriss decided she'd have to go see him once the wedding was over.

Again she shut her eyes and gave a short groan. If only she hadn't traded emails with Maria and become her friend then she wouldn't be going through this right now. Served her right. That would teach her for getting to know her ex's fiancée. A hand dropped lightly over hers and Chriss jumped. Her eyes flew to the owner and she relaxed, a smile lighting her face.

"Matt! You're back!"

Her boyfriend chuckled and took the seat next to her.

"I only went to the bathroom Chriss," he flicked a finger in the direction of the hidden village hall. "I didn't go far."

She squeezed his hand tightly and leaned her head against his shoulder. He was right, of course, but she needed to have him near her all the time. He was her protector. He was her source of strength. She couldn't get through this without him and she really did want to sit through this wedding.

"I need to go," she'd told Matt quietly when he said to just tell Maria she was busy. "I need to go…for me."

It was all very beautiful; the sun, the flowers, the birdsong…the balloons, the confetti…everything pink and white. Chriss couldn't help but feel like a piece of confectionary.

"I don't like this dress," she complained to Matt in a low voice.

"Pretend it's a cosplay," he whispered back. "Only it's one of my sister's, not one of those disasters you make."

He grinned at the furious look on her face.

"Hey! They are not disasters! They - "

She was cut off by the bride's opening theme and was left only to silently fume for the first half of the wedding. As Matt predicted though, she got so preoccupied with the ceremony she soon forgot all about what he had said and thankfully she also seemed to forget who the groom was. Chriss became engrossed in the wedding of her friend. The fact that she still struggled to speak more than two words with Derek wasn't an issue. She was there for Maria.

The ceremony ended. Matt breathed a sigh of relief as the newly weds breezed past them down the aisle. The girls squealed and cried as they crowded around the new bride, Chriss included as Matt stepped back to watch the proceedings with an unconcerned air. Chriss smiled when she spotted him hanging back and decided to return to him…after the bouquet had been thrown.

"Ready?" Maria asked and tossed it.

Chriss stumbled a little as the rush of women hit her and was considerably surprised when the flowers dropped into her hands. She raised them aloft in triumph and waved them at Matt. She grinned at his expression.

Matt had never looked so worried in his life.