Discliamer: I don't own Naruto, but my friend knows the guy personally

Discliamer: I don't own Naruto, but my friend knows the guy personally. Take that, I got connections.

Rating: M for cutting, sexual innuendos, gore

Summary: At the age of five Naruto is saved from his darkness, or is he? He finds a mother in the one that caused him so much pain, watch him as he gathers the last of the demons and becomes the heir of the last of his race. Demonic!Naruto, FemKyu, No pairings for Naru sadly.


Ok, before you begin, I want to say a couple things…I'M SOO~ SORRY! ! I'm a terrible person for not writing in nearly two years. It was a combination of a lot of things that I will just called Real Life knocking at my door. I will say that I took a Creative Writing course over the past few semesters and even I can see the difference in my writing. I will remind people that I started this my Sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL and finished it Senior year of HIGH SCHOOL and lost the middle chapters and it is now my Senior year of COLLEGE (not that I'm anywhere close to being done, switched majors and studied abroad in Korea), but now I'm back and really just want to finish this story because I got one up to bat. And for those that follow Destiny or Love? Yeah that's discontinued, it sucks and I have no idea where it was going. These first 9 chapters are POS in my opinion, but I'm too lazy to go back and fix them.

Now that that's out of the way, Enjoy!


The Kyuubi's Heir

Chapter 1: Anguish


There is more to living than just breathing, eating and sleeping. As animals, we know how to survive and provide for ourselves. However, humans are complex beings. We need a bit more to survive, to live with ourselves and other human beings. We need love, from a parent, family, friends…others. We need a purpose because without one we feel we are wasting oxygen, space, and time. These two things we, as humans, need to survive.

The same can be said for demons. Like the blond haired, blue-eyed boy running down that dark ally. His whisker-marked cheeks label him as the Kyuubi's vessel. The boy is only five, yet has already become very popular with the villagers. Oh, wait. Never mind, that is just another angry mob looking to avenge their friends and family on this lovely fifth anniversary of the boy's birth. Wait, why am I telling this story? It belongs to the boy, Naruto is his name and right now, his future looks uncertain. From now on, this is his story.

He ran down a dark ally way to find it a dead end. He saw an escape ladder five feet above his head. The mob had just turned the corner. He quickly hopped on top of a trashcan and frantically jumped for the ladder. However, Fate, with her hatred for all Jinchuuriki, had it out to get the boy. The trashcan tipped over sending its contents all over the ground and the boy had his face smeared in mud from the puddle he landed face-first in. The mob had caught up with him, now forming a circle of twisted, laughing faces, mocking a fallen demon.

Naruto was terrified. He feverishly searched for anything to hide himself or help him escape the riot. Seeing the trashcan still close to him, he crawled inside, holding his breath and ears to block out the smell and profanities. The villagers kicked the trashcan howling for bloodshed and cursing his existence. It was never ending the laughing, the cruelty, the hatred the poor boy had to endure day in and day out. He wanted it to end; tears and blood flowed down his grimy, cursed cheeks.

A chunin finally had the guts to pull out a katana and started to stab the aluminum container, piercing the terrified toddler. Naruto's eyes widened, fear shook him to his core as he let out a scream as several stabs cut his soft skin. The ninja sliced the trashcan in two sending Naruto back out in front of the crowd with no more protection from the ice cold glares that froze him in place; instantly halting his shaking.

The chunin knelt by him, smiling sweetly, "Naruto-kun, do you want to be free?"

That was an odd question to ask a five year old, but Naruto nodded his head in fear all the same. The chunin's smile widened before rising, "Then so be it," his katana was above his head, in a striking pose, "I will release you from this world to live your greatest nightmares in hell."

Time slowed down for Naruto, as his short and unhappy life flashed before him. Unknown to most, Naruto had a photographic memory. He remembered the Kyuubi attack, his father dying to seal it in him, his supposed mother beating him as an infant before hanging herself, the hundreds of assassination attempts, the thousands of mobs, every word spoken harshly to him, and the glares, the ice cold, unfeeling, hate-filled glares. He was unloved, unwanted and not needed. He held no purpose. He received no love. He was just there.

He started thinking, as the blade drew closer, 'Free? I'll be free? Maybe it's better this way.'

Naruto closed his eyes, awaiting his death. The blow never came. Naruto's eyes flashed open to see the Sandaime Hokage standing over him, holding the blade with his hand. Naruto looked up at the only man he could talk to, but at that moment, gone was Naruto's respect for the man, it was replace by sadness, loss, and anger, "Wh-why?" he cried softly.

Sarutobi looked softly at the Yondaime's son and was about to answer, but was stopped. "Why?!" shouted Naruto angrily. He stood there his fist clenched, nails biting into his palms, eyes hidden under dirty, bloody, golden tresses. "I was so close to being with Chichiue again. So close to being free. Why won't you let me die? I have no purpose. No human… no demon can survive without a purpose. I've given up on finding mine, so just let me die already."

After his little rant, Naruto effectively passed out from his traumatic experience. Sarutobi quickly caught him and several ANBU made short work arresting the mob members.

Sarutobi left Naruto tucked into bed in his pigsty of an apartment. He would talk to him later after he woke up.

Naruto woke up after three hours. It was still dark outside. He recalled the most recent of his memories, as he sat up and stared at the bed sheets or rags as they were, in front of him. He decided to get on with the day's tasks early. He performed all his hygiene related duties. It was when he was cutting himself a slice of bread, in which he accidentally slit his thumb on the knife he was using. Red blood ran down his thumb to collect in his palm. He stared at it in wonder.

There was no pain, yet he bled as if he were truly a human. The small cut healed right up, flesh stitching itself together in record time. He frowned. He took the knife again and cut his thumb deeper this time. Again, it bled before healing, no scare appearing as a reminder. He cried out in anguish this time he cut to the bone. He let out a small whimper as this time he felt the pain. Yet, this small pain would never out weigh the pain he felt deep in his core. This time a small scare appeared on his skin.

Taking it as a success, he took the knife and some salt to the bathroom. He filled the sink halfway full of warm water. He began to cut deeply into his left arm. After mutilating his arm he threw salt on the wounds making them sting. He hissed at the pain, but did the same to the his right arm. The sink was now full of his blood and his wounds healed leaving angry red marks on his skin. He sighed, as he emptied the sink. Cleaned the blade and sink off, pulled on a black long sleeve shirt too big for his small frame, and promptly passed out on his bed from anemia.


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