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Kyuubi's Heir

Chapter 11: Team Alliance


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Walking into Iwagakure was a nerve wrecking experience for Karin. Terrified that Kyo would be identified as the son of the late Namikaze, she stuffed his spikey hair into a red and black knitted fox beanie. She'd rather deal with her child's sour mood than an army of vengeful shinobi at this point in time. That and he looked extremely adorable in the fox cap with one 'x' eye and floppy stuffed ears. Kyo had also ditched the mask and stuck to wearing the soft, red wool scarf to cover his whiskers.

As they were checked at the gate, Kyo caught the conversation of three guards standing out of normal hearing range, "—demon whore is teamed up with other demon filth. Why do we have an alliance with the sand rats and Sound. Who's ever heard of that cesspool of freaks? We're Iwa. We don't need such bonds to such pathetic shinobi."

The second guard tried to shush his disgruntled friend, "Don't say such things in public. From what I heard, Jinchuuriki have been disappearing for the past few years. It's rumored that either Kumo or Konoha is collecting them and placing them in the Exams."

A third red-haired guard joined in, "Can't be. A report from Takigakure said, their Jinchuuriki died in a fire. The corpse was retrieved by an Oto-nin. They must have dissected it to be able to control their demon so well."

"I wish they'd share that secret with the Tsuchikage. Then we wouldn't have to worry about the bitch getting out of control," the first guard sneered.

"Besides those rumors are just lies told to create panic and unrest," scoffed the third man, "I bet that snake used a fuuinjutsu to control her chakra output. A seal master could probably brake his sloppy work in a heartbeat."

The second Iwa-nin eyed the ginger suspiciously, "How are you so informed?"

"I'm usually in the records room, but with the Exams here I've been placed on guard duty to help monitor traffic flow," sighed the red-head. "Anyways, can you imagine what a team of Jinchuuriki could do. All that power. I feel bad for the other teams participating this time."

"I hope Team Alliance will kill off some of these Leaf bastards," barked the first shinobi, "Get rid of the annoying brats before the—Hurk!"

He was cut off when the second and ginger guards slapped him upside the head and elbowed him, respectively. "Don't say such things in public!"

Seeing as the shinobi tightened there loose-lips, Kyo refocused his attention to his mother. Silently communicating through body language and their eyes. Karin heard the exchange as well. The guard checking them in finished and informed them of the sites they were allowed to visit and those off-limits in the village during their stay. With a final warning of staying out of trouble, he sent them in the direction of their assigned dorm. Walking past the three silent guards, the red-head man discretely bowed his head before returning to his previous posture.


Later that afternoon, the demon teams were exploring the city made of stone. Kyo was searching for the elusive Jinchuuriki. Squatting on an isolated terrace he looked out into the sunset resting from his search and taking in the sights and sounds of the evening bustle. He got lost in the smells of bakeries and butcher shops, until another scent alerted him to his three guests. Gazing over his shoulder, he found those who he was searching for. A medium-built red-head with impassive aqua green eyes glowering at him with arms crossed. A sandy gourd lay on his back and a red 'love' tattoo peeked out from the shadow of his bangs . His Jinchuuriki mark surrounded his eyes; a raccoon mask identifying him as the Ichibi no Tanuki's vessel.

Next in line was a tall graceful black-eyed girl with long curly black mane. Behind black bangs, those black eyes had a wild glint, not one of insanity but one of a free spirit. Sadly, they also held a guarded look of a broken mustang. It made sense as she held the Gobi no Uma (Five-tailed Horse). Her marking was a silvery patch of skin in the shape of a diamond in the center of her forehead. It stood out against her smooth mocha complexion.

Lastly, an athletic built girl wearing her shoulder length, snowy white hair in a high pony tail letting a few bangs frame her face. She had piercing silver eyes that studied him extensively, calculating and formulating battle strategies in her head should he turn out to be a threat. Just above her pale white breast bone lay the mark of the Hachibi no Ookami (Eight-tailed Wolf), a black crescent moon.

All were dressed in civilian clothing that looked loose and comfy and the trio looked very uncomfortable in them. Kyo deduced that Team Alliance was ordered to blend into the crowd until the squad was revealed at the start of the Exams as the first team in the history of the Hidden Villages to be made up of genin from different Villages. It was both a political and economic move for the Villages. By announcing their alliance to the public they would show their support of each other and with a strong show of power, several of the minor villages may feel threatened and join their alliance. Should the team do exceptionally well, their show would bring more missions and commerce to their countries. It was a brilliant move to build such a team based on the strength of Jinchuuriki, but at the same time it could turn around and bite them in the ass if the vessel's sanity wasn't intact.

Speaking of which, the boy grabbed his head in slight pain, bloodlust seeped past the cracks in his faulty seal. Kyo turned slowly never taking his eyes off of them. 'Never know how Jinchuuriki will react. Yugito tried to give me cat scratch fever, when we first approached her,' he thought to himself. "Can I help you?" he played ignorant.

The ginger looked up still holding his head, "Shukaku says you're like us?" his voice gravely from little use.

Kyo silently activated a privacy fuuinjutsu and shifted his scarf to show his whisker marks, "I was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but now I call her Kaa-san. I released her from her prison and in exchange she adopted me, transforming me into a demon. I too am a Kyuubi no Kitsune." One of his tails snaked out and swished a few times before disappearing. "It is my mission to free the Bijuu and invite you to be a part of our family. If you choose to do so, you will become demons. If not then you are free of your Bijuu and live out the rest of your life peacefully."

The curly-haired girl spoke up, "You said 'our family'. What do you mean by that? And what would happen to Akira-san if I released her?"

"Akira-ba, Shukaku-ji, and Aido-ji would go back to work for Kaa-san. And by 'family', I mean exactly what I said. Kaa-san and I have found the rest of the Jinchuuriki and each have consented to becoming something more than a pathetic mortal. Each Bijuu has adopted their vessel and we have accepted each other as siblings, kin, family, and whatever else you want to call it."

A little glint of hope spark inside the three pairs of eyes, the snowy-haired girl spoke in a soft alto, "What is your name, Nii-san?"

Smiling Kyo replied, "I go by the name of Kitsune no Kyo in public, however the name my father gave me is Namikaze Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato and adopted son of Kitsune no Karin, Prince of Demons."

Their eyes widened. Standing before them was a 'Prince'. Although the last part wasn't as surprising as he already said he was a Kyuubi. The curly-haired girl chimed in again after the shock wore off, "I'm Tatsuki, the tanuki is Sabaku no Gaara, and Tenshi is the snow cap. We make up Team Alliance. This is my town, Gaara is the son of the Kazekage, and poor Tenshi here has to deal with Orochimaru. I can't stand that pedophile and he's got his fangs on our ookami. Do you think you could get rid of his seal on her?"

Kyo motioned for Tenshi to step forward and reveal the seal for him to study. It was located around her neck and was a cross between the Gogyō Fūin (Five Elements Seal) and the Hyuuga's Cage Bird Seal. "I can, but I cannot proceed to exterminate it now. Its disappearance would raise questions and problems for you. During the exams, anything can happen," Kyo explained ending with a small wicked grin. Any way of getting back at that murderous snake would bring an evil grin to both the royal kitsunes.

After discussing a few more details, Kyo sent the last Jinchuuriki to their dorms but not before telling them to visit with him in a public bath the next day.

Kyo returned to his dorm as the participants' curfew was enforced. It was a way of regulating how much the teams trained. All genin were to be in their dorm at 10:00 pm. Anyone caught outside was disqualified and sent home. The kitsune passed by several doors, noticing they were now occupied by the other Leaf teams. All were silent but the different scents emitting from them said they were in use. Several snores were heard indicating the exhausted genin had been pushed by their jounin sensei and Hokage to get to Iwa by that night.

Shrugging his shoulders, the young prince entered his family's room locking and sealing the door. He found the others cuddling around the TV watching commentators review previous Chunin Exams and the anticipated battles to come in the following week. The only highlights of the first part would be aired, the second wasn't covered, and any prelims and the finals would be filmed in detail by specialized HD motion cameras (technology + seals). Information on the teams would be reported over the next week. The blond found it foolish as the participant's strengths and weaknesses would be televised for the entire continent to see. The word 'ninja' lost its definition in the last decade or so. Looking about he couldn't find his mother, "Do one of you know Kaa-san's whereabouts?"

Yuki/Yugito yawned, "She went out. Jounin curfew is at midnight."

"Tell her I'll be in the forge tonight." He formed the Door of Light and disappeared into it.

*With Karin*

The Queen of Demons was currently nursing a fourth bottle of sake. She sensed her kit's meeting with Team Alliance a few hours ago, however her thoughts were occupied with the relapsing episode he suffered the previous night. She knew it was just one memory out of countless others he was hiding and it weighted hard on her conscious knowing she broke her promise to protect him from suffering any more than what he did in Konoha.

A male slid into the seat next to the sulking red-head, "Troubles with your teenagers, Karin-san?"

Karin glanced up at the silver haired ninja, "Am that easy to read, Hatake-san?"

The Copy Cat Nin huffed, "'Hatake-san' makes me sound old. Silver is my natural hair color."

"Are you giving me permission to call you 'Gin-san'?" the fox giggled, but a somber look overtook her mood, "It's my Kyo. As you've heard I adopted him when he was five. He had a harsh beginning and I vowed to protect him from any more suffering. When he was seven, he went missing for a few months. I found him in the clearing I buried the infants I lost in childbirth. He looked like he was ready to be laid next to them."

She stopped to inhale a shaky breath and waited for the tears to recede, "For the longest time he wouldn't let anyone touch him, especially women. He'd flinch away from my reach and sudden movements frightened him. In that time away from me, he lost the ability to trust and was stripped of his self-esteem. He became a perfectionist believing if he was the perfect son, the perfect student, the perfect ninja, his precious people wouldn't leave him. He hid his heart in an icy cage and kept us at arm's length."

The silver-haired jounin listened intently, "From what I have seen when I worked with him, he is opening up bit by bit, especially with you and your family."

Sighing Karin rubbed her forehead, "Yes, but he relapsed last night. The memory was intense and we're lucky he hasn't retreated back into his shell. But, Kakashi-san, what they did to him…I can't…It makes me sick. I'm disgusted by what those women did to him. I'm disgusted by what was done to him as a toddler. An infant, damn it!"

She banged her sake bottle on the counter and the entirety of the bar went quiet. She spoke again in a subdued tone, "It is sick what inhumanities humans can create to watch their fellow man suffer. It makes one question the definition of what 'humane' and 'humanity' truly means, because if humans can torture innocent children, then I'd rather be called a beast or a demon even. At least a beast will only kill for food or to protect what they see as theirs and a demon is just a highly intelligent beast, essentially."

She laid her head on the bar to catch her breath, "I hate it, Kakashi. I really hate what humanity has become." 'It showed so much potential after the war, then again all young ones start off as innocent,' she added in her thoughts.

Silently letting the vixen rant herself into a calm, Kakashi spoke, "Me too, Karin-san. I sometimes wish the world would start over with no ninja, no missions, no child soldiers, and no sacrifices. Maybe then, humanity will regain its proper meaning once more."

The rest of the night before curfew, the two drank silently to the loss of many things: family, friends, comrades, innocence, and their own ability to believe in the existing humanity.

*Next Day*

Kyo walked into the clearing that he had planned to meet Team Alliance in. Already waiting, the Jinchuuriki stood patiently. "I know you understand the necessity of subtlety when arriving and for our next few meetings, but I still must ask if you were followed," the kitsune studied them.

Tatsuki answered, "Gaara has grains of sand suspended around us at all times within a kilometer radius. If one moves out of position, he would know if someone was around us. Besides we ditched those loser chaperones an hour ago and really they don't care where we go or what we do so long as we don't kill anyone or destroy property. Pretty stupid of them if you ask me," she put her hands on her hips and huffed.

"You had us lead them through a brothel to get rid of the men and a Mega Sale at a popular kunoichi shop to get rid of the women," Gaara said gruffly, "I've seen more female anatomy and lingerie today than I ever have in the past thirteen years."

The girls giggled as a light blush crossed the tanuki's cheeks and Kyo chuckled. "Try living with two females for more than half your life. I swear I thought I would grow a vagina by the time Haku-nii and Rai-otouto came into the picture," the blond joked.

"Not that it is any better. Haku is effeminate though I do not understand how he is still straight and Otouto is too childish and innocent to care about such things, however he bares an interesting crush on Hikari-nee. But we digress. I will take you to our headquarters in Konoha."

The Door of Light appeared beside him. He gestured to the rectangle of light and everyone filed in. Only to land on top of each other in the closet, Kyo being the only one standing. "Forgive me, I should have warned you about the landing." He said off-handedly stepping out of the upstairs closet grinning in his head.

Once untangled from each other, the three vessels followed the Kyuubi Kit down to the basement which was refurbished into an armory and forge. Karin was there busily sewing padded chainmail to the inside of a beige Chinese shirt with a red vein-like pattern. "Gaara, Tatsuki, Tenshi this is my Kaa-san, Karin. Kaa-san, are their outfits ready?"

"Not yet, but I'm almost finished. "Karin set down her project and rose to meet the trio of newcomers, "Welcome. It's good to finally meet you. We could never find an opportunity to rescue the three of you. And for that I'm sorry you have had to suffer the longest," she said sincerely.

It was true Gaara was the Kazekage's son and 'weapon,' Tenshi was underground with Orochimaru and Karin stayed as far from Iwa where Kyo would be targeted on sight for looking like his father. Tenshi smiled softly, "We understand that our circumstances made it difficult to reach us, but you have offered us that which was forbidden for us to have. A family, love and safety. For us, we would gladly suffer a lifetime to feel such things just once. "She spoke passionately, tearing up halfway through.

Karin engulfed the three in a massive hug, encasing them with her soft tails. After a few moments of stiffened limbs and wide eyes, the two girls broke down and returned the embrace crying silently. Gaara only closed his eyes and leaned into the warmth savoring the loving gesture barely able to stop himself from crumbling.

Kyo stood off to the side watching his mother perform her position with warmth and grace. How could humans turn such a caring and compassionate being into a monster? Really, his mother was the most pure-hearted adult he had ever met, the perfect role model. The term demon became nothing but a racial slur amongst humans, but in reality demons were purer than those sinful hypocrites. His smile grew happy to know he was no longer a member of that disgusting race.

He was broken out of his thoughts when he was jerked into the group hug by a grinning Tatsuki. Karin laughed at her heir's startled face before rubbing her nose on his earning a red face and a whiney 'Kaa~san!' That's what she wanted most, for her Naru-kit to be free of obligation, free of his past, free of the memories that scared and bound his heart. She wanted him to have his childhood free of pain and suffering, to be an innocent child again.

The Queen pulled away, "Now Naru-chan has a gift for each of you and I need to finish up your new outfits." She shooed them over to the weapons rack.

The blond led them to the rack where he presented Gaara with a double-bladed naginata. The black staff was only three feet and the blades a foot long and three inches at their greatest width. The bronze blades at each end were serrated and barbed to make gruesome kills as bloody and painful as possible. "Knowing your background and the influence of Shukaku-ji, you probably have bouts of bloodlust and homicidal tendencies aimed towards humans. That and with your sand taking care of long range a good medium to short range weapon would suit you best if someone passed the ability to maneuver out of your sands reach. If you channel chakra, the staff splits in half to duel wield the blades. Slam the ends together with a bit of chakra to fuse them back. It's best to carry them separately to better conceal them."

Gaara practiced while Kyo plucked a polished black long bow and quiver with diamonds arranged in the constellation of Sagittarius on both. The bow was strung with strong silver horse hair and the black arrows had silver feathers. "Tatsuki, I made this with the great centaur Sagittarius in mind. The arrows have seals on them that return them to the quiver with added chakra and you can channel any element to enhance the damage they cause. They are nearly indestructible. As Gaara's weapon covers medium to close range, yours focuses on medium to long range. If you train hard enough, I am certain you could snipe a mouse from six hundred meters maybe even more."

Tatsuki's eyes gained a wild glint as she tested out the taut string. Tenshi was given a golden chain belt that held a black sheath with white feather pattern. Inside the sheath was an elegant longsword with a white blade and golden feather design, a golden angel wing crossguard, a black leather grip and a golden wolf head pommel. The blade was about 115cm long and the hilt a good hand and a half. "Your weapon was made to cover the others lack of close to in-your-face range. The longsword will shrink to fit into the sheath. No one would expect such a lengthy blade to come from a 50cm sheath. Channeling chakra along the blade will ignite it for you to cause major wounds to your foes."

The wolf-girl admired the sword, "Thank you, Nii-sama! This is a beautiful blade."

The two others also thanked him for their gifts. By that time, Karin was finished weaving her magic. The curly haired girl was now outfitted with a short, modern silver kimono ending mid-thigh with white biker shorts. One long sleeve and one spaghetti strap made it stylish and it was patterned with a unique swirled sun pattern. She wore white short heeled sandals with silver wrappings on her hands and wrists. Her hitai-ate was sewn into her into her black obi that was styled in an intricate rose pattern.

Tenshi now wore a black corset with white and gold feathers, a skin tight white denim jacket and a black uneven skirt that came halfway down length of her thigh in the front and to her upper calves in the rear. It had a torn and stressed look for a trendy ragged look. The outfit was accessorized with gold bangles and arm bands of various feather designs and black slippers with white and gold sequins covered her feet. They were made of strong silky material that wouldn't wear and kept her feet well protected. Her hitai-ate was now a chained choker.

A red Chinese shirt with a beige vain pattern covered Gaara's torso. He had long baggy black shorts with black shinobi sandals and his gourd was strapped on his back with freshly tanned leather with stitched red vein designs clasped by a black buckle. His now red clothed hitai-ate was on his right thigh, and Karin had performed a small jutsu on his ginger hair to grow it another half an inch and parted it so his 'Love' tattoo and aquamarine eyes were visible.

"Although you can't feel or see it, each outfit I create has either chain mail or plated armor to protect you vitals." Karin smiled at the trio, "Can never be too careful."

Hopping up, the ginger kitsune clapped. "Now Kyo you may now release Shukaku-kun and Akira-chan, Aido-kun will have to wait for the second exam so we can continue to fool Orochimaru."

Several seals and flashes of sandy brown and white later, the two powerful tailed demons stood before them. Shukaku had the same tanuki mask as Gaara around his yellow eyes. Shaggy short brown hair was as light as a sandy beach in summer. He wore a traditional sandy brown battle monk outfit with a blue vein pattern over his medium built body.

He grinned a Gaara, bounded over to his newly adopted son and promptly pulled him into a crushing hug. "Sochi~!" he squealed. "I shall call you Sochi and you shall be mine and he shall be my Sochi." (AN: Do not own Finding Nemo)

The children stared with wide eyes at the childish Bijuu. Karin and Akira just giggled, knowing how much a jokester the male could be as he continued to admire the younger ginger, "And look at your handsome new tail and cute little ears. Beige and bronze go so well with your natural red hair, and your pretty aquamarine eyes now have bronze flecks in them." Then he swung Gaara around until his eyes changed into swirls before crushing the newly-made tanuki's head to his chest and pointing off into an imaginary sunset with a crazed twinkle in his eye, "Now come my Sochi, there are villages to crush, demonesses to woo, and humans to eat, but not exactly in that order!"

The little tanuki indeed sported beige and bronze high lights and similarly colored round ears and ringed tail. Just as Tatsuki had silver and white highlights with black horse ears and a foot-long silvery white spiraled horn from the diamond on her forehead. Five black lion-like tails sprouted from her tail bone ending in silver and white feathery tufts of hair and her black eyes gained silver flecks. Akira had the same styled tails only the monochromatic scheme flipped and her hair was up in a white braid and her spiraled horn was purely silver with a dark grey undertone. She wore a short traditional white kimono with black embroidered elements in the lower right corner. Covering her case of the giggles at the younger raccoon dog's expense, she interrupted the 'bonding' moment, "Shu-kun, let the little tanuki breathe. He's starting to turn purple."

Letting go of Gaara, Shukaku bound over to Karin holding his arms up like a small child wanting to be held by their parent. Karin smiled and embraced the two other Bijuu. "It's good to see you two again. Unfortunately, much needs to be taken care of before we can truly be at peace," she added gravely.

Shukaku grinned evilly, "What do you have in mind, Hime-chan?"

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