It's just the cutest thing, when you get to fussin, cussin, yellin and throwin things, I just wanna eat you up.

I don't mean no disrespect when I start starin, knowin that it makes you madder. I'm sorry, but seein you mad is so sexy!!

Kyo flew through yet another door. Shigure sighed as he figured he'd better take care of it.

"Tohru!" Shigure called. "They broke another door." He smiled as he saw the little teen girl come with everything necessary to fix what was the 11th broken door this month. He could hear the two boys outside arguing again.

"You damn rat!" Kyo yelled, strands of his orange hair matted to his face with sweat. He was panting with exhaustion. Yuki, who seemed in better control of his breathing, was also in better control of his emotions.

"You're about 10 years too early to beat me." The purple haired one said. He had better control of his emotions. He just never used it. "Now stop causing problems for Miss Honda." He turned on his heels and strode away to the woods.

Kyo stared at Yuki's disappearing form and a weird feeling shot through him. He wasn't sure what it was, but his heart felt like it had just been squeezed. He shook his head. What was he thinking? He wasn't. That was it. He got off the ground and dusted his clothes off. He looked towards the house and was shocked to see Tohru staring at him. Had she seen him watching?

"What are you lookin at?" He said rudely and quickly walked passed her and upstairs to his usual spot on the roof. He quickly drifted off to sleep.

"-o. KYO!" Kyo heard Yuki's voice and his eyes flew open. Yuki's face was merely inches from his own.

"Time for dinner Kyo." Kyo just blinked, this was the closest they had ever been to each other. It was Yuki's turn to have a weird feeling. He wouldn't have been able to tell anyone what took over him at that moment, because he didn't know himself, but it was something. He reached down and scooped up Kyo's head and pressed their lips together. It was awkward because Yuki had never done anything like that before.

It took a while for Kyo to process what was happening. When he was finally able to, he pushed Yuki away.

"What the hell?!" He almost spat at Yuki. "I'm not a fag!" He pushed Yuki away and went into the house and down into the woods that Yuki had, not even two hours earlier, disappeared into.

Toru sat at the quiet dinner table. For some reason, Yuki seemed very upset and Kyo wasn't there. Were they mad at each other again? Tohru hoped they hadn't broken another door. She wasn't sure if she should ask, but she dared to anyway.

"Where's Kyo?" Yuki just looked at her with an uncharacteristic frown. Without answering, he just got up and left the rest of his meal uneaten.

'How can I fix this?' Yuki thought. 'Maybe I can play it off as a joke or something!' he thought hopefully. But he didn't allow himself this feeling for too long. He had really surprised Kyo. Maybe all he needed was a little time.

"What do you mean he left?!" Yuki shouted at Shigure. "Where did he go?!"

"He went to train in the mountains, just like he did a few months ago." Shigure said holding is hands palms up in a surrendering position. He didn't want to be the target of Yuki's rage.

"How long will he be gone?!"

"It's Kyo, who knows how long he will be. Why do you care anyway?" Shigure asked. Yuki couldn't even answer as he felt a blush creep up his face, remembering the last encounter he had had with the cat. Well…before he ran off into the woods that is. 'I was going to give him time…but this is too much! I have to go find him!'

Yuki had everything packed and was leaving by the next morning. He headed off to the nearest mountain range from their home.

Yuki spent days looking around the area, hoping for some sign of the cat, but after about a week of searching, he figured he wouldn't find him there. He set up his camp for the final night, as he prepared to leave in the morning.

He woke up when the sunlight entered his tent and the warmth licked his face. He heard feint rustling. A black silhouette appeared on the tent flaps. Another moment passed and one flap was thrown open.

"There you are Yuki." A familiar voice said. Yuki shuddered as he put a face with the voice.

It was Akito.

"What are you doing way out here?" Akito asked, almost teasingly. Yuki was too frightened to speak or move. Akito closed the gap between them and grabbed Yuki's arm.

"Let's go." He said, still seeming to be cheerful. He pulled Yuki to his feet and practically dragged him out of the tent. They stepped into a black car driven by a very silent, dark haired male.

"Back home, Hatori." Was all Akito said, and the car began speeding away.

"That wasn't a rhetorical question, Yuki. What were you doing way out here? It took me some time to find you." Akito said, in his usual teasing voice. Yuki simply looked out his window. His eyes widened in surprise as a hand grasped the back of his head. His face was violently shoved into the window he had been previously staring out.

"ANSWER ME YUKI!" Akito yelled at him.



"I was looking for Kyo." Yuki whispered. Akito paused, and then burst into laughter.

"Like he would go to the closest mountain range! You and I both know that stupid cat better than that! And I already know where he is."

Yuki perked up at the last sentence.

"Where is he?" He asked hurriedly.

"He doesn't want you to know. He came to me to make sure you couldn't find him. Don't worry, Yuki, I'm keeping him nice and safe." Hurt washed over Yuki's features.

"Wait. Then where are you taking me?" Yuki asked.

"To see him of course. He's been at my house trying to talk to me. Like I care about that…that thing. The sooner you get rid of him, the better off I'll be."

The car pulled up at Akito's house. Yuki was the first out of the car and was walking in the house by the time Akito had stepped out.

Yuki slid open a door and walked into a large room. He turned when he heard the door slam and saw Akito standing right behind him.

"You didn't really believe that Kyo would come here would you?" He said, then laughed. He slowly walked towards Yuki, who was now frozen with fear. Why had he believed what Akito said? He just 

heard any news of where Kyo could be, and didn't think about who could have been telling them. Oh how he regretted that decision.

Akito reached Yuki and extended a hand. The hand cupped Yuki's cheek, and Yuki's eyes, seeing nothing, expressed the fear he felt. Akito pushed his lips against an unresponsive Yuki's. A hand ghosted under his shirt. With this, Yuki snapped to attention. He looked up at Akito, who had his eyes closed.

"Oh, Kyo." He groaned. Yuki found his voice at this.

"K-kyo?" Akito's eyes widened, realizing what he just said. A pale hand swung out at Yuki and struck him directly in the right cheek. Yuki tumbled to the floor and within seconds Akito had straddled his waist. Both hands were gripping Yuki tightly around the neck.

Yuki was choking and struggling to remove the hands constricting his windpipe. But as fast as they had come, they were removed. Barely hanging on to consciousness, Yuki heard Akito whisper.

"Oh, I want you awake for this part." Akito quickly removed Yuki's pants and underwear. He flipped him over and without any hesitation pushed himself inside Yuki.