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"Hatori! Let go of me this instant!" Akito yelled, trying unsuccessfully to free his wrist from Hatori's grasp.

When they reached the car, Hatori only let go once he made sure Akito was inside. Then, moving to the other side, drove them home in relative silence. Hatori was used to Akito being silent, but only because he was formulating a plan, not because he was sulking.

Baby don't
Think I don't (take you seriously)

As soon as they got back to the main house, Akito stepped out of the car and walked inside like nothing was wrong. Smirking, Hatori followed him inside. As soon as they both made it inside, Hatori pinned Akito to the nearest wall, keeping Akito's body down with his own.

"Hatori you bastard! Let me g-" He was cut off when Hatori, once again, pressed his mouth to Akito's. The kiss had the same intensity as the first one, and Akito felt his knees going weak. Without even realizing what was happening, he was moaning and thrusting his hips into Hatori's.

But I just can't help the fact
your attitude excites me (So exciting)

Chuckling, Hatori moved back and examined his work. Akito was leaning heavily against the wall, panting for breath. His legs were slightly parted, and his knees looked like they would give out any second. His hands were pressed against the wall in an attempt to keep himself up. All in all, he was the epitome of desire and want.

Without waiting for Akito's sense of self-preservation to interrupt, Hatori grabbed his hand and pulled him to his room. Only when they reached the room, did Akito actually put up a fight, but by then it was too late. Hatori had him exactly where he wanted him.

With only a gasp as retaliation, Hatori was able to pin Akito to the futon and reclaim his mouth. He ran a hand inside the top of Akito's yukata, and his sure hands and firm movements lit a fire in Akito's groin, and he groaned into the kiss.

When Hatori pinched a nipple, he arched his back sharply, breaking the kiss with a sharp intake of breath. He kicked himself mentally for showing such weakness. He was a man, and here he was, responding to touches to his chest like…like a girl!

With that thought, he found the strength to push against Hatori's shoulders.

And you know aint nothing better
Than when we get mad together
And have angry sex.

"Stop it! What are you doing?!" He managed to shout.

"You want to be dominated. No. You need to be dominated. To be owned. It's your deepest desire, and only I can give you what you want." Hatori said, and took Akito's mouth again.

Akito's cock twitched at the idea of being owned. Of not having to make all the decisions. Of being taken care of. Somewhere deep down, he knew Hatori was right. But he wasn't ready to admit that just yet.

"No. I don't. L-leave me alone!" Akito shouted and tried to fight Hatori off again.

"Oh? This is saying something different." Akito gasped as Hatori grabbed his member through his clothes. He picked his head up and placed it between Hatori's neck and shoulder at the same time he raised his hips into Hatori's hand.

"Only if it's just touching." Akito said, trying (and failing) to control the situation. Hatori smirked and breathed out into his prey's ear.

"I will touch you plenty…with my body. My mouth will touch yours, my body will touch yours, and it will touch inside you. I will only touch you, but I define what touch is. Right now-" Hatori said, slowly removing Akito's yukata, and ran his hands up Akito's side. "-I'm touching you." His hands ran back up to Akito's chest, and he pinched the other nipple this time. Akito's head flew back against the pillow at the contact.

"This is touching you." He said, and kissed Akito again. "I'm going to 'touch' you all night." He slipped his hand around to the front of the yukata.

"No under things today? You just wanted me to 'touch' you didn't you?"

"Who would?!" Akito shouted, and bit his lip trying to muffle a groan as Hatori's hand made contact without the barrier of his clothing.

"You don't like it?" Hatori asked smiling.

"Hell no!"

"Then perhaps you would like me to touch you with something else." Hatori suggested.

"What are you talking abo-" Akito was silenced, once more, but this time, by a pair of fingers that entered his mouth. He instinctually closed his mouth around the digits, and used his tongue to try and push them out.

When he figured they were moistened enough, Hatori removed his fingers and pressed one against Akito's hole. Jumping in shock, Akito inadvertently changed the angle so Hatori's finger began to press inside him. He hissed at the pain.

"Relax." he said, searching inside for that one spot that would drive Akito insane. He knew he found it when Akito's eyes flew wide open and he grabbed the sheets in a death grip.

Taking advantage of newfound pleasure, Hatori slipped a second finger inside, and Akito felt only minimal pain at the intrusion, and shifted uncomfortably. Hatori shifted down and grabbed Akito's erection, trying to distract Akito from the pain.

He scissored his fingers only a short while before he added a third, which was barely felt, due to the attention given elsewhere.

Suddenly the fingers were removed and Hatori left his cock and Akito was laying on the futon, legs fully spread open, rose colored yukata hanging open across his chest as he gasped for breath. His lips were parted and slightly swollen from their earlier kisses. His hands were gripping the sheets below, and his erection looked painfully hard. Hatori also noted that Akito's hole was twitching and waiting to be "touched" properly. The sight alone made him stop and stare.

Akito suddenly felt cold, and exposed. Hatori's eyes were roaming up and down his body, and he lowered his hands to cover certain parts of himself.

"Let me see." Hatori demanded gently. Akito, uncharacteristically, was at a loss for words, so instead, he shook his head. Hatori smirked.

"You're okay with stopping here? There's so much more fun to be had. Didn't you say it was okay if I touched you?" He grabbed both of Akito's wrists and tied them together with the sash that was holding Akito's yukata together.

"Hey!" Akito yelled, surprised. Smirk deepening, Hatori pressed his mouth against the open one offered. Akito made a soft sound in the back of his throat, wanting Hatori's hand back where it had been before.

"Hatori!" Akito pulled back and growled threateningly while lifting his hips in the air, trying to entice Hatori's hand into continuing. He got no such luck, and Hatori lowered his face to Akito's neck and inhaled deeply. His tongue traced a pattern on the skin in front of him, and he left a trail down to Akito's navel where he took his time making Akito squirm with desire.

Playfully making a show of avoiding the place Akito wanted the attention, Hatori lifted one of Akito's legs and kissed the inside of his thigh, slowly making his way back down to his hips. Putting Akito's leg back down on the futon, Hatori spread his thighs and lowered his head, and his breath lightly caressed Akito's erection.

Akito couldn't believe Hatori would dare to tease him.

"Touch me, Hatori." Akito demanded. There was a small burst of air on his skin as Hatori chuckled.

"As you wish." Hatori said as he lowered his face to where it was wanted most.

Akito groaned at the warmth surrounding him, and his hips quivered as he attempted to keep them still. All too soon, the pleasure was gone, and so was Hatori, again. Simply not having the will power to force himself to get up, Akito stayed where he was as he heard Hatori fumbling around for something.

Shortly after, Hatori returned with a small bottle. Opening the cap, he poured the cool liquid on his hand. He took one finger, and ran it inside Akito again, to make sure he was properly lubricated. Using the rest of the liquid, he slicked himself. Tossing the bottle to the side, Hatori flipped Akito over on his hands and knees. He situated himself in between Akito's thighs. He lined himself up and paused.

This position seemed wrong. VERY wrong. His face paled and he pulled his shrinking manhood away from the boy beneath him.

"Hatori?" Akito questioned, confused.

"That poor boy." Was the only response he received.


I blow you out,
And we forget what we was mad about.

Hatori couldn't even see straight he was so mad. He had almost forgotten! Completely forgotten about what had just happened there. He was ready to finally make his move on Akito, but just one thought of what Akito had done had him going so soft so fast he wasn't sure if he'd ever be comfortable with that act again. And he had allowed it to happen. That was what struck him the most. He was at fault!

Walking out of the house, he called Ayame. He needed a place to stay until he cleared his head. But the stupid snake wouldn't answer his phone! What was he doing that wasn't at home?

"A-Ayame?" Yuki stuttered. The snake's eyes were wide as he stared at the scene before him. His eyes watered and he sprung into action, leaping at the would-be couple on the bed.

Shoving Kyo to the floor, Ayame scooped up his younger brother into his arms.

"Wrong!" The snake shouted at them both. "You finally figure out your feelings and you get it wrong!"

…That hadn't been the response either boy had expected.

"What do you mean…?" Kyo asked hesitantly.

Ayame held up one finger at a time as he counted off their mistakes. "One, you haven't gone out on one date yet. Two, I'm assuming neither one of you actually confessed, and three, this situation is entirely inappropriate! First time? Go somewhere memorable!"

"Ayame, your first time was exactly the opposite of what you just said." Yuki said and Ayame blushed. Yuuji…no. Some wounds were best left alone. He'd learned his lesson. The three remained still as the tension rose to a tangible level. Suddenly, Ayame smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. He scooped Yuki up and started walking out. Kyo shot up and, ignoring his stark nakedness, reached out for the rat.

"Where are you taking him?!"

"Hhhmmm?" Ayame asked, as if carrying his naked brother out of the room bridal style was perfectly normal. "Just my shop. He has to be dressed properly if he's going out on a hot date tonight." The snake smirked, proud of himself. Both the orange and purple haired teens blushed. "He'll be ready at 7!"

"Put me down, Ayame!" Yuki shouted, and Ayame pouted.

"Why won't you call me 'nii-chan'?"

"As if!" Kyo heard the snake laugh as they exited the room, Yuki still in his brother's arms, and felt only a slight twinge of jealousy. Yuki had been smiling. He should have been happy that the rat was even able to smile so soon, but he wasn't smiling at him.

"What am I thinking?!" he shouted at himself. "I don't actually like the guy. That was just hormones. I felt bad for him! After tonight's date, we'll both realize…" Date? NO! Bad word, bad word! Just a get together among two guy friends(?) in a romantic totally not gay kinda way. Kyo Sohma was anything but gay.

Standing alone, he suddenly felt cold. Must be the cooling water that was still lingering on his skin. Yeah. That's what he'd tell himself. If only he could believe it.

7, huh? That gave him just over three hours. What was he supposed to do in that time? He glanced down at himself. Well…a cold shower would make a good start.


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