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Chapter 1


"Not another drinking contest! Kukai-kun! Stop trying to get Nagihiko drunk!"

"C'mon Kairi-chan, relax! You look like some stuffy old sensei! Here, if you unbutton your shirt a little those girls at the bar are bound to take some notice!"


Amu laughed and smiled at her boyfriend as he squeezed her hand. On her other side Ran and Miki cheered for Nagihiko as he slammed down his empty glass before Kukai. Su gasped as the cheerful young man set down his own glass with a defeated sigh and promptly fell from his seat unconscious.

Nagihiko laughed "Looks like my night ends here." He said, grinning as he stood and stumbled over to his snoring friend "Kukai my friend, you are extremely lucky we live in the same block." He shook the man a little in an attempt to wake him up.

Kukai's eyes opened a little and he smirked up at Nagihiko "I win tha' bet Nag-ko…I go' yah hammer'd! Oo's da man? Kukai's da man!" he slurred as Nagihiko pulled him to his feet and slung his arm over his shoulders.

Nagihiko chuckled "The bet was if you could do it without getting yourself drunk Kukai. I'm a hell of a lot more sober than you."

Amu giggled "Are you sure you can manage though Nagihiko? You are a bit wobbly on your feet yourself."

Kairi stood hastily, his face pink and his shirt a mess from Yaya's attempts to undo the top buttons "I-I'll go w-with them!"

Yaya pouted "But Kairi-chan! I was supposed to find you a nice girl tonight!"

Kairi turned crimson "I-I d-don't need you t-to do th-that! I'll h-h-help Nagihiko-san and Kukai-san h-home!"

Amu and the other three girls laughed as Kairi quickly slung Kukai's other arm over his shoulder and dragged the pair out of the bar. Yaya huffed and sank back in her seat "That Kairi-chan! As if it wasn't bad enough not being able to drink!"

Ran leaned over the table and ruffled Yaya's shoulder length hair playfully "There there Yaya-chan, theresalways next time! Besides, it's more fun partying with girls! Boys are no fun!"

Amu sent Tadase an apologetic smile "But Ran, Tadase-kun is still here."

Ran twisted around and blinked blankly at Tadase before grinning "Oh! Sorry Hotori-kun, I forgot you were here! You've been so quiet all night!"

Tadase smiled "That's okay Ran-san, I was just about to say goodnight anyway."

Su leaned around Miki and Ran "What? Why? I'm sure none of us would mind if you stayed longer." The other girls all nodded but Tadase shook his head.

"No, as much as I would like to stay, I'm meeting my parents in the morning to discuss my university choices."

Ran giggled "Yeah, Hotori-sama would have a fit if her son turned up hungover!" Miki, Su and Yaya laughed at the mental image.

Amu giggled and leaned forward to kiss her boyfriend's cheek "I'll see you during the week then?"

Tadase nodded and stood up giving the girls a final wave before leaving the bar. As soon as he was gone, Ran turned to her friends with a dark expression.


"Urgh…Amu-tan mah head huwts…"

Amu and Miki groaned as they struggled to carry Ran into the apartment. After finding a bar with a barman stupid enough to sell Ran and Yaya drinks, the other girls discovered that the pair were lightweights.

Thankfully, Yaya shared an apartment with Rima across the hall from Amu and Ran who lived next door to Miki and Su. Su was currently in Amu and Ran's kitchen grabbing a bucket from under the sink. A moment later she dashed past Amu and Miki and dashed back down the hallway.

"Amu? Where do you keep the painkillers?"

"In the cupboard under the bathroom sink! OW! Ran!" Amu yelped as Ran pulled at her hair "Miki! Get her off!"

Miki growled under her breath "My hands are kind of full at the moment Amu!"

"Then lets hurry and get her to her room!"

"Oh Ran-chan!" all three girls looked up to find Su standing at the end of the hallway in the doorway to Ran's room. In her hand was a lilac stuffed frog wearing a fur trimmed cape and a tiny crown.

Ran's eyes glittered "'Seki-kun!" she leapt away from Amu and Miki and stumbled towards Su who tossed the frog into the room and stepped out of the way.

There was a muffled bang and the girls all crowded around the doorway to find Ran asleep and snoring on the bed, clutching the frog to her chest.


Amu yawned "Night guys."

Miki nodded "Yeah, see you tomorrow Amu."

"Don't forget Amu, my hangover remedy drink is in the fridge. When Ran wakes up make her drink a glass full then and another a lunch!" Su ordered. Amu nodded and smiled sleepily.

"Okay Su. I'll do that. Goodnight." She waved as they entered their own apartment and shut the door.

Yawning again Amu shuffled her way towards her bedroom "A…Amu…Amu!"

Amu blinked and walked over to Ran's door "Ran?"

The younger girl beckoned Amu to her side "Amu are you happy with Hotori-kun?"

Amu smiled and knelt at Ran's side "Of course I am Ran. I love him."

Ran frowned sleepily "Does he love you? Has he ever said he does?"

Amu stared at Ran "Ran…? Why are you asking all this?"

Ran sighed "Amu is Ran, Miki and Su's precious friend. Ran just wants Amu to be truly happy, because she never wants Amu to be sad."

Amu smiled tearfully "You don't need to worry Ran. I couldn't be happier. Really."

Ran smiled and her eyes drifted shut "I'm glad."

Waiting a moment to make sure Ran was asleep this time Amu stood wiping at her eyes. She smiled at Ran and nodded. Yep, life couldn't get any better.


"Nooo…I don't want that yucky stuff!"

Amu smirked and pushed the glass of thick green liquid toward Ran "It's either this or Kukai and Daichi's physical remedies. Which will it be?"

Ran frowned and seemed to seriously contemplate her decision. She picked up the glass after a few minutes and pinched her nose before chucking it back down her throat. Slamming the glass back down on the table Ran jumped to her feet and dashed to the sink, washing the taste from her mouth.

"You're being such a drama queen Ran." Amu sighed shaking her head. Ran wiped her arm across her mouth and stuck her tongue out at Amu who watched in amusement as Ran hastily withdrewher tongue and rinsed her mouth out again.

"Yuck! The taste was still on my lips! Ew, ew, ew!" she stormed over to the fridge and grabbed a soda. Gulping down a mouthful she sighed in relief "How is it possible for Su to cook something that tastes so nasty?!"

Amu shrugged and took the glass to the sink "It may taste disgusting but at least its effective. Now you won't be complaining about a hangover in front of those two demons."

Ran chuckled as she walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to the lounge "They're not demons…more like monkeys-no! Baby monkeys! Besides, I'm more worried about Kiseki finding out about last night! He'd be so- oh lookie! We have messages!"

Amu had followed her into the lounge just in time to see her press the play button on their answering machine. A second later Rima's voice boomed around the room "Amu I am going to murder you! I can't believe you let Yaya get drunk! And you left her in our apartment unattended! She was sick all over my new sofa! (A muffled shout in the background made Rima scream) NO! In the bathroom! The bathroom! I swear when I get my hand- BEEP!"

Ran and Amu exchanged frightened looks, both thankful that Rima's threat was cut off. After deleting the 'Rima message' Ran pressed for the next message to play "Ran, it's me (Ran squeeled "Kiseki! He should have called my cell!"). What was that call about last night? Were you drunk? I could barely hear you? I tried your cell but it went through to answer machine…just like this one…(sigh)…call me back. BEEP!"

Ran glared at Amu "You let me use my cell phone when I was drunk?!" Amu grinned sheepishly.

"I swear, I never saw you using it! It might have been when I went to the bathroom, you'll have to ask Miki and Su."

Ran whimpered "I hope I didn't say anything I'll regret…"

Amu smirked "It'll serve you right, now play the next message."

Ran did as she was told with a depressed sigh and deleted the message before playing the next "Hinamori-san? This is Kinomoto Suzu from Easter Records, we met at your interview for the personal assistant position. I'm calling to say congratulations, you got the job."

Amu didn't hear the rest as she screamed and jumped around in excitement. Ran however was trying to listen to the rest "Amu stop! It hasn't finished!" Amu froze.

"So I'm afraid you'll have to come in today to sign your contract and meet the artist you'll be assigned to. Their only free time is this afternoon at ten thirty, we will meet you at Easter's main office on the fifteenth floor. If there are any problems with the arrangement please don't hesitate to call me."

Amu frowned "That's really short notice. I'm supposed to be going shopping with Rima, Yaya-chan, Miki and Nagihiko-kun."

"AMU YOU BAKA!!" Amu jumped at Ran's exclamation "They won't care! You were just hired by the biggest company in Japan and all you can think about is a shopping trip?!" she grabbed Amu's wrist and pulled her to the doorway "C'mon, its nine o'clock now. We still need to get you ready. I'll do you make-up, Miki can do your hair and Sucan choose your outfit. I think she has a bag perfect for this occasion too!" she turned back and gave Amu as grin "You're in for a makeover Ran-Miki-Su style!"


Amu tugged at the pastel pink blouse Su had convinced her to wear. The one she'd only worn once after deciding, it wasn't really her. Under the café owner's advice she'd also worn a knee length grey skirt and a pair of smart black heels. Personally, Amu felt that pants would have been more suited. And it wouldn't even last, after all there was no girl who could look perfect after being squished in a train compartment with a load of sweaty old men.

"Next stop Shibuya..."

Amu sighed in relief. Finally! It was becoming hard to breath in this stuffy tin can. Amu prepared herself to leave the train as it slowed to a stop, the doors opened and as a she took a step forward Amu was pushed out of the way by the rushing business men. She stumbled and tripped forward right into the lap of somebody sitting on a seat on the platform.

Amu groaned as her stomach threatened to spill its content and she was surprised to hear it echoed "I was having such a good dream..."

Looking up Amu blinked up into dark midnight blue eyes. Who...?

"Can you please get off me...? I can't breath very well with you sitting on me like that..."

Amu turned red and was about to jump off him when she caught sight of the clock above his head. Her eyes became wide "I-I'M LATE!!"

Leaping off the stanger's lap she sped down the platform and up the stairs out of the subway. She ran down the street, glad that Easter's main office was close to the subway. With surprising speed she dashed up the steps to the large building and through the revolving doors. Skidding into the elevator Amu sighed in relief as she looked to her watch. 10:25 "Made it..."

It was then that she raised her eyes to her reflection in the mirrored walls of the elevator. Turning red, she screamed "I'M A MESS!!"

Hastily she tidied herself up as much as possible just in time as it halted at the fifteenth floor. Leaving the elevator Amu smiled and walked over to the receptionist only to be taken aback by the annoyed glare she was given. The woman gave her a once over and smirked "May I help you?"

Amu nodded and her courage slowly evaporated "M-my name is Hinamori Amu…I-I'm h-here to-"

"Hinamori-san!" Amu sighed in relief as Kinomoto Suzu waved her over from a doorway "You're early. Just as well too. He's in another one of his restless moods so the quicker we get this done the better."

Amu smiled and followed Kinomoto through the door. A shiver ran down her spine and she turned to find the receptionist glaring darkly at her again. Amu gulped and silently turned back to Kinomoto who grinned "Don't worry about her. She's just jealous."

"J-jealous? Why?" Amu asked timidly, Why would such a pretty woman be jealous of her?

Kinomoto gaveher a secretive smile "You'll see. This way Hinamori-san." She grabbed Amu's wrist and pulled her down the corridor "Knowing what he's like there's a possible chance that he's torturing some poor soul who was stupid and new enough to walk into the room and offer him a drink or something."

Amu felt fear hit her like a ten ton truck. Who exactly was this person she'd be working for? Kinomoto made him sound like an executioner or something!

The older woman turned and slimed at Amu "Don't worry, he's not as bad as I describe him…okay…maybe he is. But that's why we hired you! When I met you at the interview I thought you were just the person to deal with him!"

Amu narrowed her eyes suspiciously "You're making this situation sound like some over-clichéd chick flick."

Kinomoto smiled innocently "Oh really? Do you like chick flicks?"

"No." Amu answered bluntly. For some reason, the way Kinomoto was behaving made Amu feel like she was about to be introduced to a blind date.

"Here we are! Knock knock!" Kinomoto swung the door open witha laugh only to freeze at the sight of a short male with messy black hair and dark punk-y clothing. He grinned at the pair and Amu was reminded of a mischievous kitten "Yo, Suzu-chan!"

"Yoru-kun!" Suzu whined, releasing Amu to pull at her short brown hair "Really! I leave you guys alone for hlaf and hour and you ruin the big entrance! Spill! Wheres that stupid feline gone?!"

"Right here." Amu squeaked as a pair of long arms snaked around her shoulders and pulled her back against what Amu guessed to be her assailant's chest "Is this little mouse my new PA?" Amu felt something rest on top of her head.

"Ikuto let her go! You scared her!" Kinomoto scolded with a gleeful smile as she pushed the attacker away and pulled Amu towards her. The pink haired woman barely had time to register the name Kinomoto had used before she was faced with familiar midnight eyes "Hinamori Amu, I would like you to meet Tsukiyomi Ikuto. You will be his PA from now on."

Ikuto gave Amu a grin reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and lifted Amu's hand to his lips "It's a pleasure Amu-chan. Please take care of me."

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