Hey guys, Keirii here, aka Amulet Strawberry. I know, I know, you guys are ultimately peeved off… -winces- I can imagine. But don't kill me, I'm begging you. I have a reason for the non-updating-ness, to put it simply, my brain has run dry on the plot.

But fear not!! You guys aren't the only one who loves this fic! So as a fellow fan as well as the author, I'm gonna rewrite it in hopes of being hit by writer fever!!! But this may take a while as I'm working on my original manga at the moment! –grins- Yes, I not only write, but draw too. If you guys wanna check my manga out, you'll be able to view it in time on my NEW DevArt page, onigiristar . deviantart .com , I haven't posted it yet – I'm waiting for my wonderful new manga marker pens which I ordered the other day so I can color it – but it'll be there soon, if you like angels, demons, humor, romance and action then I think you'll like it~ ^^

Oh and I'd like to thank anonymous reviewer, Baka-chan. That was an absolutely hilarious fake flame. I - and my friends - loved it x3 thanks so much!