It's been two months since my Edward changed me. It's a different experience on the other side. On top of the thirst for blood and power, I've been really noshes since I wok up from the horrifying transformation. They all keep telling me it's normal to feel sick and that it will get better. It seems to be getting worse more then better, they tell me it's different for me then them because I chose to be this and they didn't, but should I be feeling to bad. I'm always in a bad mood and throwing up constantly what I eat and don't. I'm also getting the worst food cravings they're so bad I can't even go out among people without trying to slaughter them. I hate it, so does Edward. I see the worry in his eyes every time he looks at me; I know he blames his self for what's happening. He's always having Carlisle check me, yet he doesn't find anything wrong.

"How you holding up?" Alice asked me when I finally came down the stairs.

" I'm ok" I said smiling the best I could as Edward wrapped his arms around me.

" You sure? You look like you're going to faint." She said, as there was a knock on the door.

"Yeah" I responded as Esme walked past us to the door. We all turned to look when she opened it. "Mom, what are you doing here?" I asked when I saw her.

"I came to see you honey. You're step dad and I are in town for a few days and I figured we could go out." She said standing in the doorway waiting to be invited in.

"Sorry Renee, but Bella's not feeling well." Edward stated holding me tighter as I tried to block out my craving.

"What's wrong?" she asked pushing past Esme and walking toward me.

"I'm just feeling noshes and throwing up a lot." I stated wiggling out of Edward's grip to give her a hug.

"How long have you felt like this?" she asked wondering and worried while I gave her a hug.

" It's been two months, but it's nothing to worry about. It's just a symptom of turning. I mean I did choose to become a vampire." I told her as the other's joined us.

"Nice to see you Renee." Carlisle said greeting her.

" You to Carlisle. You haven't changed a bit since the last time we met." She sated jokingly as I fled from her grip to the bathroom, with Edward trailing me. When we got back they were all in the front room talking up a storm. We sat across from her joining the conversation until I ran off to the bathroom again.

"You're right you do have a symptom." She said when I came back from my fifth trip. " But I don't think it's from turning into a vampire, because I had morning sickness just as bad as you are when I was pregnant with you." she added on. All the Cullens looked at her like she was crazy. After minutes of award silence Edward finally sated strictly, "It can't be vampires can't have children." Yet I still wondered, the symptoms I was having were normal on a level, and they did happen when I woman was pregnant. So I had her set me up an appointment with a doctor though Edward and the others told me not to.

A week later we went; Renee, Edward and I. After Dr. Smith and I talked alone he gave me a sonogram with Edward and mom present. My mom was right he showed us the fetus growing inside me and feeding of the blood. I could see the shock on Edward's face as he looked at the picture on the screen. Never in his life did he dream of having Children since he was turned, yet now that all changed. The others were just as shocked as Edward.

After Charlie found out about the baby he and Edward strangely got closer. They started buying baby things along with Alice. I mean lots of baby things. They were always fighting over whether the child would be like a regular human baby or not. It drove me crazy. It got even worse when they found out it was a girl. They started to pick out names, outfits, toys, and etc. like she didn't already have enough. After they decided on the name Casy, I had to stop them. I simply told them I wanted the name Isabelle, like my grandmothers. They accepted, like they had a choice anyway. I was happy though. It amazed me that it took a baby to make Charlie and Edward find ground. Also for Charlie to forgive Edward for changing me. If only now Edward and Jacob would do the same then I life would be perfect, but that will never happen.

"Bella" Edward said softly in my ear waking me from my trance. "They need her name to put on the birth certificate."

"Oh, her name is Isabelle Casy Cullen." I told them as I looked down at her sleeping, wondering why she slept. When the nurse insisted on taking Isabelle to feed her Edward was the first to speak up.

"Can we feed her?" he asked as we all hoped yes knowing we could only provide her with the right kind of food. After a while of convincing she finally agreed and brought us a bottle with milk. When Isabelle finally wok up Edward had a bottle of animal blood, that we had stored, ready for her. Once a week passed we were allowed to bring her home.

Through the years we were all happy, but the Cullens including Edward were becoming distant from me. Soon enough I was a total out cast. They treated me different, looked at me different and even talked about me behind my back. By the time Isabelle was four they had totally betrayed me.

When the Volturi attacked they only cared about saving Isabelle. They left me for dead even Edward. To save myself I begged the Volturi to save my life. When they did the Cullens were there with open arms. At first I was going with them, but Aro reminded me what they had done. "Bella" he started. " Don't you remember them all betraying you. In your time of need they left you for dead, on your own. But we saved your life and yet you walk with them."

Knowing he was right I looked at Aro and having the power to read his mind and heard his offer. Bella we know how powerful you are and how powerful you can become. The Cullens don't want you to tap into all your power, we do. We want to help you control the power you hold inside. With it you'll have the power to do what you want, when you want. Never again will you be left for dead. Never again will you be outcast. You have the power to be great, unstoppable, and unbeatable. Not even all the Cullens together will be able to stop you. In the end you'll be able to get your revenge on them all once and for all. When I popped out of his mind I knew he was right. No matter what Edward or the others tried to say I knew they were lying, they didn't care nothing about me. So I declared my allegiance to the Volturi.

When we got to Volterra they told me that I was no longer Bella, from this day forth I shall be known as Darkness. As I progressed in training I would live up to my name and have an army under my command. If I were to prove my self in time I'd earn my place among them. No longer would I be week, no longer would anything or any one hold me back. I finally found my place in this Vampire world and nothing; nothing will stop me from having the throne. Not even my greatest ally yet worst enemy the Volturi.