So Ama requested I write a Mello-centric shot called Melodramatic.

Thus, we have this.

Note: I was listening to Panic!At the Disco, and I semi-used the lyrics to what I was listening to since they were of the same tone. I just kinda half-buthered half-rewrote them to fit.

Mello always knew he was born to be an actor. Or something to that degree; something in the center of everyone's attention. He was always so loud and bright and full of color.

And Matt contrasted perfectly with him. Where Mello was a bright and loud and inyourfacedon'ttouchme collage of black on blond on tan skin, Matt was a calm and quiet tootiredtosmileandmyeyesaresocold mess of black and white on sickly grey and fire red.

Near was a statue.

and snap snap snap to the beat, don't stop keep dancing; applause applause

And Mello needed to move, it was hardwired so deeply into his being that to stop was death. And smoke and fire and rosaries under gunfire, the exhilaration was so much that he just laughed. Mello was so melodramatic that it was almost funny. Everything was done loudly and with as much flair as possible.

Even his precious chocolate was eaten with a large snap and a show of licking and tongue on chocolate.

desperate for attention shake it up and keep you watching; who needs a proper introduction when i'm the narrator

He was like a shooting star Near once said after his death. Blazing through the night sky leaving fire in his wake.

Mello's star went out with a bang! and everyone turned to watch, like he'd always wanted.

so young and i aim to be in your eyes

Mello always was dramatic.