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Summary: She sighed. "You're not the devil, Naruto." He glanced at her, grinning. "He's just a very close relative." NaruHina. AU.

Pairing: NaruHina.

Warning: Possible Sexual Themes.

Notes: First try at a big NaruHina. She's not as shy as usual, so she may sound bit out of character. This is also a Historical style story, thought I will not pinpoint exactly in what era. Enjoy.

The warm spring weather did nothing to lighten her spirits. The house was in disarray. There were more maids than guests seen in the large brick home, the preparations taking a toll on every breathing thing seen. Possibly even the potted plants.

Hinata held in a yawn as she stared out the window, observing her sisters training. Her siblings feet were not made for waltzing, she concluded. Hanabi's small height could not accommodate most young men, making it a challenge to find her a good suitor.

She was determined to help, nonetheless. She may have been a lost cause in finding a husband, leading her mother to decide for her, but not Hanabi. She would not be led to such an infuriating fiancée as hers.

Lord Anou thought only of gambling, and eating. She not only despised him, something she had never done before, but she found him cruelly unattractive. Looks did not matter to her, but he had nothing else to offer. Only a simple Earl's title, and a modest fortune.

"Excuse me…Lady Hinata."

A maid entered the room, carrying a large silk gown and laying it on her bed. "Your mother has request for you to dress."

She smiled at Nina, "H-have the guests arrived?"

Nina shook her head, "They will arrive soon, milady. It will take a long while to braid your hair, we mustn't waste time."

Hinata nodded at her, starting to unbutton her chemise. She was less uncomfortable with Nina, at least, compared to her mother. She was glad she would not have to endure the pain of her corset tightening. "I will go without a w-waist corset today, Nina."

Nina nodded, folding the crinoline carefully over Hinata's head. "If I may add milady, the dress is of very fine material."

She stifled a laugh, "Not the usual kind. My fiancée must be coming also, then."

Once again nodding meekly, "He has come to formally announce the engagement, I believe. If I may inquire…are you agreeing to it?"

There was a pause in Hinata's buttoning hands. They paused over the soft blue ribbon, twirling it around nervously. "To be…honest…- she paused, softly gasping as the maid pulled the dress tighter around her- "oh dear…I hope I have not gained weight…"

Nina smiled, "No, milady. Your mother requested for a smaller size this time." Another shaky breathe came from Hinata and she put on the corset, "I thought I didn't have to wear a corset?"

"I'm sorry, milady, it won't fit unless you wear it otherwise."

"Alright." She was getting light-headed from all the pressure. There were many reasons why she hated ball gowns. This was only one of them. "If I may continue…I don't really wish to marry Lord Anou…he is…rather…-" A knock interrupted her conversation, and her mothers face became clear to her.

"Hinata, please hurry dear. Do you want me to assist you?" She clearly meant to tighten the corset, as it was obvious Nina was kind enough to not cut her circulation off entirely.

"N-no Mother…I have enough assistance."

Aiko frowned at her child, "I will take over from here." She glanced at Nina, uninterested. "You are dismissed."

She walked over to Hinata's standing form, and grasped at the strings of her corset. Nina had left by then, and all you heard from behind the glass door were the sharp breaths of the Hyugga heir.

The entrance to the ballroom did not close once for the first hour of the occasion. Guests came pouring in, all elegantly dressed. All ladies wore gems, and the smell of perfume over powered the fresh air from the windows, making Hinata dizzy.

Her corset pushed at her ribs, not allowing her to sit properly. She stood next to her fiancée, Lord Anou, and listened to his very detailed explanation of European factories with patience.

"The wenches-," Hinata flinched slightly at the word, "- all work for minimal salaries-," he paused to take a bite out of his buttered bread "- and never once complain. It's brilliant, don't you think so?"

Instead of replying honestly, Hinata nodded with a small smile on her face. Thoughts of living with this man the rest of her life did not allow for her to smile truly, but her oblivious fiancée did not notice. He only noticed the small garlic on the buttered bread. "My compliments to your chefs, Lady Hinata."

She bowed to him, "I will tell him so, thank you."

She excused herself, and went to stand with her sibling. She waited until she was finished with her conversation and pulled her aside. "Hanabi…I can't do it."

Her sisters green eyes traveled to her face, confused. "Do what…?"

"I can't marry him."

Her eyes narrowed. "Hinata…you have no other choice. Father said-," Hinata shook her head and Hanabi stopped speaking. "Let's go outside to the garden to speak."

She put her arm around her sisters, as it was customary for women of her title to walk with a chaperone. They took to the east wing, walking to the Butterfly Garden.

It was made for them as a gift from their father, only they knew the path to it. It was charmingly decorated with small shrubs, and butterfly attracting flowers. It was her only private place.

"I can't breathe in this revolting thing."

Hanabi smiled sadly at her, as they sat at one of the stone benches. "At least you look spectacular. Everyone's been commenting on it."

Hinata stared at her, alarmed. "R-really? That's…never happened…"

Her sibling laughed, "It may also be your alarmingly large bosom. Darling, you're pouring out of it. Any man would notice."

Blushing, Hinata laughed nervously. "Maybe I'll find another suitor…not Lord Anou. That man is not how I wish my future to be."

"Well…Hina…" Her childhood name made her smile, "You'll have to do it before next week. The Lord may request for your hand sometime soon."

"Yes, I've heard."

Hanabi grinned at her, "Too bad Lady Sakura scored her the youngest Uchiha brother."

Hinata blushed, "H-he is very good looking."

Hanabi sighed, "Too bad the eldest is bed-ridden. I'd ride-,"


"What? Don't deny it. He's visited many minds, let me tell you. I'd marry him if only to just stare at his face all day."

Blushing, she thought back on the boy she'd always dreamed of at night. He'd visited her mind more times than she could imagine. "L-lord Uzumaki…he is married…?"

Hanabi released a very un-lady like snort. "Oh Gosh, no. I pity the poor woman who would have to deal with that horny bastard. I swear he's slept with more than half of Britain, and I don't want to add Scotland. Too many numbers, and I've never been good with math."

"I've always found him quite…charming…"

Hanabi laughed. "Well of course, he's got the looks of an angel. That's the closest he'll ever get to sainthood though. His father is the devil himself. That man was too good looking for his own good. No wonder his wife killed him."

Hinata stared at her, surprised. She'd never known such a fact about the blond. "His father is dead?"

Nodding, Hanabi caught a butterfly on her finger. "His wife caught him with a mistress, Lord Uzumaki's rumored mother I believe. Anyway, she died a week later from fever. Sad story. It's only been a 2 years or so."

"I've…heard he was never quite fond of his father…"

Hanabi laughed. "That's no big secret. But the bastard didn't leave him half a gold coin in his will, so he's searching for a wife. Gosh…can you imagine his experience? I'd only be glad to marry him just to bed him each night. Oh, it gives me shivers."

Hinata kept on blushing, even as they left the garden. They had been gone for a good while, and their mother would worry.

"Is…L-Lord Uzumaki coming tonight?"

Hanabi nodded. "Yes, I believe so."




"You really need to get a control of that stuttering."

Hinata laughed lightly, "It only leaves when I am comfortable. Strangers do not give me that comfort."

"The Lord…he is well…a stranger also…I've seen you do not stutter with him."

"Well…I guess the fear of mother punishing me for embarrassing myself in front of him take it away."

Hanabi paused outside the door, "Hinata…if you are truly unhappy with marrying him…why don't you speak to father?"

Hinata shook her head slowly, as if trying to convince herself. "No…he is falling ill, and I do not wish to cause him distress."

She nodded to the doorman, and he opened the doors.

No one noticed the bright blue eyes watching them.

A crinoline is a skirt-like structure of steel used to lift the thick skirts of ball gowns. Also, I am aware Hanabi's eyes aren't green. Here, she's only half-sisters with Hinata. Please, review.

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