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Stitching my Mouth Shut

Number ONE

He prayed to his beloved Jashin that he might someday come across a person he didn't have to sacrifice. And, if he might find that one person, he wouldn't have to punish himself for wanting them.

It seemed that Jashin had full well heard the first part of his prayer, but the latter half must have been lost to the wind. Hidan had been granted his dear one, his perfect person, but every night he made another slash across his skin because it was a sin to watch him in that way. Jashin said not to.

Fuck off ,you idiot. Kakuzu won't fucking look at you, so send the idea of happiness all the way to Hell. Damn it to fucking Hell…!

And more droplets of crimson painted his walls as he mourned the loss of the man he couldn't have


Okay, at least Kakuzu hadn't killed him like he'd killed all his other bushels of partners. That was a good sign, right? Well, maybe there was that itty bitty detail of Hidan being immortal…but Hidan didn't want to think about that. It was discouraging, damn it!



Maybe it didn't count because of that immortality thing…

To rephrase it, then, at least Kakuzu hadn't ever tried to kill him. If he annoyed the shit out of his partner as much as the others had, the stitched-nin probably would've at least tested the credibility of the immortality thing, wouldn't he?


But still, Hidan felt unnoticed by Kakuzu. Being just his partner in crime wasn't enough for the zealot; he wanted to be there for the tall man.

"Fuck! I'm an idiot!" Hidan slammed his head down on the table, hating himself.

"If you're going to punish yourself for 'Jashin-sama', could you at least go somewhere else?'' the object of his misery scoffed, "We don't need to see all of that…"

Are you fucking BLIND!? He raged in his head, pulling on his silver hair in frustration, Can't you see that I'm in LOVE with you, you stupid son of a bitch?!

But bringing the words into a coherent sound was impossible, because his mouth just couldn't find a way to say them. Jashin help me, I'm an IDIOT…

"Kakuzu-samaaaa!" It was Tobi, zooming in and tackling the miser in a hug, "Kuzu-sama!" he said brightly, leaping up and flailing his arms, "Wanna play Monopoly with Tobi? Do ya, do ya?"

"Monopoly…? That's the one with…ah, that's the one with all of the buying and selling of properties. The one with all of the colourful play money… But Tobi, I always win that."

"Yeah, but you're the only one who will play it with Tobi!"

"Mmmph. Okay, I'll play if I can be the banker."

"Yaaaye! Tobi's so HAPPY!" and he flung another long hug at him before the pair retreated to find the board game.

Hidan, now alone, left for his room to sulk and find solace in Jashin. As he raised his blade, he stared at the light glinting off of it and grunted, "Fucking money whore. Fucking miser. Fucking Kakuzu…!"

Where the hell did that bastard get off letting that pesky shit hug him so often!? Who the hell said he could do that…?! Who the hell said he could spend time with annoying Tobi of all people and not his own partner?! Who the hell said he could do that…?!

And as the sharp blade dug into his tortured skin, he gasped in the pleasure. "Fuck, oh Jashin, oh Jashin don't let it stop hurting, it's so good, Jashin…"

He carved it in deeper, praying for it to keep throbbing like it was for always. However, there was one pain that he didn't want to stay, and it was the one in the center of his chest. It felt so much like it was in his heart…