Hopelessly I'll Love You Endlessly

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Chapter One


Pale hands snaked along my skin, gently caressing the flesh that would of been covered by my shirt, had it not been thrown away only moments ago. His chest was pressed kindly against my back and I could feel his heart beating fast, just in time with mine. My eyes fluttered shut as he continued to touch my bare upper half and started to kiss and lick lazy designs on my neck. I absentmindedly rested my head back onto his shoulder, exposing more flesh for him to claim. Once he was satisfied with his work, he began light butterfly kisses up to my jawbone, he used one of his free hands to stroke the front part of my neck and bring my face up towards him. My half lidded eyes saw him lick his pink lips before crashing our mouths together in a passionate kiss.

I'd never thought that I could feel like this before, what's more is I never thought that he would be doing this to me. It felt like complete euphoria even though all it was was skin against skin with a few kisses here and there. But it felt great

It felt right.

He pulled apart for air, causing me to groan inwardly at the loss of contact. I turned around so that I faced him completely. Lust and something else I couldn't make out filled his teal eyes. Despite the darkness in the room, I could tell he wanted this more than I did. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he responded by wrapping his around my waist. He pulled me closer and we both let out a surprised moan when our clothed arousals rubbed together. My hips instantly jerked forward, craving to feel that sensual feeling again but then he placed both soft hands on my hips firmly.

"Riku...I..." I started but I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to word what I wanted.

"Shhhh." he silenced me with a kiss, as I pulled away I felt his hands ghost their way to the back of my neck to pull me closer. Our foreheads bumped tenderly together and he moved so that our noses rubbed against one another. His hand, which was currently on my neck, moved its way to my hair which he thread his long fingers through. My eyes fully closed at the sensation and all I could think about was Riku. Riku was doing this to me. "…Sora?" He whispered in my ear before he nipped lightly on the lobe.

I was too overwhelmed in pleasure to know that he even called my name, let alone respond.

"Sora," he whispered louder to me. Reluctantly my eyes opened to a devious smirk.

"You've got to wake up."

: :

As if on cue, the blue covers of my bed went flying into the air as I was not only startled by the awakening sound of my alarm clock, but also the dream that took over my subconscious mind. My blue orbs scanned the remainder of my room to make sure that no one was in whilst I brushed away the sweat from atop my head with my arm.

I don't even remember the last time I spoke to Riku, let alone start having these dreams about him.

The beeping was still emerging from my alarm clock and I practically tossed the device across the room, I guess I was a little frustrated that it woke me up a little earlier than I would have liked to. But as they say: 'duty calls', 'duty' meaning 'school', of course. I reluctantly rose from my bed and noticed my problem. Looks like I'll be having a cold shower… again.

Once my shower was over and my teeth were cleaned, I dressed myself in my usual school attire and made my way downstairs. Roxas, my twin, was already eating his cereal by the time I reached the kitchen. He regarded me with a small grunt and I nodded in his direction then made my way to the refrigerator. There was someone missing, and I can only imagine why he's not here. Clinging onto this little bit of hope that I wouldn't get the answer that I knew was coming my way, I asked Roxas "Where's Dad?" as I grabbed the orange juice and sat down on the empty seat next to him. Roxas finished his cereal, let the spoon fall into the empty bowl and relaxed backwards in his chair.

"He left a note on the fridge saying that he had another business trip that he just had to attend to and left about five in the morning." He replied dully.

My dad always does this. He just leaves sometime in the morning or in the middle of the night and doesn't bother tell us where he's going and when he's going to come back. The last time he done this, he was gone for a total of three weeks and Roxas and I had to stay at our older brother, Leon's, house for a while.

That was not happening again.

Roxas and I would just have to try and get by on our own for a while. Being seventeen, I think we're both old enough to look after ourselves and we're hardly in the house as it is. So I think we'll be okay. I have a theory that it has got nothing to do with work and that my dad has a secret girlfriend, Roxas thinks that he just can't stand to be near us. I smiled a little at my brother's pessimistic attitude and began to drink my drink. I notice that Roxas glanced over at the clock before placing his bowl in the dishwasher and made a grab for his schoolbag. At first I looked at the clock, then at my watch to make sure. "Leaving so soon?"

"Yep, I'm going to go to Axel's house then walk him to school."

Axel was the new student to our school. He came to our school two days ago, I've met him once and what he lacks in time being at our school, he definitely makes up for with his personality. Roxas and his little gang: Hayner, Pence and Olette, have been asked to take care of him and show him around school. Well really Hayner had been asked to take care of him as punishment for 'arguing with profanity' at one of the teachers at our school. Axel was in the grade above us though; he was in the same year as Wakka and Riku.

"Isn't Hayner supposed to be taking care of him or whatever? Why are you doing it?"

"Because," He started as he adjusted his back pack, "both Hayner and Axel are a bunch of smart asses and when smart asses clash together…" He walked over to me and handed me my cell phone, "Bad things happen and Roxas isn't happy."

"You used my phone?" I asked completely uninterested about his last little remark.

"I had to, mine's dead and I needed to get directions." He replied as he quickly jogged out of the kitchen and made his way to the front door. I didn't even have time to rise from my seat before he cried "Thanks Sora, see ya at school. Bye!" and the front door shut.

If there was anyone I could count on to irritate me and make me laugh at the same time, it was Roxas. Not only is he my twin, but he is also one of my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him. Its kind of weird, despite us being twins and all, Roxas and I are complete opposites. He has always been unenthusiastic and stoic whereas I've always been optimistic (or at least I try to be) and as useful to everyone as I possibly could be. His hair is blonde whereas mine is brunette and much spikier and his eyes are just that tiny shade darker than mine.

After a couple of minutes since Roxas' departure, I was able to have a slice of toast with jam, watch a bit of TV and set off for the tiresome day ahead of me. It's a known fact that I'm quite popular around Destiny Islands and I offered a few waves and smiles to some friendly familiar faces as I walked to school. People often stopped me in my tracks for a conversation about how my brothers and I were doing. The sun was shining as bright as ever and my school clothes didn't help my whole heat situation.

We've had to wear basic school uniform to for three weeks and we've got the rest of next week to go. Usually we would be able to wear what we wanted but seeing as some students decided to graffiti, trash parts of our school and not own up to it, we all are being punished. It hardly seems fair, but I doubt the culprits would own up to it anyway.

Once I reached Destiny High, I didn't have anytime to brace myself for the bone crushing hug that Selphie embraced me in. I managed a small "eek" in surprise before she was pulled away by Wakka. Once I started breathing properly again, Selphie began to speak.

"Sora!" she smiled "Do you know what day it is today?" she asked devilishly as she held her hands behind her and swung from side to side.

"Err… Friday?" I asked cautiously. Wakka stood behind Selphie, bowed his head and slapped his palm to his forehead. Damn. If I didn't think if something fast I would be in it for sure. "I mean, Friday the seventeenth…Erm…" I looked back at Wakka for some guidance, he held up a Blitzball with a purple and silver party hat on top of it with the numbers '17' marked on it. Then it all clicked together. "…Tidus' birthday right? Did you really think I'd forget?" I gave her a cheesy smile, which she easily fell for and Wakka pretended to wipe away fake sweat from his forehead.

Selphie smiled sweetly back at me and before I knew it dragged me and Wakka into the school building. Selphie has always had this secret crush on Tidus, but he's too obsessive over Blitzball to notice. She had been telling Kairi a couple of weeks ago how she's going to make his seventeenth a special one and finally tell him how she feels. Kairi then told me and I told Wakka and once everyone in our little group, apart from Tidus, knew about Selphie's plan, we all decided that we would throw him a surprise birthday party.

Although this surprise party wasn't going to be like balloon animals and corny games that we used to have when we were younger. Tidus has been known for enjoying actual parties when people dance all over the place, pass out and are genuinely having a good time. A couple of months ago when it was Wakka's eighteenth, he threw himself a party when people we didn't even know turned up, got drunk, danced themselves silly. That was probably one of the best parties any of us have ever been to. So we wanted to do the same type of thing for Tidus and give Selphie a chance to tell him the truth. Except I doubt there'll be alcohol, or at least I'm hoping there isn't. Kairi plus alcohol equals a hell lot of trouble for me.

Her green eyes shouted out to me with pure excitement. She wore the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face while she jumped and clapped her hands together. "He'll be here any minute and I don't want either of you two ruining the plan alright?"

"So, where is the little birthday boy anyway? I want to give him my present ya?" Wakka said once we started walking through the hallways and spun the ball on his middle finger.

"Kairi said that she'll walk with him and keep him busy while we finalize things." She replied. We were making our way to the cafeteria where we knew it wouldn't be empty and knew that people would overhear our conversation. That's what we wanted. "So you know the plan right guys?" Selphie asked us a bit too loudly, on purpose, as we entered into the lunch room.

We knew exactly what she was doing.

"I think so; could you just run that past me one more time?" I asked her casually as we took our seats deliberately in front of some seniors.

A fake sigh released itself from her pink lips. "Well first of all, you, Wakka and Kairi are going to act like it's not a big deal that he's turned seventeen. He'll be all upset and I'll take him to the movies, then we'll come back to Wakka's house about ten-ish and then party!"

"Whoa, whoa! I thought that we were having it at your house. We can't do it at mine; Lulu is in for the weekend!"

"We can't do it at mine." Selphie whined. "My mom and dad would kill me if they knew what I get up to." she pouted.

I could see the disappointment written all over Selphie's face. If only I could… "Mine." I interrupted and caused them both to look at me. "We can do it at mine; my dad is out of town for Gods knows how long, so the place will be free."

Selphie clapped her hands together, wore one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on her, before she practically jumped over the table and gave me a tight hug once again. The pout from earlier had completely banished and I was just glad to wipe it off her face, she has been waiting for this day for a long time, and I couldn't let anything ruin this. I returned the smile and she released me from her death grip.

"Okay so we're all camping at Sora's then? I'll tell Lulu I'm sleeping at Tidus', if she found out that I was staying at yours while your dad was out of town, I'll be a dead man ya?"

"I've already told my parents that I'm spending the whole weekend at Kairi's, Kairi said the same thing to her parents about me."

"Now that leaves only one problem." They both turned to look at me and I notice Selphie's expression dimmer a little. "Tidus. How are we a) going to get him to actually stay the night with us? And b) going to persuade his mom to allow him out all night on his birthday?"

"My dear Sora, what do you take me for? An amateur? Well you know that Blitzball camp Tidus and Wakka are going to when summer vacation starts? Well what they have to do is go to an induction weekend on the seventeenth of this month so that they can be fully accepted." She replied cheerfully, causing me to give a big incredulous look.

"But… If… there's an induction weekend from today…then?" My perplex look was gradually fading away as I pieced together all of what she was saying. She leaned back into her chair coolly as she saw me figure it out. "Selphie you didn't! Are you really that sneaky?"

"Just thank my awesome computer skills, very convincing signatures and literature." She beamed, triggering one from both Wakka and I.

The bell rang triumphantly. Alerting us that first lesson has unwontedly arrived.

Wakka stood first. "I've got gym first with Tidus, so I'll be sure to act uninterested around him." Selphie's eyes squinted slightly as she tapped her index finger on the side of her nose whilst Wakka saluted us and jogged off. Selphie and I took our time to out of the cafeteria. We reached the entrance to the lunch room and stopped once we heard a voice from the other side of the room.

"Dude! Did you hear that? We are so going tonight." Selphie smirked as another one of her plans worked, and we set off out of the lunch room and back into the hallways.

"What lesson do you have?" She asked me as we picked up the pace.

"Double science, you?"

"English and then… erm… French." Selphie answered and then stopped in front of her classroom. "I'll see you later Sora, and thanks for the place tonight!" And with that she vanished into her classroom

I looked at my watch and realized Selphie had tricked me to walking her to her classroom as mine was all the way on the other side of the building. I have to hand it to her - the girl was good. I started to jog off in the other direction which soon turned into a full on run. I knew that if I was late to this lesson today Mr. Rime would keep me behind after school, and that just wasn't happening. Not tonight, Selphie would murder me viciously.

Once my classroom was in view, I practically tried to race time and make it before he slammed the door shut and deemed me as 'late'. As I ran, I nearly fell over twice before I made it just that spilt second quicker through the wooden door. As I entered the classroom, near enough everyone's eyes were fixed on my doubled over form as I tried to gather the oxygen around me.

"You're lucky Mr. Leonhart. A second later and you would not have been in my class. Please, take your seat." He commanded and I did as I was told.

I seated myself next to Kairi, at the back of the classroom to draw attention away from myself, who had an amused look on her face. She giggled quietly to herself once she saw my flushed cheeks and look that I gave her. My breathing had just about slowed down to normal, which gave me enough strength to ask "What?" to the wine red head.

"Nothing," she smiled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Mr. Rime had already begun talking to the class about what we were going to be doing in this double period. "So Sora?" Kairi whispered to me, keeping her eyes firmly on all of the stuff he was writing on the board and taking notes.


"We still on for tonight right? I was walking with Tidus today, and he doesn't have a clue. Although he was a bit confused when his mom waved him off a 'good weekend' instead of a 'good day at school' but I doubt either of them suspects anything."

"That Selphie can sure work wonders." I muttered pretty loudly and heard Kairi giggle a little. "She's really psyched about this whole thing so we can't screw it up. Oh, and there's been a change of plan, we can't do it at Wakka's because his parents are in, so we're having it at mine."

Kairi turned and gave me her full attention. "Yours? But, like, what about your dad? And remember after school we said that the two of us would go into town and pick up any last minute stuff? How are you going to do that and be back in time to decorate your house for Tidus?"

"Kairi relax. My dad is out of town for… well I don't know how long for and as for the house… lets just say a certain twin owes a certain twin a favor. We can still go into town and everything will be okay. I promise." I took hold of her hand, in which she smiled immediately.

She enclosed her free hand over mind but her gaze didn't avert from me. The look she gave me was of pure joy; I didn't realize that by placing my hand over hers that I would be sending her the wrong signals. In my head 'crap!' was running on its sixteenth circuit. A sharp clear of the throat ahead of us was enough to divert our gazes from each other to the owner of the rude, yet thankful, interruption. Kairi and I both immediately snatched our hands back and was met with the icy stare from Mr. Rime

"I am glad to see that both you and Miss. Mauve have settled on what ever love plans you have given yourself this Friday afternoon." Kairi blushed at the comment and almost went as red as her hair. If you thought Kairi was bad, you should have seen me. I could just feel the blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Sorry sir." We both said in unison.

Obviously, Mr. Rime wasn't satisfied with our apologies. "I am curious to know why you constantly treat my classroom as a social club. I assure you that we work scientifically in here, not sociably and I think that from our next science lesson, Miss. Mauve and yourself will not be seated together, is that correct?" his piercing green eyes stared deeply at us, making the pair of us feel uneasy.

"Yes sir," we both answered, reluctantly. I noticed one ice blonde brow raise itself in amusement before it went down again and his ever famous stoic expression was back. He turned on his heel and was back at the front of the classroom telling the rest of us what to do. Kairi refused to look at me and kept her gaze downwards.

We remained like that for the whole lesson; neither of us spoke a word to each other.

The bell rang for the second time whilst we were in the classroom, telling us that break was finally here and relieving me from another moment with that man! Kairi was the first of us two to depart the classroom in a hurry. All throughout the lesson, we could feel his gaze watching us, just waiting for us to continue talking, as we usually would, without a care. But for some reason, his little outburst to the whole class left Kairi embarrassed. Had he really hit a nerve?

I quickly scrambled all my things together and jogged out of the classroom to catch up with the wine redhead. The halls had soon been empty as the students went elsewhere to have their half hour break before lessons started again. I caught a glimpse of a tartan skirt and red hair before it turned in the other direction. I hurriedly ran to the retreating form and once I got to her, my hand caught hold of her elbow, stopping her instantly. She turned to look at, violet eyes fumed on a whirlwind of emotions.

"What's up Kairi? You could've waited for me you know? I know Vexen was out of order with what he said back there, but that's no reason to shut me out." I told her. She kept her gaze solely on me for a few moments before she sighed.

"I know I'm sorry okay? I just can't stand it when I'm embarrassed, now that sir mention something about love, people are going to talk you know? I can't stand it when people talk about me behind my back. I guess I just panicked…Sorry Sora." She looked down towards the ground until my hand, which was currently on her elbow, found its way to her shoulder where my thumb ran over it absentmindedly. A warm smile plastered itself amongst her equally warm features. "Thanks."

"For what?" I asked

"For always being there, I'm just so glad that we're friends Sora."

I removed my hand from her shoulder and placed it on my hip. "Best friends" I smiled and she linked our arms together. "Now let's go before Selph kills us. I'm already dreading the murderous things she could do to us for not being there to ignore Tidus."

"Let's go," She giggled and we started to jog to the field where the others were sitting.

Once we arrived to the field, we arrived to a pissed off looking Tidus, and an even more pissed off Selphie. With my free hand, I scratched the back of my neck sheepishly before saying, "Sorry we're late guys, Vex kept us behind." When neither of the death glares they sent our way banished, I tried a different approach. "So err, happy birthday Tidus, the big one seven eh?" My award winning cheesy smile was shut down the minute the glower didn't wane.

He "hmphed," and turned away.

"I'm… going to go and get everyone some juice." Kairi stated as she swiftly released her arm from mine, like a snake, and left me to deal with one miserable birthday boy and one hell of an actress. I managed to give her a glare, which she conveniently ignored, and walked on.

Tidus sat with his back leaning against the trunk of the tree whilst his knees were drawn up close to him; he stared out into the horizon looking half perplexed and half mad. Selphie sat to the left of him cross legged; her hands were clasped down together on her skirt so that nothing could be seen. I sat directly in front of her with my legs sprawled out in front of me, the heel of my shoe touching his briefly. Both blonde and brunette hair swung along to the rhythm of the wind, thankful for the shade.

"Tidus," I started, his blue orbs met my own but I could also feel a set of green on me too, "Come on it's your birthday, cheer up already."

The incredulous look he gave me would have been comical if the mood had not been so serious. "Cheer up? Cheer up? For your seventeenth your dad took us to that great ski resort in Hollow Bastion, for Kairi's we went to that Theme Park on the other side of town, and don't make me rant on about how awesome both Wakka's seventeenth and eighteenth was." He argued. I wouldn't be surprised if there was blood and teeth marks from my bottom lip as I had to bite down so hard not to even smile at his little outburst. "All I've gotten is: 'happy birthday Tidus! The big one seven eh?'" he mimicked my voice from earlier. "Not even my mother said 'happy birthday' to me, and she thought I was going away for the whole weekend. How bizarre is that?"

"Didn't you get any gifts?"

"Besides this stupid ball that I get every year from Wakka?" He pulled out the ball Wakka had earlier and chucked it lightly to me. I nodded my head "Then no."

"Hey! That ball is a token of my friendship!" we hear Wakka defend himself as he now entered in our deformed excuse of a circle and sat in front of Tidus who had resigned to closing his eyes and ignoring his best friends presence. "You get one every year from me, and just because you think its-" he put up his hands and made air quotation marks with his middle and index fingers "- 'stupid,' doesn't mean I'm gunna stop, ya? That is my tradition to you."

Kairi returned with the juices, as promised and in the space between Wakka and I. "I do appreciate the gift Wakka, Its just, everyone else here got to do something interesting on their birthdays, and here I am having to sit here in the blazing sun, in these crappy school uniforms, reminiscing about other peoples seventeenth, when I should be doing something for mine.

"Okay that's it!" Selphie said suddenly, finally contributing to the conversation. I almost forgot that she was even here for a while, and this whole thing is her idea. "I say we all go out to the cinema this evening." She turned to look at Tidus face on. "I know it's not ideal, but we're all broke and you're right, we should be celebrating your birthday! Who's with me!?" she raised her own hand high in the air, and Tidus brightened up a little.

"Really Selph?"

"Like I said it's your birthday, we'll watch something that you want to watch and we'll do anything that you say." She beamed and Tidus couldn't help but smile back. After their one second of staring at each other, the brightness on their faces doused as they saw the uncertain looks on all three of our faces.

"What?" they said in unison, although Selphie's sounded more like a whine.

Kairi was the first to speak, "Um, well, tonight I can't." Their faces dropped immediately "My grandmother is coming in from Radiant Garden and I have to see her. My dad is forcing me to stay in at the weekend to attend to her every need." She rolled her eyes and drank some juice.

"Sora?" Tidus asked as he turned to look at me, realizing that Kairi was a lost cause. Just saying my name the way he did sounded almost like a plea. I could see the desperation written all over his face, and I felt bad for lying to him, but it would all work out in the end.

"Sorry Tidus, I really am. I have to stay at Leon's, my dad kinda bailed on me and Rox again."

"Come on Wakka, I know you can make it for me. You know, your best friend"

"I'm sorry brudda. Chappu is coming home for the weekend and… well; I promised I'll be there for him when he gets home this evening."

"You guys suck" he murmured as he crossed his arms over his chest like and slumped back against the wall like a little child sulking because they didn't get the thing they wanted. "Well at least I have Selphie, a real friend. Right Selph?"

"Right. We'll get ready at mine after school then go see whatever film you want." She smiled

"Thanks Selph." We didn't hear the bell ring because we were so far out from the school, but once we saw students walking into the campus we followed suit.

: :

You would think that the sound of pens clicking constantly, feet tapping to the beat of whatever song is going through bored minds and fingers drumming on the table to match would either annoy you or make you go crazy with anger. But for me, it was a harmonious against the sound of Miss. Runes boring lectures. Her first name is Lulu and we I see a lot of her as she is the current guardian Wakka. She's only twenty one and is currently engaged to Wakka's older brother Chappu. Wakka's parents died a couple of years ago and with Chappu being in the army, he was entrusted in Lulus care. It's just in school I have to call her Miss. Rune and have her for History. It's because she's like super smart and knows a load of stuff about… well everything that she got the job as a teacher so young.

And there was no denying the fact that she was gifted in most areas of her body, which is why there was a large majority of boys taking her class. Every school has a teacher that either the girls deemed as 'hot' or the boys deemed as 'sexy', and in Destiny high, there was Lulu. She usually wore all black, but there were the odd occasions when she would wear grey. Her hair was black and very, very, very, long and the clothes she wore would sometimes be a bit too revealing which only turned the testosterone up a notch in the class.

But what most of the males failed to notice was behind all that gothic type beauty beheld a brain with knowledge like no other. Any other lesson, I would be listening intently to her words and making notes on whatever I could, but this particular lesson, I couldn't.

Riku was sitting in front of me.

Elegant strands of silver danced briefly with the wind that had opportunity to kiss it lightly every now and then. He wore a short sleeve white school shirt, revealing his pale muscles to the rest of the world. I could see his pen in between his index and middle fingers turn quickly, causing the tip of the pen and the back of the pen to swing from one to the other on the table like a see-saw. On an average day, I would of merely acknowledged his presence and gone on with the rest of the day, but the minute I walked through the door and caught a glimpse of those perfect teal eyes, flashes of my dream from earlier came flooding back, causing me to act the way I am now – a daydreaming mess.

I really don't why after all this time, after all these years, I'm having dreams about him now. We only see each other at school every now and then, if we're lucky. I don't even remember the last time I actually spoke to him. It's got to be at least three or four years now. There used to be days when we were inseparable; we talked everyday, went with one another everyday and we basically used up all our free and non free time with each other. Now we just don't speak to each other at all. I would give anything for him to just look at me, to at least acknowledge that fact that I still exist after all this time.

It's kind of funny when I think about it. He just stopped. He stopped coming to see me, stopped talking to me and the rest of the group, he just… just stopped. He just stopped being my best friend completely, but I don't hate him. I couldn't even if I wanted to; there has always been something about him that just doesn't put me off anything he does. It's just a shame that the feelings not mutual, I don't even know what I've done to make him hate me. Because I know he does, hate me that is, I just wish I could figure it out and make it up to him.

But that dream! It felt so real and so… so right. He seemed like he wanted it more than I did. Or was my subconscious mind playing tricks on me? Fooling me into believing that this – I'm what he wanted. It's just, when I was with Riku, as friends, things seemed so simple, and everything was clean, there were no messy situations and we just allowed the world to do with us what it pleased.

I just wish things would go back to the way they were…

…When Destiny Islands used to feel like a home instead of a house.

"Sora, are you okay?" I heard a female voice ask me suddenly, bringing me out of my daze and thoughts. By now, near enough the whole class was looking at me as Miss. Rune knelt down to my level and was staring at me, concern replaced her usual stoic hazel eyes and I could feel the heat and blood rushing to my cheeks again. "You didn't answer me when I called you the first time and you're looking kind of pale. Would you like to go to the nurse's office?"

"I….Err…" I started then stopped to think about my options. "Sorry Lu- Miss. Rune, I don't feel too good, is it okay if I go to the nurse, please?" I lied. She nodded once then set off to write me a slip. I followed her to her desk, thanked her for the slip and then headed out for to see Nurse Gainsborough.

I don't know what is wrong with me or why I was feeling the way I was. It must be the heat and the unnecessary thick clothing on my skin. Honestly, what was Mr. Wise thinking when he set out our new school clothing rule? He even had the uniform with a note for our parents delivered to our houses and everything.

I walked down the long halls and noticed that Kairi was stuck doing a pop quiz in maths. The poor girl. She noticed my indiscrete chocolate spikes and she smiled a very small, but clear enough for me to see, smile my way. I waved to her and not before long, found myself at the door of everyone's favorite nurse. I didn't even get a chance to answer before the wooden door opened gently and I was met with an equally gentle smile.

"Sora, it's very nice to see you." She said as she saw my presence.

"Same here Aerith." I smiled back. She ruffled my hair a little before releasing a light giggle at the look I gave her and turning on her heel to let me in.

Aerith wasn't like other nurses, not one bit. She actually cared about us and didn't just send us back to our classes in stead of home, when we were genuinely ill. Not that anyone would want to try to pull the wool over her eyes. In fact forget that, not that anyone could try and pull the wool over her eyes. With her natural maternal instincts and health qualifications, Aerith was a master at telling if people were faking their illness or not. Very few people tried, and those who did failed miserably. You would never of thought someone so innocent and forthcoming as Aerith would know how to put you to shame, but oh how she could.

It's the same thing with Selphie, you would of never expect cute little love struck Selphie to be able to trick people into doing what she wanted, and yet, all her plans turn out just the way she wants it.

The green eyed brunette sat on her side of the desk while I conveniently sat on the other side as she pulled put her medical book and noted my name down. I placed the note Lulu gave me on the desk, she read it then noted it in the book.

"So, what brings you down to my neck of the woods?" she asked me calmly. Her fingers entwined themselves together once she propped her elbows on the desk then rested her hands on the net she had mad with her digits. She cocked her head to the side, "you certainly don't look ill." She lifted her head of her hand and placed the back of it on my forehead. "You are hot but I know you don't have a temperature. So what's the matter?"

I turned my attention away from her and focused on the outside contents of the window behind me. "Well, I don't know. I've just had a lot on my mind lately and I guess it all got a bit too much for me in History. I didn't even realize that I zoned out until Lulu called me." I told her honestly. She nodded as if she understood, and I think that on some level, she did. Whenever you talk to Aerith about anything, she understands immediately and, although it may not always seem that way, always knows what to do. "I guess I just feel like I need some rest or something." She nodded once more.

"Okay, I'll tell you what," She started as she rose from her desk, "You go and lie down in the back room, you could also fall asleep if you wanted to. I'll have someone from your final lesson of the day come and get you for lunch. How does that sound?"

"That sounds… great Aerith, thanks."

"I'll let your teachers know that you won't be returning to lessons anytime soon. You can go back to them, but only when you feel like it okay?" I nodded once and we walked out of her office and into the room next to it. She entered in the pin code to open the door, and after four buttons were pressed, the door opened automatically and I was inside a medium sized room with four beds on one side, and another three opposite them. She walked me to the spare bed that was situated right underneath the window. The cool breeze hit me ever so lightly and cooling me down instantly. I sat down on the bed as Aerith began to leave. "I'll come in and check on you later. Rest well."

"Bye." I called out to her, but by the time I did, she was closing the door behind her, leaving me in the dingy room alone with my thoughts.

In all honesty I didn't even want to fall asleep. I just seriously needed to get away from that classroom, the people…Riku. He's the main reason why I refuse to fall asleep, if I have another one of those dreams with Aerith next door, I don't even want to imagine the look on either of our faces. Life right now sucks, but I need to pull it together. I've got to be there for Selphie, just a little bit of a rest would do.

I looked around the dim room and wondered why we still had it. I think it had something to do with Aerith not wanting children to over do it when we're at school. Professor. Wise wanted to convert this room into an extended office for Aerith, but she refused and said that our health is more important that a little bit more space. The head teacher argued that it was basically giving us a home instead of an education, Aerith obviously won the battle, but they had terms that they had to agree on. Such as, this room was only allowed to be used if students are severely ill or light headed and rest is the only option away from home. Parents hated it when their children got sent home from school because they were ill. Also girls and boys were not allowed to be in here together and unsupervised. Aerith had managed to make this dark room look somewhat nice with the extra flowers and appropriate bed covers, but there was still something about this place that seemed wrong, seemed unclean.

The curtains started to flap violently against the wind, pulling me out of my thoughts. I closed them with ease and slumped back down onto the bed, I really didn't want to fall asleep, but I was really tired, and the effects were showing. The more I tried not thinking about sleep, the more I was being lured to it by the second, until my tired body finally gave in, and I was drowning in my dreams.

: :

"Can I just wait in the back room? I really can't be bothered to go back to class. "

"Yes, but there is another student in there…"

"Don't worry, I'll be quiet. Thanks again Aerith."

: :

I didn't sleep for long. I think it was the constant paranoia that kept building up in me that allowed me just over an hours sleep. I woke up with languid eyes darting straight to my watch, I've missed just over twenty minutes of my fourth lesson: English. I yawned quite loudly and stretched my limbs out in all places, until I heard a shuffling noise from across the room, that is. I froze immediately; the noise came from the beds opposite me and to the left. Am I really that much of a heavy sleeper that I didn't hear anyone come in? I was just so damned grateful that I didn't have one of those dreams again. The only reason why I hadn't actually looked at the person ahead of me was purely because I was lying down and the fact that I knew I had been snoring in my sleep. Aerith just had to send someone in while I was sleeping, didn't she?

"Sora, you awake?" A male voice whispered to me. Well obviously this person knew who I was, but I couldn't place a face to the voice.

After a couple of moments of trying to think of who it was, I replied. "Yeah, have you come to take me back to class?" I asked and yawned at the same time,

There was a light chuckle, "Not exactly."

My eyebrows drew together in consternation and I leaned up on trembling elbows to see who this person was.

Son of a –

"Riku?" He was leaned up against the side of the bed with his arms folded gracefully over his pale muscles - Wait, why wasn't he wearing a shirt? Can this day get any worse? Here I am, looking like a mess, while he's over there looking quite hot, with his perfect upper body revealed to the world. Are the Gods out for me today or something? Riku is the main reason why I couldn't stay in History, so how is putting me in a room full of beds going to help? He kept his teal eyes fixed solely on my azure, probably waiting to see what my reaction to his presence would be. Mentally I was freaking out, but I couldn't let him know that. "What are you doing here? Are you sick?" I tried so hard to keep my voice from shaking, to keep it from wavering.

"No, five minutes into science and your brother had to break up a fight between Hayner and that new guy with red hair in my grade. I just about managed to step through the door before one of them accidentally punched my nose and made it bleed. It got all over my school shirt, so Aerith is looking into getting me a new clean one to wear."

"For Gods sake Roxas," I murmured under my breath. No doubt he's in trouble with the rest of the two. I bet he's sitting outside of the Professors office right now. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get out of it, he usually does. "I'm so sorry Riku, are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine So." How long has it been since I heard my childhood nickname? He drummed his fingers along his arms and chest and turned his gaze away from me, creating an awkward silence in its wake. I was sick of this. Sick of the silence and sick of him not talking to me. Just what was his problem? He can't even be bothered to have a conversation with me and it was killing me. He may be able to forget about the friendship we once had, but I won't. I just have to think of a good enough way to get him to talk. Now what would Selphie do? Then it hit me.

"Did Roxas even apologize to you?" I asked him. He shook his head but still avoided eye contact. "I'll make him apologize to you. Don't worry."

"No, Sora, Its okay. I don't even think it was Roxas, I think it was that new Axel guy anyways."

"All the more reason for you to get an apology." I told him firmly. "I'm going to go back to English now okay?" I didn't wait for a response and instead made my way to the door. The door isn't locked inside so I opened the door with ease and stopped through the frame, "Look, we're having a surprise party for Tidus today at my house; if you want to come it starts about nine-ish. You could get your apology then."


"We miss you Riku." I cut in and walked off back to Aerith's office. I could hear the door slam shut behind me and I could only hope that it added to the affect that I was going for, the whole 'guilt trip' thing. Hopefully he'll turn up.


: :

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