Chapter Three

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Day Two: Boxes and a whole lot of other shit.

Link woke up to a peculiar morning. Of course, being Link, the Hero of Twilight, there aren't many things "peculiar" to him nowadays…but this takes the cake.

Or should I say, the bed.

The blond woke up that very morning face to…muzzle with Wolf. Yes. That WOLF.

Needless to say, he was very surprised. Or, to put it in an easier way, he screamed.

He screamed quite loudly, actually. Link woke up the whole Smash Mansion, like yesterday, when Marth screamed.

Sad. Smash Mansion seems…scarier nowadays.

The blond ran to the corner of his room and huddled there, in a ball. Toon Link had already woken up, and was somehow tied on one piece of rope handing on the ceiling. He was gagged, and kicking his tiny legs as if there was no tomorrow for him. The smaller version of the Hero was dangling on the rope dangerously, trying the best he could to break what held him to the ceiling. Muffled screams were heard coming from his gagged mouth.

Link was staring at his younger self as if he were the strangest thing to wake up to, but he knew one thing. WOLF barged into his room at who knows when with his little miniature side tied on ONE piece of rope. How was all this possible? What'd he do yesterday?

The Hero of Twilight attempted to remember all he did yesterday. The only thing that came to mind was when Marth rudely swatted the plate of food Peach made for him towards him. The next thing he knew was that he had transformed into a wolf and started to gulp down the monster—er…food. Everything after that was a blank.

Wolf slowly walked over to Link, who was still over at the corner thinking about what he did yesterday, and he sat down carefully so as not to scare the boy. Link was too brain scarred to care, although he did take notice in the…um…Wolf.

"Look Linky," Wolf said, patting the terrified hero on the back, "it'll be alright."

However, it wasn't 'alright'. It was VERY NOT 'alright'. Poor Link's heart was probably pounding like mad and going to explode any moment. Oh Farore, save him now!

"Are you okay, Linky boy?" The expression on Wolf's face could be compared to Dark Link when he sees Ganon's door to his room slightly ajar. It was not a good sight. Nothing good happens when Dark enters the King of Darkness's room. Believe us.

The Hero of Twilight could have squeaked, but he stayed quiet. It was in his nature. The only sound to be heard was grunts from Toon Link up on the ceiling.

Wolf had that "wolf grin" on his face and the next thing Link knew, he was in a "wolf" hug with Wolf. Puns not intended.

Toon Link's big cat-like eyes went wide and he struggled in the ropes. His tiny legs were still kicking wildly in the air.

Big Link was mentally dying on the inside, no matter how twitchy he looked on the outside.

"TOONY! LET'S GET SOMETHING TO EAT!!" The hero of Twilight thanked the goddesses for whoever was smart enough to save them. The door opened to reveal a peppy Pit and a laid back Ike, leaning on the wall on the opposite side of the hall.

"MFFFTH HWEEEEE!!" Toon Link practically screamed from his gagged mouth.

Ike raised a brow. "Someone want to explain this?"

"It's not the time for questions, I'll go save Toony." Pit said as he made his way to the dangerously thin piece of rope. With the skills of an um…angel, he cut the rope with his bow and saved poor little Toon Link. Apparently, no one noticed that little dark corner with Wolf and Link.

After Ike and Pit untied Toon Link, they proceeded to pull out the gag.

"There, better?" Asked Pit, who seemed extremely worried for his little friend.

Toon Link took several deep breaths. Either he wasn't able to breathe, or he's hyperventilating, we'll never know. It took a while, but finally he was able to talk.

"HELPMEYOUGOTTASAVEBIGLINK!!" Toony screamed it so quickly, it sounded like he babbled something incoherent.

"Calm down, Toony. Where is he?" Pit asked, staying as calm as he usually is. Which is pretty calm.

"And speak slower, you're not going to die or something." Ike grumbled, obviously still a bit sleepy. Heck, wouldn't you be sleepy if you have to stay up almost the whole night hoping you won't end up in awkward places the next morning?


"Now say that again a bit slower, please?" Ike yawned. Now that he thought about it, why can't he just pick up Pit and just carry him (against the angel's will, of course) to breakfast and just leave the midget alone?

Damn caring angel.

"Big Link," Toony started, more slowly. "is still in our room with a maniac wolf. Please save him."

Ike seemed surprised. That seemed pretty calm.

"OR I'LL CRY." Toony looked at the blue haired man with big teary blue eyes.

"Poor little boy." Pit gave Toon Link a pat on the head.

"…" Ike wasn't amused. He just wanted a nice breakfast, dammit! Is that too hard to ask?!

Now he just wants Toon Link to stop staring at him with those big cat eyes. Geez, talk about creepy…

"Save him, please?" Whined the twelve year old as he tugged on Ike's cape.

"If you let go of my cape." Ike grumbled.

"(Sniff) O-okay." Toon Link said sadly, letting go of the clothing. "Will you go save him now?"

Ike pondered on that. "Nah, let's go Pit." He grabbed Pit and carried the angel away like a book. "To breakfast we go."

"B-But Ike! You're leaving Toon Link, a 12 year old boy, a weak defenseless boy in his time of need?!" Pit practically screamed at the blue haired man. He struggled, hoping Ike would loosen his grip so he could run off and save Toon Link.

Toon Link started to wail. Very loudly. The halls echoed his cries, and almost everyone heard him. Poor boy.

"Ike! He's practically screaming for help! You're so heartless!"

"Food first." Ike sighed loudly. He was getting a headache…Maybe breakfast would help if he stayed away from Peach's cooking.

Pit grumbled softly to himself about Ike. Darn hungry Ike and his heartlessness!

"What on earth is that loud noise?!" Marth yelled, throwing his book on the floor to cover his ears.

"I think that's Toon Link." Zelda answered, walking around almost happily around the kitchen.

Marth sighed and put his feet up on the breakfast table. "Make him STOP."

Peach had a skillet (still hot and oily) in her hand. "Marth, remove your legs from the table. NOW!" From the look of her face, she was not happy.

The prince was a smart boy. He looked at the skillet, with bacon still frying on it, and back at the Princess of the Mushroom kingdom. Then vice versa. He slowly put his legs down, not taking his eyes off the dangerous hot skillet.

"Where's Roy?" Zelda asked, putting down a plate of French toast on the table. "I thought he was supposed to be with you for three days?"

"Why do you think my leg's aren't touching the ground?" Marth asked, looking at his nails as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

The Princesses looked down under the table. Roy was just sitting on a tiny stool, being Marth's footstool. "Um…hey ladies. Pass the eggs down here, please." Roy waved, giving them a strange grin.

Peach gasped and faced Marth. "Marth! That is…child labor!! It's inhuman! You're cruel! No breakfast for you!" She thwacked the prince with her tennis racket that somehow got in her hands.

"Okay, okay fine. Roy, sit over there." Marth pointed to the chair next to him.

"Yay!" Cheered the red head as he made his way to a chair. "Eggs please!"

Zelda served the boy his eggs. After the princesses left (Peach was giving Marth glares), Marth put his legs on Roy's lap. "You're still being my leg rest."

"(Munch, chew) I don't mind now. (Munch)" Roy answered, leaving toast bits on Marth's new and polished boots.

"Whatever…you're cleaning up my boots anyways…" Marth yawned as he began chewing on his breakfast. Wow. He's such a prince, isn't he?

"Morning peeps." Ike said lazily as he walked in with Pit who was still being carried like a book. "How's breakfast?"

"You're actually early." Marth answered nonchalantly.

"I love eggs!" Roy chirped up randomly.

Pit was about to say something about ditching Toon Link, but when Roy said something about eggs, the angel went through a change of heart. "Eggs? I love eggs too!" He squirmed his way out of Ike's arms (how strange sounding is that?) and made his way to a seat. "Eggs please!!"

"Idiots all say the same thing…" Samus rolled her eyes as she placed some bacon on the table.

Roy and Pit looked at each other. They exchanged clueless looks and resumed eating their eggs. "Mmmm…eggs." They both chorused.

Ike did a facepalm while Marth pretended nothing happened. Things are better when you pretend that nothing happens.

"Uh…why did you cook fried chicken for breakfast?" Samus asked, looking incredulously at the giant plate of chicken in Peach's hands. "Shouldn't you save that for lunch…?"

Peach giggled. "Oh Samus!" She gave Samus that "oh right" look and walked off rolling her eyes. "Chicken not for breakfast! Oh Samus, you're so silly! Hehe."

"…" Samus just stared. WHY ARE PRINCESSES SO WEIRD?! Samus never understood that and perhaps she never will…

"Don't worry Samus, I don't understand Peach either." Mario said, putting his signature red plumbers hat on his head. "I just save her." He went to his seat after giving her a pat on the back.

"…" The space bounty hunter made a note to stay away from princesses AND plumbers.

Well, everyone was making their way to their designated chairs. Yes, they go by seating charts (they don't want what happened LAST time to happen over again). At least the chairs are designed for them? Umm…let's see, Pit's chair gets a space for his wings! Ness's chair makes him feel taller, and Peach's chair was taken from her castle! Marth's chair is shiny and princely! Roy gets to sit on a tall stool next to him! (Roy's not originally from the seating chart.)

"Poyo…" Kirby felt bad for eating their three week supply (from last chapter), but once he saw dessert, all bad feelings just left him like his three-second attention span. It's great to be a pink ball that eats and sleeps, huh?

"Meta Knight, please pass the pepper." Peach said politely.

The space warrior passed the pepper, then received it back a few moments later. Peach wanted the bottle to be "in it's exact place for next time" or something.

"Meta Knight, pass the damn pepper." Ganon growled. "My eggs aren't going to put pepper on themselves."

"Get it yourself, you impolite beast." Meta Knight answered, finishing his bread.

"What did you just say? I just told you to pass the damn pepper!" Barked the King of Darkness from across the table.

"Well, you are a beast." Sheik pointed out.

"Hey, I thought you were Zelda!" Roy went wide-eyed and pointed to the Sheikah.

"Relax, Zelda's here. She just wanted me to eat."

"You know, that made no sense."

"Just give me the damn pepper!!" Ganondorf did NOT look happy.

"Catch." Mario threw the bottle to the King of Darkness.

It hit Ganon in the face and broke into many little pieces. The pepper all piled up on Ganon's eggs, making it look like his eggs are experiencing black and white dandruff problems. Great.

Ganon growled at Mario and gave him the "YOU. DIE. TODAY." kind of look.

Mario didn't look like a happy camper after that. "I-I think I'm done with breakfast…will you excuse me…"

"But Mario, you barely ate your bread!" Peach exclaimed. "Was my cooking…BAD?"

"N-no Peach! I'm just not in an eating mood right now! I-I'll eat your specially prepared lunch later, okay?" Mario pushed his chair in and ran off to who-knows-where.

Just before Peach could get out of her seat, Link barged in with his green Triforce jammies. "HELP!!"

"OH MY GOD, LINK TALKS!!" Peach squealed like a fangirl. "YAY!"

"YES I TALK! NOW SAVE MEEEE!!" Link yelled as loud as a boy that never usually talks could yell. "WOLF IS INSANE!!"

"Yeah, we already know that." Fox said, sipping his tea as if there was nothing more important than tea sipping.

Falco finished his oatmeal (don't ask). "Where were you guys before Link barged in and said he was insane?"

"Since when did Fox drink tea?" Samus muttered quietly to Snake (who somehow managed to squirm his way next to her).

Snake shrugged. Hey, even if he did enjoy spying on people through the little air holes in his box doesn't mean that he knows everything. And why would he want to know if the stupid mammal drank tea?!

"I have a headache…" Marth murmured as Link went on with the story of what happened that morning.

"You want me to help you with that?" Roy asked. "Headaches aren't good, you know."

"Yes Roy, I know headaches aren't good." The prince replied. "Now finish your eggs so we can leave."

"Ooh, alone time. Roy likes."

"…" Marth briefly wondered why Roy existed. Then again, he wondered why HE existed. Why did Brawl Mansion exist, now that he thought about it. WHAT'S THE MEANING OF LIFE?

The red head shoved the rest of his plate o' eggs in his mouth, swallowed, and finished his orange juice. Why? Because OJ is the best thing out there, I guess. (No…actually, we hate OJ, but I guess Roy loves not medieval OJ!)

"Let's go!" Roy announced, punching his fist in the air.

"Okay." Marth walked off with his red head partner following after him.

Wolf felt accomplished.

Perhaps that smexxy wolf would like him after all!

Oh Wolf, you player, you.

Yup. Needless to say, Wolf is feeling very happy.

He went to eat breakfast fashionably late. When he opened the door, he heard Link talk about his morning and—oh hey! Are those green Triforce jammies? Sweet!

He made his way to his seat and grabbed some meat. Mmmm, everyone loves meat!

Just then, the door opened, revealing…

"Oh my gosh, Toony! You're alright!!" Pit gasped, running to the tiny blond like he was the only thing on earth.

"Yes. I'm alive. No thanks to Ike." The blond was twitching. "I had to save Link myself."

Everyone faced Big Link (except Wolf), who was nodding vigorously.

"Toon Link is a hero!" Peach giggled. No one wanted to know why she giggled.


"Ike, I love you." Pit random said.

Everyone faced Pit and Ike (who looked really freaked out).

"R-really?" Ike was choking on his coffee. (Yes, he's one of those "responsible" people who can take caffeine…unlike ZELDA. Coffee was almost banned thanks to her.)

"No, silly! I just wanted to find out what happens when I say something random out of the blue! Sonic told me to do it!" Pit replied with an innocent smile. You could see the stars and sparklies by his face.

Of course, Ike never knew if that was sarcasm or not…but he knew one thing. Sonic's going DOWN. PHEAR RAGNELL, MORTALZ!!

Peach sighed sadly. No Yaoi for her today…

"Zelda…what's that in your hands?" Toon Link asked, pointing to the giant cup of liquid (which he hopes is NOT coffee) in the princess's clutches.

Luigi, Ness, Lucas, Pikachu, Lucario, Meta Knight, and all the smart ones hid under the table praying it wasn't coffee.

Please not coffee. Please not coffee. Please not coffee. Please not—

"It's coffee, dear." Zelda answered with a smile.

"Yeah, that's all I needed to know." Toon Link ran out of the room screaming, "ZELDA HAS THE CAFFEINE!!"

The smart ones, as we pointed out before, ran for the door right after Toon Link. "RUN!!" Even the assist trophies passing by heard them and ran for it.

The only ones left were Peach, Ike, Pit, Zelda, Sheik (he forever stays by Zelda's side…poor boy), Link, and Wolf. Oh wait, Link is running out the window…in his jammies. Oh boy.

"Okay then…" Pit got off his seat. "Oh Ike, look at the time. LET'SGETOUTOFHERE. KTHXBAI." He pushed the elder out the door.

"My chicken…" Grumbled Ike sadly.

"What's with everyone?" Zelda asked, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"I wouldn't drink that if I were you." Sheik said, snatching the cup away.

Zelda made grabby hands for the coffee. "And why not? I have my rights!"

Peach giggled. "I'll be in the kitchen."

She was almost (I repeat, almost) running out of the room. Only leaving Zelda with Sheik…and with that suspicious looking box by the door.

"Olimar, get out of my box!" Hissed Snake.

"No! I don't want to die!" The other replied, looking out through the air holes of Snake's box.

"Did Zelda drink it yet?" The mercenary looked out the air holes himself.

"Now she did. RUN!!" Sheik used his Deku nut and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Olimar and his Pikmin were in the corner of Snake's box…cowering in the corner. Smart.

"BE A MAN! IT'S WAR!" Snake slapped the glass dome around the space man's head.

"I'LL HIDE HERE, KTHXBAI." Olimar yelled.

"WHAT KIND OF MAN ARE YOU?!" Snake bellowed back. "And…is that my box being BURNED?!"

"Sorry, that was my Pikmin…"

Snake ran to his precious box and held it. "MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!!"



"…Um…get over it. It's just a box."

Snake looked at the remains of the box. "I remember the good times we had…"

"Hey, if you're going to go on flashbacks, can you do that after we survive?!" Olimar ran off with his little group of Pikmin tumbling after him.

"Huh?" Snake looked to see Zelda going insane.

"…Oh box…it looks like I'm coming with you to box heaven…"

Meanwhile, in a giant green grassy field, a certain Marth and Roy were standing by a well.

Marth peered up from his book and saw Roy smiling a lopsided grin at the prince. Marth covered his view of Roy with his book.

After a few moments of feeling Roy's stare burn into his book (and face), Marth put down his reading material and sighed. "So…Roy…" He started, looking at the red head.

"Yes, Marth?" Roy still had that lopsided grin plastered on his face.

"First, stop grinning at me like that."

The red head gave Marth a confused look, but stopped grinning anyways.

"Okay, then tell me…"


The prince looked at Roy. "If you like me that much, prove it." He looked over at the stone well. "Drown yourself in that well."

"Okay!" Roy replied cheerfully, running his way to the well. Without a thought he jumped down and landed with a splash.

Marth walked slowly to the well and peered down. "You dead yet?"

"No. Not yet." Roy called back.

A few minutes later, the Altean prince called down yet again. "Are you drowning?"

No reply.

Marth waited a few more moment and then his princely conscious hit him. What…what if he killed Roy? He's a prince for crying out loud! He can't let his subjects (no matter how idiotic) die like this! The reporters would be all up his boots and stuff!

"U-Uh…Roy…you can come up now. Don't die!"

He didn't receive any reply but a bunch of bubbles.

"ROY?! OH MY GOD. DON'T DIE!!" Marth practically screamed down the well.

Moments later the red head appeared above the water. "(Cough, cough) Oh…Hi Marth!! (cough) The water's just fine here!"

"…" Marth blinked and stared at Roy for a long time. He stared for a very long time. Finally: "You're not dead…?"

"Nope. I can't die that easily. Now please pull me up." Roy raised his arms up, making grabby hands towards the prince.

Marth quickly pulled up the red head. "I probably shouldn't have tried to kill you…" He mumbled.

"I'm cold."

"Get a jacket."

"I climbed in your room through a window. You think I spent time packing my things? I don't own a jacket in the first place anyways, silly."

"…" Marth now wondered why he was human. Roy should have just drowned in there, or he could just rot in a sack.

Roy snuggled himself in Marth's cape. "Warm."

There goes his fresh, and brand new cape…Damn Roy.

Not that the red head could help it. Be nice to him, Marth thought to himself.

"Oh yuck! Your cape just squished a bug! It's splattered all over your cape!" Roy made a disgusted face.

Screw that. The red head dies tonight. Secretly.

"Through thick and thin, the box had lived such a good three weeks life." Mario went on with the long and boring speech. Oh god, someone just punch him already.

Snake sobbed (in a manly fashion) on the chair next to a wooden coffin. Captain Falcon gave Snake a pat on the back sympathetically. "It'll be alright, man. You'll live through it."

"Oh box…I can't imagine life without you…" The mercenary said.

Samus sighed and tapped her fingers impatiently on her knees. She had a date with space pirates tonight, there's no time for this useless…can it even been called a funeral?

Ike yawned. "Pathetic…" He grumbled before falling asleep in his chair. Damn, this chair feels really comfortable…

Pit was already snoring on Ike's shoulder, and yes people, he was drooling on Ike's shoulder!

Even Jigglypuff couldn't blame them for snoring through this. It was horribly boring. Oh god, someone save them. It was a funeral for a BOX for crying out loud! A BOX!

"You may approach the coffin for one last time before we bury it." Mario announced, then murmur softly about burning the coffin and hoping this would never happen again.

His reply was a series of snores from Ike.

Snake walked up to the coffin and sobbed uncontrollably, but in all in a manly fashion. Just because he's Snake and he's special like that.

Link and Toon Link were recording it with their cap-cam. Yes, they had Samus install it in their ordinary green caps. They linked it to ROB's system so they can upload it on like…Youtube or something later. Why else do they wear those caps?

The two yawned, but exchanged mischievous glances to each other. Big Link was actually doing this because he needed to write stuff in his Blog. Maybe finally updating the blog would be good for his health…or something.

After the funeral went by (it felt quite like torture, thanks), Samus looked around and then finally decided to crack the question to Link and Toon Link. "Where's Zelda?"

"Oh her? She's still a bit…drunk—(Toon Link found it hard to find a word for it)—from her 'episode' this morning, she's in her room resting."

Samus blinked and stared at the 12 year old. "That works for me." She shrugged and said monotonously.

"This is just plain annoying." A really pissed off looking Lucario grumbled to himself on a seat in the corner of the room.

"Jiggly!!" Jigglypuff agreed and flew out the window.

"Poyo…" Kirby was chewing on an apple in his seat. Heck, that was the only reason why he's there!

"Zzz…no…the dog goes UNDER the rock…" Pit murmured in his sleep.

"What kind of dream is that?" Luigi asked Ness who shrugged in reply.

"My poor box…" Snake sobbed.

Mario sighed. "Are we done?" He had a bored look in his face as he watched everyone doze off.

"Okay, I'll live through it. I'm over it anyways." The mercenary replied nonchalantly.

"…So this funeral was for nothing?!" Everyone (who was awake) chorused. "SNAKE!!"

"Uh…I'm running, bye." Snake slipped off as fast as he could out of the room.

Toony looked at Big Link. "Well, at least we got a video of Snake crying."

"In a manly fashion." Corrected the bigger Link.

"Yeah. In a manly fashion, whatever you say. It's probably eye drops anyways." Toony hopped on his seat. "Let's get R.O.B. now!"

Link nodded and followed his smaller self to the robot.

"Link, please pass the basket of bread." Zelda said as calmly as a princess can.

"You're feeling better now, Princess Zelda?" Toon Link asked, happily as his older self passed the bread silently.

"Yes, quite. What happened today?"

"Oh you know, same old things." The Wind Waker replied, dunking his bead in his soup very…violently.

Zelda smiled. "I see."

Samus picked at her salad. "Yes. Same old, same old…"

"How was the space pirate hunt?" Peach asked, ignoring the fact that Samus was not enjoying her specially made salad. "I'm sure you had a terrific time."

The blonde muttered something like, "It was way better than this hellhole," under her breath.

"What was that?" The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom questioned almost too happily.

"Nothing. I love the salad." Samus replied quickly, poking at a piece of lettuce.

"Oh today was fun for me, I almost d—" Roy was cut off by Marth, who stuffed a piece of bread in the red head's mouth.

"He almost drew a picture of me." Marth cut in. "Now eat your bread, dear."

"You sound like a mom!" Toon Link exclaimed, pointing rudely at the bluenette (and apparently, bluenette isn't a word).

Marth gave Toon Link a look. "Oh thanks." He replied sarcastically. "Thanks a lot."

"No problem." Toon Link resumed dunking his bread in his soup. Well, the remains of his soup since the dunking made him spill…a lot. After all, he's just a 12 year old.

"Mmm…Bread." Roy's muffled voice came through even though he had bread in his mouth.

Pit poked at his soup. "There's nothing in here…it's just…liquid…" He messed around with the spoon a bit.

"You have something against that?" Peach looked strictly at the angel. "Kids these days!"

"I'm sorry ma'am…" Pit squeaked. He had experience with scary ladies since yesterday. PEACH DRUGS YOUR FOOD, FOR PALUTENA'S SAKE!!

"You should at least added potatoes or something…" Ike looked plainly at his soup. "Oh well, at least it's food."

Peach looked heartbroken. "You make it sound like my cooking is horrible. After all those hours of cooking just for you all."

"Don't cry Peach, I like your cooking…" One of the Ice Climbers chirped.

"Thank you…you're so kind." The princess wiped her eyes with a pink handkerchief.

Ike twitched a bit and looked back at his meal. Might as well eat it…

Mario sighed. "Now you all know how I feel."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Peach asked innocently.

"They can't enjoy such a great meal with you everyday, Peach. I feel so bad for them." Mario said, adjusting his plumber's cap.


At this, Toon Link and the other younger Brawlers made faces at the table earning glares and snickers from the older brawlers.

"Link and I are going to bed then!!" Toon Link piped up as dinner came to an end.

"Hey, you should like…lock the door so Wolf doesn't get in." Ike pointed out.

Pit grinned. "Hey, let's sleep over at Link's room! That way, we get beds and Link gets protected from Wolf!"

"You're kidding right?" Ike questioned the angel in an almost incredulous manner.


"You expect me to sleep with…a dog and a 12 year old?"

"Do you have something against Toon Link, Ike?" Pit raised a brow and put his hands on his hips. Wow, that sounds very…wife-like.

"No. I'm just wondering why you're so attached to a 12 year old. What are you? A pedophile?"

"What are you? A jealous husband?" Fox snickered as he and Falco walked by the two.

"NO! And expect great pain later when I face you in Brawl!" Ike called out to the fox.

Pit sighed. "So you don't want to sleep on a bed for once?"

"We slept on a bed last night. My room is good enough."

"You didn't sleep. The only time you were actually sleeping was when you were at Snake's box's funeral!"

Toon Link and Link already left, just saying. They left Ike and Pit a bit after the angel asked if Ike had something against Toon Link. They didn't really care, so…uh…yeah, Ike and Pit were the last ones to go to bed that night.

"Good night, Roy." Marth said for the tenth time that night. He pulled a pillow over his princely head to block out the noise.

"—and then that house got burned to pieces. So then I—" Roy continued on.

"GOOD NIGHT, ROY!" Marth threw a pillow at the red head's face.


"Better." Marth covered his head again and began to fall asleep.

"Does that mean I can sleep in the same bed as you?"

"…" Marth really wanted Roy to drown in that well now…for real this time.

"Yay! No reply means yes!"

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