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By the time Rose got up to our apartment we had gotten off the floor and Alice was starting to unpack/rearrange everything Rose and I tried to organize the night before.

"What?" She asked when we smirked at each other as she started to push a bookshelf to the other side of the wall it was on.

"Nothing," I replied, "It's just that we stopped unpacking after we got here yesterday when we realized the first thing you would do is change everything we did".

She stuck her tongue out at us like a 2 year old and just kept on pushing. She was tiny but she was not weak by any means.

After a few hours of unpacking and handing Alice decorations everything was looking great except for one long, white blind from our sliding glass window that kept falling down. Alice had climbed up on a chair countless times to snap it back on, but we had actually found something more stubborn than Alice! She would snap the blind back into place, jump off the chair, turn to do something else, and the blind would defiantly break free and drop to the ground making a taunting "fshhhh" sound from scraping the glass on the way down. For ten minutes it went on like that: snap, jump, "fshhh", snap, jump, "fshhh"...

"We need more light in here anyway!" she half screamed as she threw the blind into the corner and stomped off the chair.

To help calm Alice we decided a sensible form of shopping was in order. We left to get some groceries so we could have a home cooked meal for our first night in. I was a decent cook so I knew this would be happening often, which I was very excited for.

We got in my car and were driving out of the garage when I asked Rose, "So how much did your parents send? We need to know what we have to work with."

She pulled the check out of her purse and showed it to me.

"No way!" I yelled. "Rose! No way. What do they expect us to do? Open a restaurant?"

Rose and Alice were both laughing at me at this point. "Calm down Bella, geeze, they sent a little extra so we could enjoy our first semester back without having to worry about annoying things like jobs. You know, so we can focus on our 'craft' ". She laughed harder as she made quotes with her fingers on that last word.

"The mall is going to be very pleased with my focus in the next few months, I'll tell you that!" Alice said as she high fived Rose and then reached to me for the same response.

I was still slightly in shock. "Seriously? I mean, this isn't exactly normal you guys. I don't just expect other people's families to take care of me while I sit around and pretend I have a "craft" to focus on... aren't we supposed to experience the struggling artist thing in order to really appreciate our time here?" Not that "struggling artist" sounded appealing to me, but I was slightly uncomfortable accepting other people's money I hadn't earned.

"You're acting like Rose's parents set up a charity for us, they are just giving us a house warming present! Please don't ruin this Bella, we only get to be in this situation once. Let someone give something to you without feeling guilty for once, plea-ee-ee-se..." Alice drug out that last word and lifted her palm higher in the air with a pout on her face. She knows what the pout does to me.

Rosalie's parents had been very easy to get a long with, and they had said I would be considered a second daughter had I ever made it out to visit Rose...

"Fine!" I cheered as I slapped Alice's hand and pushed a little harder on the gas to the store.


We were laughing ecstatically as we made our way up the 3 flights of stairs it took to get to our floor. Apparently the elevator is not too reliable, and if it is at the top of the building you will be waiting for a considerable amount of time before it slugs it's way back down to the parking garage.

It was Alice's idea to take the stairs. We were strong, independent women after all. Too bad she hadn't taken into account that my clumsiness couldn't handle me balancing myself most the time, let alone me with way too many groceries in my hands.

Needless to say I tripped and fell and allowed a gallon of milk to break through a bag, careen down the stairs, hit Rose right in the ankle causing her to lunge forward, protruding a bag of chips that Alice then managed to step on, which caused a popping sound and a release of air that also sent many chips flying directly at me where I was still on the ground recovering from my fall that started everything.

When we made it to the apartment Rose was still picking chips out of my hair as Alice and I were holding our sides trying to contain our breathing and our bags of food. We stumbled in so quickly and closed the door none of saw the silver disk just to the left of our door frame until a few moments later.

"What's this?" Rose asked picking it up and examining it.

"Oh my gosh!" Alice squealed, "No way! Bella they really did it! I'd almost forgotten! Not that I could ever really forget that face, I mean my God, did you see those blue eyes-"

"What are you talking about? What is she talking about?" Rose looked from Alice to me as Alice grabbed the CD out of her hand and ran to unpack her stereo and set it up.

"Oh, well when you were getting the mail today Alice and I met some guys on the elevator. I was apparently having spirit week and was wearing the same hoodie as one of them so we all started talking and they told us they were in a band and we should hear their music. Clearly they weren't lying because I'm guessing that's the CD they said they would bring over."

"Wait wait wait. You are telling me you met guys on the elevator and you haven't said anything to me until now?" Rose tightened her eyes at me.

Uh oh.

"Well yeah, but we were so excited about everything I guess it slipped both our minds -"

"Slipped your minds? These aren't just boys Bella, these are musicians". With the word "musicians" she made a grand hand gesture to emphasize to me the importance of it.

I sighed. "I know Rose. I'm sorry. How can I make it up to you?" You don't mess around with Rose when it comes to guys. Granted she could get anyone she wanted, but if she knew she wasn't getting to pick from the whole litter, watch out...

"You can come spy on them with me so I can asses the situation for myself - without complaining! Now." As she said this she grabbed my arm and yanked me out the door and into the hallway.

"Where are they?"

"Um, 110." I whispered. I was nervous. No way was I used to spying on boys, but Rose was stronger than me and I knew I pretty much had no choice. It was a little exciting too... if it wasn't so creepy.

"Good. Follow me."

She let me through the hall to the big windows that faced into the courtyard. Since we were on the first floor of actual apartments (the lobby was technically the first floor of the building) we had a courtyard that all the balconies of the apartments faced into. This meant that each apartment had it's own walled in patio area but all the patios were connected by a bigger cement courtyard area, so all the patios were practically connected as well.

We were in the little courtyard, the boys' apartment was in the larger one on the other side of the hall, so we krept over there to peak through the window into their courtyard.

From where we were you could see into about 2 1/2 different living rooms through the big sliding glass doors, one directly in front of us and 2 to either side. As we crouched down I couldn't stop giggling. Rose was trying very hard to shush me and I got her elbow in my side many times, but I couldn't help it. Maybe it's a new nervous habit I was forming.

Slowly my giggles grew contagious and just as Rose started to silently crack up I gasped. I saw the Greek God from the street walk through the living room of the apartment we could see directly into. He was just talking on a cell phone, but instantly I forgot how to breathe.

"No way" I whispered. But he was already out of sight.

"What?" Rose stifled another giggle then took in the serious look on my face. "Bella? What?!"

When I couldn't reply she turned serious and looked in the direction I was starting. All of a sudden Emmett walked by, in the same living room, going the other direction.

"Oh I see..." Rose whispered and an evil grin spread on her face. "That better be one of them."

"Um... yeah... Emmett I think... yeah... we have to go now Rose..." I crawled the length of the window until I knew I was clear then dashed across the hall and back into the safety of our apartment.

Rose was in right after me, the smile still lingering on her face and we both sat down on the floor next to Alice who was struggling with the stereo and all it's many wires, the CD right next to her on the floor.

"Alice let me do that, I'm better with mechanical stuff than you are" Rose stated as she took Alice's place. "Plus I think Bella is still in awe from that piece of man we spied on in the courtyard" she laughed.

"Oh Bella, you found them?" Alice sang as she clapped her hands excitedly. "Did you see Jasper?" I shook my head. "Oh, well Emmett then?" I nodded yes. "Yay! Why do you look so shocked then? Was he in his underwear or something?" she laughed.

"No! Alice!..." she had managed to break my spell and make me chuckle a little bit. "I think I know who their brother is. Um, Edward?" I asked, wondering if she remembered Emmett mention that name on the elevator. She nodded that she did. "Well, you remember that guy we saw when I couldn't stop staring and I almost swerved into oncoming traffic?"

"No way!"

"You saw him?" Rose asked just realizing what I saw that made me gasp.

"I think so." I said. Then it hit me. That perfect looking boy was not only living down the hall from me, he was the brother of people I had met earlier, and actually managed to be comfortable with in a short amount of time. I could feel the smile spreading across my face as looked at Alice and she smiled back.

"You know what this means, right? No matter what God awful sound that CD produces when we put it in we have to support that band."

"Alice, that's absurd. I mean, support is good, but I'm going to be fake. Can't we be friends with them no matter what it sounds like?"

"Bella you don't become friends with people who literally make you stop breathing. Why do you think Rose has about, um, zero best friends that are guys?"

I heard Rose mumble a "right?!" before I decided I didn't care what they said, friends were better than anything. No matter how gorgeous they are.

Without turning around Rose barked, "Anyway, it's not really lying if you have good intentions Bella! It's strategic placement of over exaggerated kindness. Like for a surprise party. Good lies. And hopefully, in the end, if you keep the secret long enough you get a surprise at the end of this too". She winked at me as she turned around to set the stereo on the table. "This lecture may all be in vain though. They could rock. Let's find out, shall we?"

She popped the CD in and pressed play.


We had been listening to the same 4 songs for about a day and 1/2 now. Thank God they were good. I just knew it would make me feel better later, not having to avoid the subject should they ever ask what we thought. I was a horrible liar as it was.

It was hardly a concern, however, having not run into any of them in the hallway on the way to or from our first day of classes. We were all easing into our new routine and I was forcing myself into believing some group of brothers weren't going to bring excitement to our lives we had first imagined. "Boys shouldn't define us like that anyway" Rose had declared.

Still, they had seemed like pretty fun people. Well Jasper and Emmett anyway. Edward, which I had taken the liberty of calling the perfect one after putting two and two together, was still a mystery to me. But even if he spoke Chinese and did nothing but sit in the middle of the room I was sure I would have enjoyed his company. What is wrong with me? I do not usually think of people in this way. He's not a "piece of man" as Rose had called Emmett during our spy mission. There had to be more. Not that I would really be able to find out.

It was fine though, we were having fun still setting up and Alice was planning our first shopping extravaganza for our "3rd Semester" looks.

We came back from classes a few days later and Alice had a very pleased look on her face as she skipped out of her bedroom and came to greet Rose and I. We were in the same class again, so we would be arriving and departing together regularly.

"We got a present!" She said as she pushed a neon green square shaped paper towards us. I picked it up.

Ladies of 112-

This is our flier for our next show. We told you we'd inform you when one was booked.
You said you'd be there.
So be there.

-The boys in 110

I turned it over to examine the details and saw it was for 2 weeks from Saturday.

"Nice" Rose said as she put her bag down and went into the kitchen.

"How did you get this Alice?" I asked, flipping it over and reading the note again.

"It was under our door when I got home, which was only about 10 minutes ago actually. We are so going, right? I mean, we have to. They clearly want us to. It's going to be so much fun! So different from hanging out in the cafe like normal weekends, thank God!"

Rose walked back over to us and grabbed the flier, hanging it up on our corkboard by the door "Yeah we're going, it would be rude not to. You aren't going to back out are you Bell? I don't want another episode like the other night during our spy mission."

"No I'm totally fine with going. I love live music, you guys know that. I'm not going to be afraid of new people anymore, I've decided."

"Oh really? When?" Rose scoffed.

"Well, just now. In fact, we should probably let them know we accept the invite. Rose said we don't want to be rude, right?" I picked up a pen and grabbed a piece of paper lying on the counter.

"No let me!" I handed the pen and paper to Alice and let her scribble a note on the paper. When she was satisfied she handed it to me and Rose.

Boys of 110 -

Thanks for the "formal" invite to the show.
We are honourable women, so of course we will be there if we said we would.
Just don't suck too bad.
See you in 2 weeks.

-The Ladies of 112

"Nice" is all Rose said again as Alice and I plotted going over there right away to deliver the note.

"We'll just slide it under the door and knock. It's totally middle school, and it'll be funny, come on!"

Alice immediately put on the pout, even though she didn't even have to this time. I agreed right away, sticking to my new plan of not being scared of new people. I tried to push out of my mind the fact that one of these new people was the most amazing person I had ever laid eyes on... but that was beside the point.

Rose waved nonchalantly at us as we dashed out into the hallway, immediately engulfed in giggles towards the "110" looming ahead, the little piece of paper propelling our every move.

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