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Party on party people:

Chapter 27 - Dancing With Myself

After such a wonderfully breath taking night it was odd to wake up to such a piercingly disturbing sound.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!..." broke through my sleep getting louder and louder and confusing me more and more.

I heard a very velvet, "Oh no," right beside me and felt 2 arms wrap even tighter around me.



Ow. The annoying squeal stopped but suddenly my side that was not laying on the Love Sac hurt for a brief moment as something landed on it.

Then I felt 1 more arm wrap around me and a very content sigh being let out above me.

"Good morning Alice." Edward's voice held amusement and the thing on top of me started giggling.

"Good morning to you Edward. Bella." She started giggling harder and a smile broke on my face even though I was still fighting completely waking up. "I bet it was an even better night though. Right? Edward? Bella?"

I opened my eyes and her face was hovering above me, her small body sprawled across both of us, one arm wrapped around each, both of Edward's around me.

"Yes Alice, it was a very pleasant night. And morning..." Edward chuckled and Alice started back into her chorus of squealing and wiggled her little body in delight on top of us making me wake up further and turn a bit.

I looked up to a smiling Edward and had to hold back a small squeal of my own as I realized last night was not a dream. Edward had just confirmed it had indeed been a very good night... and morning. Wait.

"A good night and morning?" I asked. Alice stopped wiggling then and we both looked at him in confusion. Something was wrong if I didn't know what he was talking about.

He glanced at the clock and then at Alice then back to me. The devilish version of the crooked smile filling his face.

"Well yes, love, it's only 8 in the morning. We didn't finish... hanging out until about 7:15."

That did it.

"AAHH!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!..." Alice was going to combust with happiness as the squealing took on a new volume and the wiggling commenced. I felt my face turn red, but I couldn't help giggling as he just smugly smiled and rubbed my back.

Just then Emmett burst through our door with Rose and Jasper right behind him.

"Is the fire alarm broken?" Emmett laughed out as he put his hands up to his ears. Alice was just dying down but apparently the latest squeal was just as effective from the other side of the door.

"No, but it could be because it was so hot in here last night, and this morning apparently since these 2 went at it until- oh - about 45 minutes ago!" Alice was still wiggling as she tattled on us and it was such a weird feeling, being underneath the wiggling. It made us both laugh uncomfortably and shift even though there was no where to escape it.

"HA!" Emmett let out a happy grunt,"My brother and my sister finally hooked it up!"

Even Alice stopped wiggling as we all turned up to him and right on cue Jasper's head fell in shame and he started shaking it back and forth at his brother.

"Wait...no that's not good. Ewe." Emmett looked down in thought and turned concerned. "I didn't just say that- that was weird. Sorry."

Everyone let out silent laughter now and Jasper sighed, "At least this time he heard how in appropriate he sounded."

Jasper came over and rolled Alice off of us then took her place, but laid down more gently than she had and hugged us both without a disturbing sound.

"Thank you."

I looked at Edward then back at Jasper in confusion. Edward didn't look like he knew what was going on either.

"Um, Jasper?" I asked carefully.

"Hmm?" He still had his arms around us and his face down in the blanket that covered us.

Edward took over, "Why are you thanking us?"

The whole room started softly laughing then. Edward and I were the only two still looking around in confusion.

"Because you won me 50 dollars."

"What?!" We both said in unison.

"Dang it!" Emmett hit his hand on the counter in anger. "That's right. You guys suck!" He was pointing at us and I was still too tired to keep up. Why couldn't they leave us alone? So very alone... maybe I'm not that tired...

Thankfully Jasper interrupted my thoughts. "You see, Emmett and I had a little wager going on when Bella would finally get it over with and jump you Eddie." He smirked at his brother and winked at me.

"Edward." He corrected Jasper calmly, but with an annoyed tone.

I giggled and Edward gave me a sideways glance and a smile.

"So what? You bet that I would make my move on Rose's birthday?" I raised an amused eyebrow at Jasper.

"No, I bet it would be before Christmas though. Emmett didn't think either of you had it in you until January." He laughed again and I shook my head at both of them.

"Well you both got it wrong." I said, halting Jasper's smooth laughter.

"What?" Emmett was hopeful.

"I didn't make the first move - Eddie jumped on the ball!" I couldn't help it, I was in such a freaking great mood.

"Edward Bella, please don't get sucked in!" He looked at me very pleadingly.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it." I mumbled to him.

"HA!" Rosalie swatted Emmett on the arm. "Both of you pay up!" She held out her hand and looked back and forth between Emmett and Jasper.

"Dang it." Emmett muttered again.

Jasper slowly rolled off of us and went to hand Rose her money.

"So you are the only one that bet on me?" Edward asked Rose with a hint of gratitude. He sat up then, bringing me with him. I guess we really were waking up now. After only 45 minutes.

"Yep. I could see it in you. You weren't going to last much longer." She smiled perfectly at him and then started counting her winnings.

I was still in shock at the gambling problem Edward and I had ensued in our friends and family when Alice jumped up.

"Wait! How come I didn't get to bet? No one told me there was a bet!"

Rosalie started laughing. "Because, Alice, you have a tendency to make sure things go your way. If we would have let you bet you would have found a way to interfere and they wouldn't have naturally let it happen. We may be playing games with our friend's love lives, but we aren't dumb."

"I know that's right!" Emmett did his best impression of a woman and flicked his hand with a lot of femininity then raised it for a high five from Rose.

"Yeah, I probably would have interfered." Alice shrugged and admitted it, making us all laugh.

She turned toward us again and the smile that was always pre-squeal broke across her face. Edward still had one arm around me and I was leaning my head sleepily on his shoulder. I braced myself, but it never came. Instead it was just her little bell like voice.

"So... it's official now! Let's see you do something cutsie." She started bouncing in place and stared at us like we were going to do a trick or something.

"Alice we are hardly going to kiss on demand-" I didn't get the whole sentence out though because Edward cut me off with a low, "shut up Bella," then he leaned into me with a huge grin and crashed his lips to mine right there in the middle of the living room.

I barely noticed the "EEEEEEEE!..." break out this time as my hands instinctively went into his hair and I realized 45 minutes without this was way too long.

He broke it off much earlier than any other time before and I was actually grateful he at least remembered the others were still in the room.

"You have to give the people what they want, right?" He winked and smiled brilliantly at me and I nodded back. Screw the people, that's all I ever wanted for the rest of my life.

After the final squeal ended and Jasper got Alice back down to a normal breathing rate everyone settled in around the living room and Emmett popped in Friends, season something or other.

Edward never took his arms from around me except when he moved one hand into my own and started playing with my fingers again. I think it was subconscious for him now, but I still felt every movement of it.

Friends had never been funnier before. Hanging out in the living room had never been more relaxing. The Love Sac had never been more comfortable. Edward's closeness had never felt so right. Breathing had never seemed so exhilirating.

Everything was a hundred times better because of what I had gained. He kept leaning in and kissing me softly throughout the morning. It wasn't awkward or squeal worthy. It fit right in with everything else our group always did. We just hung out lke usual, all of us finally at peace and just together.

The Thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt came on and Alice made us all promise to be quiet because it was her favorite episode.

"Alice, you don't need to listen to the words to admire the view," Rosalie said after we were all "shhhed" for the 14th time for sneezing or coughing. Or in my case giggling at the things Edward was whispering to me.

"Yeah, why do you think she likes Emmett so much?" Jasper was really on one today and his little jibe at his brother got a pillow thrown at him, hitting Alice instead.

Everyone was laughing but now Emmett was pouting.

"It's not true Emmett, you know that. I like your view and your voice." Rosalie was babying him, which was weird to see from her. She really must love him a lot.

"Thank you." He said, still sounding hurt and then they kissed sweetly.

I made a gagging face at their cuteness without thinking. It had become a natural reaction I usually had right after they did something extra sweet, but I usually managed to sneak it in when the others weren't looking. It was a bahit I formed in the past few months to keep my mind off of being jealous of the cuteness.

Edward looked at me concerned. "What was that for?" he asked quietly.

Opps. "Oh, um, I guess it's just a natural reflex to cute coupley things. I didn't even think about it. Sorry, it's like a bad habit." I looked at him apologetically and he just chuckled.

"Well I'm just going to have to break you of your bad habit aren't I?" He leaned into me and kissed me 10 times sweeter than Rose and Emmett.

"Ok, break away..." I mumbled against his lips as he pulled away a fraction, only to reconnect us again.

Alice let out a frustrated sigh. "Ok you guys! I'm going to the bathroom, but when I come back out here it had better be quiet so I can fully experience Brad!" She jumped out of the bowl chair and stomped into her room, pausing the TV on a shot of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt mid conversation on the screen.

We were all laughing at her dramatic exit and Edward moved his face into the crook of my neck and rested it there peacefully.

"He's hot," Emmett blurted out suddenly, looking at the paused TV screen.

"What?!" Rose asked abruptly.

"What?!" Emmet mimicked her just as quickly,"No, wait! She's hot too! What the crap?" He sounded just as confused and surprised as we all felt and he looked around frantically for help that wasn't there.

"Not cool," Jasper said shaking his head and staring at Emmett.

"Leave," is all Edward said with his head still in my neck, pointing one arm behind him towards the door.

Emmett still looked stunned and he climbed off of Bertha and walked silently to the door.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to go shower and get some food." He smiled meekly and left the room.

We all burst into laughter and received violent glares from Alice as she reentered the room. She eyed us all evilly until we fell silent, then hit play and started the show again.

When Brad finally left us and we were allowed to breathe again Alice turned to Rose, having returned to her normal self.

"So we all know how the rest of Edward and Bella's night went..." she looked at us and winked causing me to laugh nervously and Edward to sigh and kiss my cheek.

"But what about you Rose? What else did Emmett have planned for the big birthday night?"

"Wait," I said. "Do we want to know?"

Edward lifted his head then and turned it to Rose. Everyone waited.

She laughed lightly and scoffed. "Well I probably shouldn't tell you everything but when he first brought me back to the apartment it was covered in candles. Alice, I'm assuming you helped with that."

"Naturally." She confirmed with a bow of her head.

"He gave me 8 red roses, one for each month that he's known me, and one white one to represent the rest of the months we will be together. Which, as he informed me sweetly, is 'hopefully forever'."

We laughed softly because it was easy to imagine Emmett explaining that to Rose in his sweet and stumbly manner he took on around her in their sweeter moments. Edward reached his hand down and took mine in his, squeezing it right after Rosalie said "forever".

"Then he gave me a card and I opened it and inside..." she covered her mouth and a small laugh escaped. "Hold on." She got up and went into our room and then came right back out. "These were inside."

She handed 2 small rectangular things to Edward and we all leaned in to look at what it was.

"No way." Jasper said, starting to laugh.

"Oh yeah." Rosalie confirmed.

There, in Edward's hand, were 2 tickets to none other than Sea World.

"He really didn't let that go." Edward began to laugh loudly and we all joined in.

"It's so sweet," she said as Edward handed them back. "I think we are going sometime next week since we both have a day off."

She went to put them away and we all finished laughing then turned on more Friends.

Emmett walked back in, still looking a bit dejected, right as Rose came back out from putting her tickets away in our room. She went right over to him and kissed him chastely with a smile. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled away to look in her eyes.

"I like girls Rosie." He said it with conviction.

I snorted a laugh and buried my face in Edward's arm for support.

"I know Emmett. We all know." She nodded and laughed and kissed him again, this time his smile broke and he dipped her down dramatically as he kissed her, making us all "awe" at them.

Since none of us had gotten too much sleep the night before (Edward and I definitely beating everyone with our 45 minutes. Thank you very much.) we spent the rest of the day lounging around, Edward and I blissed out beyond belief, and later that night I finally called my mom to tell her the good news. I had to hold the phone away from my ear to save my hearing and let Edward be a part of her spastic reaction because she actually squealed an Alice worthy noise. Edward took the brief opportunity to lean in and kiss me, making the unexpected sound from my mother well worth it.


The next day we had school and the boys all had to work and there was a show later that night.

I went through the motions in my classes now, finding myself feeling a bit bland when it came to anything that had to do with auditioning or "the business". It was all rather negative, if you ask me. We heard endless stories of being lied to and cheated and how "that's the business side of this business".

I still was very into my final scenes, though I found a running theme through all 3 of them: I was playing the plain girl. Or at least the plainest girl in the scene. Yes, I got to be sarcastic and throw my dry humor all over the place, but it was something I noticed in the description of all my characters.

I didn't let myself think about it too hard and I got through class for the day then eagerly returned home to find Alice the only one at the apartment.

I briefly told her of my small issue with the pattern I had found and she scoffed it off.

"Please Bella, plain is so not an issue for you. Especially not tonight. Not if I have anything to say about it! Now sit." She waved it off and started in on my "show look" as she now called it. I actually started to appreciate the time we spent together during these little make over sessions she insisted on.

"Honestly Alice, I still can't believe it. I mean. It's Edward... what the heck? This wasn't supposed to happen!" I laughed and threw my hands up in disbelief.

"The hell it wasn't!" She laughed and I gasped in shock at her tone. "Bella we have all been watching the 2 of you be so annoyingly perfect for each other for months. The rest of us have been waiting for this just as long as you have, you know." She raised an eyebrow at me and I smiled. "I was about to kiss him myself yesterday, I was so happy he finally sealed the deal!"

"Alice!" It was too false of an image to even laugh at.

"Sorry...So is he a good kisser?" She started nodding slightly, trying to woo my answer out of me.

"Is Jasper?" I retorted quickly. I've never really discussed anything like this with anyone before. Girl talk isn't really my thing. Hence all the really close guy friends.

"Well of course he is. We're in love." She stated it as a fact and proved my point.

"Exactly." I said confidentially.

"Bella..." She paused with the curler and a strand of my hair wrapped around it held in the air and eyed me suspiciously. "Exactly what all went down that night?"

"What do you mean?" The way she was looking at me made me uncomfortable.

"Did you use the 'L' word missy?" She was smirking now, but still trying to be serious.

"Maybe." I smiled when I realized I stole Edward's famous answer. "But he said it first!"

Bad move.

"EEEEEEEE!..." She almost forgot she was connected to me via curling iron and she started to bounce up and down before I said, "Alice!" and pointed to my head in alarm.

"Oh sorry! I just wasn't sure it was going to come out that fast. Wow. How do you feel?! I know you've known your feelings for him for a while... but hearing it from him! Wasn't it the best feeling ever?" She looked at me dreamily now and it was almost comical.

I sighed anyway. "Yes. I was honestly surprised at first, but then he told me stories about things I never knew he was doing or feeling and I believed him entirely. Plus, the way he kissed me!" I let out a little squeal of my own and she giggled. Girl talk is so dangerous.

"Yeah, that's a good way of telling." Then she paused and her small features turned serious. "Do you think they'll really move in 6 months?" A small frown threatened her face.

"I don't know. I hope not. What do you think will happen?" I started to get concerned again. I really hadn't thought about it. None of us had brought it up since Thanksgiving.

"I don't know Bella. Clearly we can't live in these luxurious apartments forever, playing wacked out Full House with each other." She laughed slightly and I smiled, but both soon faded as we continued to think about it. "I don't know," she repeated with a sigh and a shrug.

Before we could think about it for too long my phone buzzed and I checked the text message.

On my way home. Tell Alice I require time with you before the show, no arguments! Love you ;)

"What does he want?" She was smiling knowingly at me.

"He says to tell you he 'requires time with me before the show'." I laughed and she rolled her eyes. "No arguments!" I wagged my finger at her and she shook her head.

"Who even speaks like that anymore?"

I sighed. "Edward."

The smile over took my face and she laughed at me.

"Oh man Bella, you've got it so bad. I love it!"

She did finish with me in time, well barely. He had to threaten via text to come over and drag me from her himself if she didn't hurry up. I found it all very flattering and she let me go because she decided "dragging could cause damage to your nicely curled hair! Not that what you two will most likely be doing won't mess it up anyway..." she mumbled the last sentence and I just shook my head at her and tried not to literally run to the other apartment.

I opened the door and practically ran it right into Edward who was standing dangerously close to it on the other side staring down at his shut phone.

"Oh sorry. What are you doing so close to the door?" I closed it behind me and he just pulled me into him.

"You are beautiful, do you know that?" He kissed me softly and I melted into it.

"My directors don't seem to think so..." I said it under my breath and he asked me to repeat it but I told him it wasn't important. I should probably let that go...

"Back to my question, you and the proximity to the door?"

He chuckled. "Oh I was just giving Alice 30 more seconds to release you. I was waiting for the minute to change on my phone so I could officially just go get you myself." He smiled happily, very proud of his little plan.

"Oh really? That's very cavemanish of you, don't you think?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Would you have argued if I barged in there and threw you over my shoulder and stole you back to my cave?" He nodded towards his room and looked at me seriously, tightening his arms around me.

"No way." I smiled. I reached on my tip toes to get a kiss from him and he leaned down into it.

We moved into his room and spent the rest of the time laying on his bed laughing, talking, kissing.

"I still love that I can do that now." He said after one drawn out kiss had ended.

"Mmm," I replied as I leaned into another one. "I still love you."

"Good." He replied with a smile and tangled our fingers together. Then our mouths. Then our bodies.

"Ah young love!" Emmett's loud voice sighed suddenly form the doorway and it made me jump even though I was tightly wrapped in Edward's arms.

His contagious laugh boomed out and Edward camly but harshly said, "Get out Emmett," then threw a pillow at the sutting door and the fading laugh and turned back to me and pulled me into him again.

Emmett yelled from outside the door, "Alright- but this is your 5 minute warning kids! The party bus pulls out at exactly 6:30!" His laugh faded completely as he walked away from the door and I couldn't help but let my own laugh slip out, ruining the moment.

After about a minute of Edward trying to continue to kiss me and me being too lost in a fit of laughter to kiss back he gave up.

"Ugh." He let his arms drop to his sides on the bed and off my back in frustration. I let my head fall to his chest as I shook on top of him in silent laughter.

"I'm...I'm sorry Edward... I just have the... the giggleberries or something..." I lost it again. That was the curse of the giggleberries. Once you get them you usually can't stop. Then when you describe them to someone else and have to say the name, it only gets worse.

He started laughing too and just said, "Giggleberries?" under his breath and ran his hands through his hair.

"Well we should probably get going anyway." He rolled out from underneath me and held his hand out to help me up as I gained composure of myself.

The show went really well and afterwards Mike invited us all over to his house for a cook out. He had just moved into a nice little condo with his sister, but she was gone for the weekend so he thought it would be fun to hang out somewhere different to change things up a bit. We all agreed and headed over to his new place for a new kind of night.

It was a pretty nice place, 2 stories and decorated well. The kitchen was large and the living room was spacious with one big white couch and 2 smaller love seats surrounding a small entertainment unit. There was a small patio out back with a fire pit that Tyler was trying to light as we walked in. He waved at me and winked, seeing my hand linked with Edward's. I smiled and waved back, Edward moved his hand to my waist and held me closer and directed me further into the kitchen. I winked back at Tyler before I was dragged out of sight and he rolled his eyes dramatically but laughed a bit as well.

We sat outside for while as Mike and Emmett took turns cooking chicken and burgers in the BBQ. We told stories and ate around the fire.

It was that night, sitting outside with my little family and our closest friends we had made in LA, that I realized what I really wanted in life. Just this. Just happiness from simple things.

Nothing else really mattered to me at that point, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. For so long throughout high school and my first year in LA everything I had been focusing on was being successfull and measuring that by grades, or numbers, or accomplishments on paper. Not that those things weren't importnat to a certain degree. But I didn't have anything else to really base my happiness on. I didn't have anything providing me with the level of contentment you can't achieve by yourself with just numbers and goals. I didn't know there was so much more out there that fulfilled a different thing inside of you.

No career or money or fame or posession could make me happier than simply sitting around with the people I loved. It was something I always knew but never experienced outside of being with my parents. I was never the type of person that chased material things, not a all. But everything changed when I actually felt what it was like to be completely fulfilled by friends and moments and memories.

I remained outside as the others went in to get ready to watch a movie. I was still lost in my thoughts. I told Edward to go in without me and that I would be in soon.

I was really going through something and I just needed a minute to calm it all down inside of me. It wasn't bad at all, I was having a happy realization. It just changed so much...

Rosalie came out a few minutes later and sat beside me silently.

"Bella, are you ok? I mean, you seem fine but you usually don't linger outside by yourself." She laughed softly and I joined in.

"Yeah I'm fine Rose. I'm just thinking."

"Oh ok. Anything you need to talk about?"

"I don't know." I paused, not quite sure how to say it. "I think I've changed Rose." That was simple enough to begin with.

"Yeah I think we all have." She drew her knees up into herself and stared into the fire with me.

"That's probably true. I just realized it though." We laughed quietly again at me. "I don't know, I just don't want the things I always thought I wanted. I can't seem to get passionate about school anymore, for example. It's just not there for me, you know? I don't want to stay here my whole life and be told that 1/2 the people I meet are going to lie to me! That's not what I want." I shook my head as I said it out loud. That was our latest lesson in our school's strung out version of business class: "Most of the people you work with in this business will lie to you."

"Well Bella, if it doesn't make you happy anymore than maybe it's not what you should be doing. It's ok, you know. It's not quitting or failing. It's just what you said, changing." She smiled over at me and I nodded my head, taking in her words.

"Yeah but I don't know what I've changed to." That was the hard part. What now?

"Maybe you aren't supposed to know yet." She shrugged. Good point.

"Yeah. All I know is that this right here," I swept my arm across the patio and into the house where we could see everyone, "this makes me happy. This is what I want my life to be filled with. That's how I want to gauge my success." I wasn't sure if I was making any sense but I said it anyway.

"I understand that. Bella, before I met you and Alice I never really had people outside of my actual family that I accepted fully. It wasn't to be cruel or judgemental, but I guess I always considered people to be temporary. Replacable. I never got attached or let my self care too much. I had a lot of friends, yes, but nothing as close to what you 2 snuck into my life and became." She shot me a play full smirk and I smiled.

"So I understand what you mean by your wants in life changing. After I got connected to you 2 I realized how important to me it was that you reamined in my life. I owe you so much for that Bell. For helping me to love outside of myself for the first time. I mean, you have to love your parents, but you choose to love your friends. Though with you and her...," she nodded her head inside to where Alice was standing on a bar stool drawing on Emmett's now bare back,"... well with you 2 I'm not sure I had much of a choice either." She shrugged again and I leaned into her and put my head on her shoulder.

"Who would have thought our one adventure would lead to all of this?" We were both staring into the house now, where Emmett had a stick figure drawn across his whole, huge back. He was flexing his muscles in ways that made it look like the little man was dacing. Alice was on the bar stool still, seemingly dancing along side the little back man and laughing. Everyone else was in the kitchen watching the spectacle, Mike of course on camera duty to capture the whole thing.

We started laughing and Rose sighed. "No one could have prepared me for the adventure that is Emmett, I'll tell you that."

"We've known him for almost a year now and I still don't ever feel prepared for him!" She nodded in agreement with me and I laughed.

"Congratulations by the way Bella, on the whole Edward thing. You really deserve it. Both of you." She smiled at me and I blushed at the kindness in her voice.

"Thanks Rose."

"You do know you'll be fine right Bell?" She looked concerned now. "I mean, after making it through what you went through with him the past couple of months, you better know you can do anything. Don't be afraid of not knowing what you want exactly. Focus on what you do know you want and trust that it will be enough to help you find everything else."

I loved Rosalie more in that moment than ever before. I was so grateful that I got the opportunity to see past the beautiful blonde knock out and into her even more beautiful soul.

"ROSIE!" Emmett started banging on the sliding glass door to get our attention as he shouted out Rose's name.

When she looked up he turned around and Tyler held a boom box up right next to him so we could hear the sound of Jimmy Buffet's "Escape" (more popularly known as "The Pina Colada Song") through the sliding glass door as Emmett started to make the little man on his back, which was now holding a drawn on fancy drink with a small umbrealla sticking out of the top of it, dance to the music.

"You gotta love him," I said shaking my head.

"And I do." She said with a smile.

"Rosie! Beallarina! Do you see him, he's dancing!" Emmett was laughing now and looking over his shoulder at us as he continued to dance and point at his back at the same time.

"Yes Em! I see him!" She laughed and shook her head.

"He likes pina coladas!" Emmett's goofy grin took over his face. Oh, so that's what the little man was holding now. "Come dance with him Rose!"

She sighed and got up, smiling the whole way into the house. She opened the sliding glass door and the music got way louder, as did the laughing and other happy noises contained inside the house.

Before the door could shut again Edward appeared in the doorway and looked out at me.

He smiled and pointed at me then turned his hand over and beckoned to me with his pointer finger.

I got up and walked over to him, wrapping my arms around him.

"Are you ok?" He asked quietly as he leaned into the hug.

"Yeah I'm fine." I smiled up at him so he would know I was telling the truth.

"Ok good. You looked serious for a few minutes."

"I had a good talk with Rose. I'm just thinking about a few things. Things that truly make me happy and how to center my life around that instead of what I thought was important before." I shrugged it off. It sounded simple when I put it that way.

"Do I make the list of things that make you happy?" He looked at me like he actually didn't know the answer.

"Top of it." I said. He leaned down and kissed me.

"I still can't believe I can just do that whenever I want now." He whispered to me with wonder below all the noise around us creating a private moment admist the Buffett blasting 3 feet away.

"Me either." I reached up and took one for myself to help convince myself. "So do I make your list of happy things?" I smiled sweetly and batted my eyes.

He laughed and smiled wider. "You are the list Bella."

"YOUR MOM'S THE LIST!" Emmett appeared, or rather jumped, next to us and laughed at his joke as he continued dancing.

"Emmet!" I yelled in surprise as I laughed, and at the same time Edward's brow furrowed and he said, "That doesn't even make sense..."

Just then Emmett brought up a glass to his mouth that had a small umbrella in it and looked a lot like the one the little man on his back was holding. He sucked in through the straw until it made the very distinct "schhheeewwwww" noise of the straw sucking up the last remnants of a drink.

"JAZZ I'M OUT!" Emmett raised his empty glass high in the air and brought it down onto the island in the middle of the kitchen with a loud clunk.

"On it!" Jasper responded. I looked right past Emmett when I heard Jasper's voice in the kitchen and saw him standing at the other side of the island smiling evilly in front of a blender as he pressed a button and filled the kitchen with the loud explosion of the blender turning on.

"Is he actually making Emmett pina coladas?" I asked with a laugh.

"Unfortunately for everyone who has to be in the same room as Emmett, yes." Edward responded with a nod and a small laugh of his own.

I walked over to Jasper and Edward followed me.

"You're giving him rum?" I asked with amusement.

Jasper smiled and nodded. "I like to enable him once in a while, unleash him on unsuspecting townsfolk."

We laughed as Emmett restarted the pina colada song for the 3rd time. That was the thing about Jasper, he was calm and collected a lot of the time but he definitely had a mischievious streak and he knew how to provoke people subtley for his own amusement.

"I just love this song! You guys!" Emmett came over to his brothers and I. "I just had the best idea! We should cover this song! This is the best song!" He didn't wait for their response he just turned around and spotted Mike. "Mike-A-Loda! Hey buddy! Your band should cover this song!"

We were all cracking up now and Jasper was pouring the new batch of drinks into small cups as people came up and took some. Alice grabbed one for her and took one to Angela where they were talking in the living room.

"Take one to Emmett please, with any luck we can get him passed out by movie time," Jasper handed one to Edward and they nodded in agreement of the plan.

"Whoo! Eddie-Colada! Come to bring the big bro his drink!" Emmett threw an arm around Edward and took his drink, attempting to make Edward dance with him before letting him go.

Within the next 5 minutes he had everyone doing the congo line to "Margaritaville" but was singing "Pina Coladaville!" at the top of his lungs over Jimmy Buffett every time the chorus came on.

Jasper stayed at the blender all night and let Alice throw a big straw hat on him she had found in Tyler's room and she started calling him her cabana boy.

"I won that at prom at a karaoke contest!" Tyler said proudly as he pointed at the big festive hat and Jasper shimmied a little in it as more coladas blended. I had a feeling he had been sneaking a few himself while blending.

No one else really felt the drinks like Emmett though, because he could drink them so much faster than everyone else.

Soon the mood changed when Jimmy's cover of "Brown Eyed Girl" came on and Emmett found the dimmer switch in the living room. He dimmed the lights down about half way and pulled Tyler into him as they slow danced to the first few verses. It's not the slowest song to dance to, but they swayed pretty well with the beat.

"Can I cut in?" Rose tapped Tyler's shoulder and he bowed and made way for her then grabbed Jess off one of the small couches and pulled her up with him as she giggled.

Alice drug Jasper over from the kitchen into the living room and made him dance with her too, twirling around him and stealing the hat from his head to wear during the song.

Edward pulled me along behind them and I didn't object at all. Dancing was not my thing, but I knew from the night he came back to me he would take care of me the whole time.

He pressed our foreheads together and sang to me the entire song, just moving us back and forth and holding both of my hands and everyone eventually joined in to dance aournd us, but all I heard for a while was his voice:

"Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine
With a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing,
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall,
Slipping and sliding
All along the water fall, with you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl

His eyes came alive when he sang and he kissed me quickly after that last line and then everyone in the room sang the chorus:

"Do you remember when we used to sing,
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da!

The "Sha la la la's" rang out with joy in everyone. We lost all inhibitions and the whole room was dancing around the now, singing loudly with each round of "sha la's" and "la te da's".

The rest of the song finished that way and Emmett fell to the floor at the end of the song, finally burnt out from all his dancing and singing.

He ended up falling asleep where he fell on the floor with his head Rosalie's lap and one of the little umbrellas still tucked behind his ear.

I was on one end of the large couch now, talking to Angela who was on the other end, telling her the only other story I had of drunk Emmett.

She was laughing quietly. "So thanks to drunk Emmett you and Edward have actually been engaged for months now?!" She laughed louder and I joined in but a little flag inside of me went up.

Huh. That particular joke had died during the black hole days. I hadn't even realized that until I brought it up in my story and Angela pointed it out again. I laughed inwardly when I realized that Edward and I would probably still plan a unique wedding like that if and when we ever get to that point. No. I couldn't think if. Nothing about being with him felt like an "if" anymore. Huh.

Edward walked over to me smiling then and Angela was still laughing at the fact that we would probably be required by our priest, Emmett, to provide pina coladas now that he had moved on from margaritas.

Edward laughed and agreed as he handed me the drink he had brought over.

"Do you like pina coladas Miss Swan?" He smiled and the velvet was play full and carefree.

"I don't know, I've never had one." I took a sip. I suddenly didn't blame Emmett for drinking them so quickly. "You know I'm not old enough to drink this yet," I said with a smirk and another sip.

"Mr. Buffett would want you to partake in the festivities tonight I feel." He smiled and took it from me, taking a sip of his own.

We shared it as we discussed more of our forgotten wedding with Angela. The topic didn't seem to bother Edward at all and I figured I was being a girl and over reacting to a joke that was casual and fun. It didn't need to mean anything more than it did before. It was just our faux wedding that was alive again and we discussed how a Jimmy Buffett cover band was definitely required for the reception now, and how happy our faux preist would be at that news after he woke up from being passed out drunk on the floor.

"We like to keep it interesting," Edward said as he threw his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.

We watched Pirates of the Carribbean soon after that and I curled up with Edward under a blanket on the big couch.

Angela and Jess left about half way through the movie because they were tired and lived close by so they decided just to head home. Mike moved up to his bed soon after they left and Tyler was passed out on one of the small couches.

Alice and Jasper were curled up on the other love seat with their legs stretched out on the automan and Rose had settled Emmett on the floor then taken Angela's place on the other side of the large couch Edward and I were on.

The movie ended and we were the only 2 still awake.

"Are you tired?" Edward sank down into the couch more and pulled me with him.

"A little bit. I feel like I should be, but maybe I'm still so excited about you I can't seem to settle down." I laughed at myself quietly so I didn't wake the others and he moved with laughter too.

"I know what you mean." He kissed me softly then and when he pulled away I couldn't help but think about the new feeling I wanted to center my life around.

"What are you thinking?" He asked me quietly after a few minutes of silence.

"About the future. What I want and don't want." I gave him a small smile and shrugged in his arms because it wasn't that serious.

"Hmm." He had his own silent thoughts for a minute. "Do you really want a Jimmy Buffett cover band at the reception? Because personally I think we may want to explore some other options first."

I started laughing softly at that and he joined in too. I thought about that for a minute then.

"Edward does it freak you out at all to talk about the fake wedding now that, you know, things are official or whatever?" I didn't look at him and I waited to feel a change in him. I waited for his body to tense slightly or an uncomfortable movement. He just chuckled musically though.

"Not at all. Does it freak you out?" He looked down at me.

"No actually. But I wonder if that should freak me out, you know?"

"Hmm," he said again as he thought silently. "I guess normally it would seem odd for us to not be weirded out by planning a wedding this early on, but for one you and I have done nothing normally. We fell in love and then started dating..."

"Good point." I mumbled with a laugh.

"...and secondly it's all fake, right?"

I deflated a little. Not that I wanted to run off to Vegas tonight, but I was definitely sure I knew who I wanted to be waiting for me at the altar someday.

"Right." I said a little softer than I intended.

I sank my head down into his chest to try and stifle my unreasonable sinking feeling. I stayed there for a few moments, silent, not looking up at him.

"Bella, love, what are you thinking?"

"Nothing." I said into his chest.

"Well I know that's never true, you are always thinking something interesting." He chuckled to himself but I didn't join in. "Please tell me. I want to know."

He lifted my face up with his pointer finger and I was very close to his face.

"Bella tell me."

I shook my head and pursed my lips together in an act of showing him I wasn't saying a word.

He made a beautiful frustrated face at me and stared at me until he figured it out. Why did I let him know me so well?

"This isn't about my fake comment about the wedding is it?" Realization dawned on his face and I neither confirmed nor denied his theory. I just stared at him keeping my chin resting on his finger.

He smiled warmly then and leaned in and kissed me until my lips responded. It didn't take too long, something I'm sure he knew.

When he pulled away he smiled again and almost whispered. "What I meant by that is simply that I will not let you be married to me by my drunk brother and then dance our first dance to some shameless 50-something- year-old that thinks he's singing the Greatest Island Hits of all time, my love."

I smiled unwililngly at his joke and grabbed his hand from under my chin to hold it in my own.

"Bella, I'm not saying that I don't want to think about marrying you someday. I mean, I'm in love with you! Of course it's crossed my mind. I just hope you don't have your heart set on some silly pina coloada fountain or Jasper honestly standing in as your maid of honor. Unless you really, truly want those things." His brow furrowed in concern.

I laughed now and let a small sound come out. "No. The pina colada fountain maybe, the rest of it no." I looked into his eyes then and smiled, returning to my comfort zone.

He kissed me quickly and then said, "Good. I intend on making an honest woman out of you one day my Bella. But I intend to do it properly."

My insides warmed up to that thought quickly. One day. It was so pleasant to think about. I didn't need to know the day yet, or the place, or the time. I just needed to know that it existed somewhere in the future for both of us.

"Well some of it we may need to keep, just because I am probably going to be horrible at planning a wedding and I'll have to resort to the faux wedding ideas for back up." I laughed and myself and he started stroking a strand of my hair, making my eyes shut at the sensation.

"Alice will probably take over planning anyway, so you shouldn't worry," he laughed.Oh yeah. Problem solved!

'There is one thing I have always known I wanted though." He said it, not me. I had never heard of a male who had put thought into his wedding before he had ringed a female.

"What's that?" I whispered sleepily.

"One white grand piano." He spoke it softly and with care. "I've always known that I wanted to write a song in replacement of spoken vows for the woman I marry. Music says so much more than just words. You can actually give your emotions to someone through a song. I've always known I wanted to do that because I've always known that the woman I'm meant to be with would inspire music in me." I heard a beautiful smile in his words and I willed my eyes open so I could see it.

I was still stunned by the vision I had in my head of Edward in a tux at a huge white piano as I looked up to him. "That's the most beautiful idea anyone has ever had." He looked down and me and brought his face as close to mine as possible.

"Well I'm glad you think so because you, my Bella, inspire the most magnificent music in me. More powerful than any emotion has ever been inspired in anyone else ever before. And you will be the one I play for someday at that piano."

I thrust my hands into his hair and pulled him the rest of the distance to me and kissed him then, as if binding him to his words.

"Thank you." I breathed when we broke apart. I'm not sure exactly why I said it but I knew it's what I needed to tell him. He understood and he just smiled then kissed me softly one more time.

"I'm really going to miss this in a few days. I'm really going to miss you." He sighed at rested his head next to mine.

My eyes shot open. I had been drifting into my new happy place that consisted of Edward, a white piano, myself, and no Jimmy Buffett what-so-ever. What is this crazy talk of missing me? Where was I going?

"Excuse me, where do you think you are going without me in a few days?" I looked at him acuusingly.

"Bella, Chirstmas is in about a week and a half. I assume we are all going home for Christmas. You to Pheonix, me to Forks." He looked at my calmly and kept stroking my hair but the calming sensation was lost on me now.

I looked down sadly. Christmas? I'd totally forgotten about Christmas and the ridiculous tradition of spending it with your family.

Oh Christmas, my former trusted alli! How could you do this to me? I used to count on you for comfort and happiness at the end of each year, now you are thrusting my Edward away from me? What went wrong, Christmas? I thought I could trust you.

"Bella you look like someone just ran over your puppy." He was actually laughing at my pout now.

"It's just not fair. You are supposed to spend the holidays with all the poeople you love. You guys are going to be all across the country."

He sighed. "I know. But hopefully this will be the last year we spend it apart, right? We'll work something out after this year. We'll only be a part for a week... or 2." Now his voice started to sound sad.

"I don't like it." I was stuck in pouting.

"Me either." He sighed again but there was nothing more to be said.

I concentrated on the feeling of his hand in my hair and decided to try and sleep and not worry about it tonight. I drifted off and couldn't help but continue to curse Christmas in my head a few times at it's horrible betrayal before letting myself go completely into sleep.

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