Hello old friends!

I cannot believe that it is the year 2014 and I am posting a new "chapter" to IEWIS. While this actual post is not a true written chapter, it is a chance for me to announce a new chapter in the life of "If Every Word I Said…".

That's right, friends. A new chapter is upon us; IEWIS is evolving into its own Twilight-free entity! I have recently been approached by an app called Episode – Choose Your Story to write and create interactive stories for them, and it's all because of IEWIS. It has been so long since I wrote this world down and presented it to all of you… now it's going to be an interactive story that I can share all over again with brand new life!

It is truly an exciting venture for me, and my only hope is that some of you will go on the journey with me once again, in a completely new way. (The app is free to download, by the way) While I do not have a timeline of the first chapter posting for IEWIS on the app as of yet, the wheels are turning and it will live on Episode as soon as possible.

With that said, this does mean IEWIS may not live on any longer. Since it will have new life on Episode, it's not completely necessary for me to take it down from this site… but I have been advised that it might be best. has been an amazing host for the adventure that was posting this story, which I will never discredit or forget. But, as some of you (if the old IEWIS fans are still there, that is) may remember, I've played around with the idea of turning IEWIS into its own "thing" over the years and always knew there might come a day when it had to part ways with Fanfic in order to do so. Seems like that day may be coming…

For now I will post this notice and take each step of this journey as it comes. I may even see what my choices are when it comes to posting a written version on my own personal blog, re-worked and Twilight free.

In conclusion, I cannot believe the support I still receive for this story and it seems like such a long, long time ago I nervously posted the first chapter. Even though I may not have responded to some of the later reviews and comments, the response continues to overwhelm me. If you'd still like to zip up some love for IEWIS Land, a new adventure awaits us!

Thank yous, as always.


P.S. In keeping with old traditions, the chapter title "Movin' Out" is definitely in reference to the fantastic Billy Joel song.