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It had been 5 years since we changed Maddie. I still can't believe that Bella had the strength to change her. She says that Maddie's scent allowed her to be in control, that she had a gift. And she did. Maddie confessed to us that she had known that we were vampires, but like Bella, didn't care. She never necessarily wanted to be one, but she wasn't angry that we changed her.

We had to go back and set Maddie's car on fire though, to fake her death. We would have just left the car, but without a body, she'd be listed as missing. The funeral was hard for Maddie, she went to watch. She saw how much her parents did care for her and how much her sisters did love her, but she understood that she couldn't see them again. It took her a while to really be okay with it, but in the end she was happy.

We had brought her back to our house when she was changing, it would be kind of obvious if we walked into a hotel with a writhing, screaming girl in our arms. Shortly after the funeral and all, we moved up to Canada, where no one would recognize us, or Maddie. Again, we changed up our family stories. We didn't want to leave Maddie and over the months, Nick and Chase also became like family to us. Also, Bella didn't want to leave her first family, and Maddie had become like a little sister to her, to all of us. Bella was closer to Maddie than anyone though.

Emmett and Rosalie were going to be married and be taking care of Maddie, pretending to be Rosalie's little sister living with them after their parents died. Me and Jasper were going to be adopted by Esme and Carlisle as usual, and Alice and Bella were going to be Chase and Nick's kid and niece again. We were starting school again soon, we waited a while to make sure Maddie could be around humans before entering the school system.

I couldn't wait till Bella and I graduated, because on the day of graduation, I was going to propose to her. I wanted her to be mine officially. I had waited 50 years to be with her again, and now that I was with her again, I've waited 5 years before making her officially mine. Well, I'd have to wait another 2 years before I could propose, but it was well worth the wait.

It was the first day of school for Maddie, it was January now, and I could tell Bella was nervous for Maddie.

"Love, she's going to be alright" I assured her with a kiss on the cheek. Bella sighed and looked up at me.

"I know, but I can still worry can't I?" Bella said sheepishly as she wrapped her arms around me. Maddie really was like the little sister she never had. I'll never quite understand the connection they have, but I may never know. Maybe it's because Bella was the one who changed her and she felt protective of the immortal she created. Maybe it's because Bella was the one who was there when she woke up, hell, she wouldn't let anyone other than Carlisle in the room. Maddie also had a certain type of respect for Bella, like she really was the older sister she never had.

We turned as we heard Rosalie's BMW pull up into a spot close to Bella's car. Maddie stepped out and Bella giggled. Alice had gotten hold of Maddie this morning. She looked great. Maddie was the only one that Rosalie let drive her precious BMW, which also had a new engine put in. Maddie took a quick look at us and took a deep breath before she made her way to the office. I could tell that Bella was itching to go with her, make sure she was going to be safe but Maddie had had enough practice around humans for us to know that there were going to be no problems. Plus, she had her extra ability to help her keep control.

At lunch we learned that Maddie, playing the grade below us, had lunch with us.

"Hey… can I sit with you?" Maddie said, playing her role perfectly, although I could see she was trying not to giggle.

"Of course! You must be new here, I'm Bella" Bella introduced herself first, obviously happy to be able to talk to Maddie now.

"Yeah, I am. I'm Maddie McCarty. What grade are you guys in?"

We went through the motions of "getting to know each other" for a while and then we were finally able to talk to Maddie semi-normally.

The rest of the day went by smoothly, all the guys wanting to hit on Maddie, but at the same time shying away from her. Since I had claimed Bella here, the offers had died down, but not completely, and I guess I could live with that.

After school we all met at Emmett and Rosalie's house to talk about Maddie's first day. Maddie was talking and talking and talking, she was so excited. She loved being a vampire and she loved being able to interact with people. But I think she was more impressed by the fact that she had the least difficulty with interacting with humans.

"So, this is how it's going to be from now on?" Maddie asked Bella that night. She and Bella were watching a movie to pass the time. Bella put her arm around Maddie's shoulders.

"Yep, that is of course, until you find your mate" Bella said as she nudged Maddie in the side. Maddie just laughed.

"I think I'm good for now. Right now, my life is perfect. And that's the way it will stay"

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