Stay Down

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Hey this is SHEQ I decided to make my own Twilight Fan fiction since I made my first one which didn't turn out really great :( so I decided to screw my holiday and just become best buddies with my cheap PC computer (or what ever the name is). So hope you guys like it.


"Miss Swan!"

"Oh, what?"

"You mean 'I beg your pardon, Mr. Mathews?' Miss Swan."

I quickly looked at my best friend, Alice, and to Rose on the other side who both were pulling faces at Mr. Mathews.

"Miss Swan, I'm still waiting for an answer!" Mr. Mathews boomed.

"I beg your pardon!" That's when I knew that my big mouth and I had gotten myself into trouble…again. I needed to explain myself and hopefully a good explanation would save me, but the class was laughing right now which wasn't really helping at all.

"I mean I didn't hear what the question was, sir," I said.

"Well, if you weren't busy reading this-"

"Dolly Magazine, Mr. Mathews?" I interrupted.

Ugh!! Seriously! Sometimes, I think that my mouth has a mind of its own which thinks of all sorts of stupid things to say.

"Yes, if you weren't busy reading this Dolled Magazine you would have already given me answer by now. So, Miss Swan, tell me a good excuse why and how this Dolled Magazine is related to Biology."

Damn it. First of all, everyone in the class was looking at me like I had already lost this. Second of all, how had he clearly not heard me when I said DOLLY? Gosh. He's like right up in my face - which isn't very nice because Mr. Mathews isn't a guy who shaves himself and to add to that, he eats onions for lunch! Ugh!

"Well, Mr. Mathews, that's an interesting question because…well biology is the study of all living organisms or living things - isn't that right sir?"

I quickly looked at Alice who was mouthing 'no' and looked over to Rose who gave me the thumbs up to carry on with my theory.

"As I was reading from this page tells a story of a young couple going hiking for a romantic evening which ended up as a tragic story in which both lives were taken but no evidence has been found stating their cause of death. But, seriously, isn't obvious why they died? What are the things that come to mind when you hear the words hiking or camping?"

"Trees!" Angela, my gym buddy, called out.

"Exactly! Thousands and thousands of them!! But, it's also nature that's out there. You see, today we have the problem with our planet earth getting so hot that it is about to blow up because silly things we do everyday. Like how Jessica always is spraying her hair with so much spray that it gets too cloudy."

Jessica looked over in my direction and had an offended look on her plastic face.

Everyone was paying attention now; you know, sometimes my mouth comes in handy with situations like this.

"What had killed the lovely couple was that we were - and still are - treating nature badly; so much so that it has decided to fire back at us. See Mr. Mathews? The plants have been affected enormously really because there is too much heat so photosynthesis is just too much where there is not enough rain for plants that rely on water more then sunlight. So, this is what we get out of Dolly Magazine."

Wow. I never knew I could lie so much about useless information. I wondered if anything I had just explained was true because really I didn't pay much attention in biology.

"You done, Miss Swan?" Mr. Mathews questioned.

That was more of a command than a question, but I knew by looking at his face that he didn't take anything in.

"Yes, Mr. Mathews."

"Good, now you can go and take your magazine to Mrs. McKaw and pick it up at the end of the day."

Mrs. McKaw is our Headmaster and she's much worse than Mr. Mathews. I would rather have him than her any day. Just as he said this, the bell rang and it was home time.

"What was that?" Alice said as she stood next to my locker.

"Alice! I just took the longest two minutes of my life explaining photo-ROSE!" I glanced over at Rose who was spraying her hair. "I just finished using Jessica and her spraying her hair as my example of how were affecting the Earth and now you're doing it, too?!"

"Aw…come on Bella. It's just spray - it wouldn't make a difference anyway." Rose continued spraying her hair like what I had said before didn't matter.

"Rosalie Hale! Look, it only has been what? Three seconds? And it's already foggy!"

"Bella, you're trying to ignore my question using Rosalie's spraying addiction!" Alice whined, looking like she could jump me.

"Damn it. I didn't fool you did I?" I muttered.

"Nope, now tell me what was that?"

Yes, not only has Rosalie got an addiction with spraying, but also I have one with getting in trouble, then making excuses that lead to a phone call home every time I get caught.

"Alice, I swore I would try but I didn't swear I would stop!"

"You know, since you broke your promise you, Y-O-U are going shopping with us!" Alice said, jumping up and down with Rosalie. Seriously, I know girls like shopping, but I loath it so much like my brothers pictures of Britney Spears (Sorry BS fans I didn't know who else to say).

"Alice, Emmett and I are meeting our step-dad Phill today," I tried.

"Don't worry Bella. I sort of had a feeling that you would break your promise so I rang him at lunch."

Yes, these two are my best friends and have been since age one. Alice, whom I first met, has short light brown hair with light hazel eyes. She wasn't as tall as I was – in fact, she was a whole foot shorter than me. She had pretty features like Rose. Rosalie, who I met after and is also my brothers girlfriend, has sky blue eyes and creamy white skin. She could definitely pass as being a model. Well, I'm just normal looking with long shoulder length brown hair. I have chocolate hazel eyes and very pale skin but I'm not albino. I go to an all girls' school, AGGS, which stands for ALLAN GIRLS GRAMMAR SCHOOL. We wear a school uniform but it looks more that look like a nurses' uniform. I live with my dad and older brother Emmett. Emmett goes to an all boys' school, St Paul's, not that far from ours. Rosalie has a twin brother, Jasper Hale, who looks just like Rosalie but a boy version. He's taller with muscles and currently dating Alice. Alice's older brother, Edward, just came back from Italy. He lived there for six years and recently moved back. I haven't really seen him that much – just a couple of times. The last time I saw him was when we – Alice and I – were about ten and he was eleven, but he has a manly look to him with bronze hair and aqua green eyes. He's single – according to Alice.

"Earth to Bella, you still there?"

Rosalie and Alice waved their hands in my face.

"Yes, I'm here. I was just coming up with an escape plan," I answered foolishly.

Oops. As soon as I said that, I was picked up and carried into Alice's Porsche, quickly being driven to the nearest clothing store.

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