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Stay Down

Chapter 29 - Fake is a Bitch, don't you be one!

Bella Swan

I'm not going to lie and say i hate Edward. I'm not going to pretend nothing happened either. I have been sitting in Jacob's bed watching re-runs of The Golden girls with a quite Jacob lying next to me.

"Bella are you sure-" Jacob said before i spoke over him.

"Jacob i'm not hungry" I said in a dead tone.

"Are you going to tell me what actually happened?" He said after a while before i spoke again.

I sighed turning the TV off and facing him. His face was worried, very understanding. What's the point in keeping it hidden, since everyone in town will soon know.

"Edward and Tanya were having Sex in Edward's own room...and i walked in"I said trying to erase the same image i have been trying to do for the past couple of hours.

Jacob being the drag queen he is, gasped.

"Oh nooo he did'nt!!" He said snapping his fingers and shaking his head.

"Oh yes he did" I said getting angry.

"I'm going to kick his ass next time i'm going to see him" He said while giving me a hug.

"Well be my pleasure...go right ahead" I said turning the TV back on and flicking through the channels.

"Are you Ok, though?" Jacob asked looking like i was going burst out crying.

"What do you think, my boyfriend had sex with slut of the town" I said being sarcastic.

"Sad?" He said making me laugh.

"Jacob stop trying to make me happy, i want to be sad " I said. before my phone started beeping.

"Jacob don't you dare touch it" I said glaring at him.

"Wasn't thinking it" He said shaking his head. I sighed staring at the Phone vibrating on the bed.

"Are you going to answer it..because its getting annoying" Jacob asked looking at the phone instead of me.

"You actully think i-" I said

"That was a rhetorical question" Jacob said with a dry tone which piss me off.

"What the hell is your problem....ever since i walked in you've been treating me like shit" I said looking at him straight in the face. He turned his head towards me. A look i haven't seen him use in a while. No it wasn't glaring nor was it even giving me the hint of joking.

"Bella...i'm treating you like i normally would be treating you like" He said looking at from the floor.

"JACOB I JUST SAW MY BLOODY BOYFRIEND-" I said before him cutting me off.

"Bella if i treated you with all the sympthpathectic crap you would be angry.....besides i'll be fake" He said shaking his head.

Did he not feel that i needed someone to tell me i'm worth it at the moment!!Stuff being fake at least you could lie to yourself that i was.

"Well your my best friend Jacob and you should know when i need comfort!" I said controlling my breathing.

"I'm not a girl Bella, i'm just a guy..i don't understand how the female brain works" He said turning of the TV now fully paying attention to me.

"Well most of the time you act like one" I said walking towards him.

"No i'm not Bella...I'm a g-u-y!" He said looking angry

"WHAT SO YOUR NOT GAY!" I said looking confused.

It took him a while to answer but i could tell he needed to relax before he was shouting at the top of his lungs like i was.

"Yes i am Bella, and that doesn't mean i am a girl....I just happen to be attracted to men just like you." He said looking at me.

"I don't get you Jacob, the next minute your girl and then you act like your in love with me and your a guy...please just stick to one person" I saif sighing.I know i took my anger out on him but i just couldn't stop.

With one sorry look at me before he said.

"Maybe you should go home and rest" He said opening the door. With one more glance at him i quickly grabbed my phone before heading out the door in tears.... again.

Edward Cullen

I don't know how long i have been on the bed but with Esme coming to tell me to take a bath suggested a hint.

"Edward honey....i know what happen-" She said before i cut her off.

"Mom i really don't want to talk about" I said as i felt her standing for a while before sighing and left.

I had one day before i would go back to Italy.I could just leave and forget about living here for the past weeks,forget friends,school here and...and...an-d... Bella...Bella.

One bloody letter and i have to go back to of this way though, i could finish of my school. Live a happy down. Have here....

My life is a complete shit right now.I hated feeling this, especially towards Bella.I worked hard in Italy and soon found out that a girl comes along and ruins it less then a week. What do i do?Stay? or finish of what I worked hard for in bloody five years?Or what i gained to love in a couple days?

I sighed tomyself for the tenth time lying in interest now lied on the posters on the wall as night preparing for my last day.

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