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When I opened my eyes it was nearly pitch black around me but my eyes adjusted quickly, it was strange I felt so cold, rigid, hard and I could hear everything, the whispering of the leaves, the hum of some far away plane, and then the most amazing sound drifted over, the smell was absolutely delicious I simply had to have it I got up and followed the trail till I stumbled upon it, it was a caribou I felt the venom pooling in my mouth I leapt from behind and sank my teeth into it's neck drained the thrashing animal of its blood and when I was finished I dug a shallow grave and buried the evidence.

Once I was done I ran to a place where I knew I should be a place where I knew the most beautiful creature in the world would be waiting.

But upon arrival I was attacked by an onslaught of memories…

"I'm not good for you Bella…"

I remembered that he had left me all of them did. I was their pet and when they were done "playing" with me they picked up and moved on.

I began gasping for air and sobbing though I could no longer cry.

I remembered walking to the meadow, our meadow, our once perfectly pristine meadow.

I remembered Laurant, he was circling me I remember him closing in on me finally to sink his teeth into where my neck and should met I remembered him backing up gasping writhing then getting up to run leaving me there to change alone.

The Cullens were gone and I was alone.

I went to walk through the forest then I crossed a trail. The smell like rust and salt blended together… disgusted me to no end but I just had to go see what it was.

I crept up behind the source only to find it was a hiker. I saw them and turned and ran before they could catch sight of me.

About two miles out I finally slowed down to human pace. "How did I just do that how am I a newborn vampire and disgusted my human blood?!"

I knew what I had to do I had to find the Cullens so I went into their home and changed into some clothes Alice and Rosalie had left behind and while doing so I looked in the mirror simply curious, and I was beautiful I had curves in all the right places my cheeks were angular, my hair was shiny and fell in soft waves I actually shocked my self but I picked up and continued to pack and few extra outfits and set out on my journey I was to try my hand at tracking.