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The staff in the second Suoh mansion were extremely laid back, they took everything at ease and were a pleasure to have working there.

As usual the maids would go around cleaning, dusting and doing the laundry. They would laugh and chat having a good time, the butlers and other members of staff would get on with their own jobs in the same way. It was fun working at the Suoh mansion, and hearing their master and his dog's constant squabbles as Antoinette would make him laugh to death.

A maid carrying a basket of laundry made her way through the many rooms changing used beds and fixing the curtains, she made her way to her young master's bedroom and opened the door.

The bed was a mess and the curtains were still drawn, the alarm clock was still going off and frankly Tamaki Suoh's room was a tip this morning. The maid shook her head and set the basket down, time to work.

First she opened the curtains wide tying them back with the rope design straps. She opened the window to air the room out and got to work on the bed, not before turning off that noisy alarm clock. She lifted the duvet and flew it wide into the air and smoothed it out as it settled back on the bed, she sorted out the pillows and the sheets making every thing perfect. The maid then picked up the basket and walked into her masters walk-in-wardrobe. She got to work putting away the fresh laundry and hanging up the clean clothes, it was then that she noticed Tamaki's school uniform had not been touched. Surely he hadn't gone in his pajamas? None of his clothes had been touched, this was incredibly strange.

Keeping this in mind the maid finished her work and headed down stairs to speak to the other staff. This proved to be very informative indeed.

The maids hadn't seen Tamaki since yesterday night, he hadn't had his breakfast and nobody could recall him leaving this morning. The staff were befuddled and didn't know what to make of it, but Antoinette had certainly been acting rather depressed lately.

The maid walked out onto the grounds and crossed the grass making her way hurriedly to the chauffeurs. By the time she had got to the driver she was out of breath and leaning heavily against the car as she tried to regain it. "Did...did any of you," she took a deep breath and continued. "Take master Tamaki to school this morning?"

The drivers talked amongst themselves and turned to face the red faced maid. "Sorry to say, but no we haven't seen him at all today." The maid took a sharp in take of breath and her hands flew to her mouth. "Oh dear," she choked.

A few minutes later and the maid was back in side the mansion telling the rest of the staff. Their loud conversation could be heard all through the building as their discussion grew louder and their voices were laced with worry.

Because of all this noise they didn't hear the annoyed cough behind them and didn't notice the small lady walk in between them all. "Ahem!"

All the staff turned to face the old lady standing in the middle of them, shutting up instantly. "What is all this ruckus about?" She demanded with an edge in her voice. The young maid stepped forward worriedly. "Oh Shima-sama, Master Tamaki hasn't been seen at all since last night." The maid lowered her hands from her mouth. "We fear he's missing as he's uniform was untouched and he was never dropped off to school this morning."


Ouran High - 3rd Music Room


The small figure of Tamaki coughed loudly from the mouthful of sugar he had swallowed. All of the hosts drew their heads in close -even Kyoya- to see the mini Tamaki dangling upside down from Haruhi's hand. "Haruhi you might want to put him up right," Kyoya said eying Tamaki strangely. "The blood will rush to his head."

Haruhi turned him up right. Not that that's unusual for him, she thought dusting the dirt off of him. "He's like a doll," she said holding him in her hand. The twins grin widened into an evil that made Haruhi shiver. "He's like a toy," they said mischievously.

Tamaki sat up and shook the sugar from his hair, "Haruhi!!" He cried jumping up. "I must say it's about time someone noticed me."

"Tama-chan looks like a little toy, that's so cute," Hunny said cheerfully. Mori nodded even he looked a little perplexed by the situation.

"Senpai...why are you so tiny?" Haruhi asked staring at him. "...and why are you in pajamas?"

Tamaki held his arm up dramatically and spun around on her hand. "How blessed i am to have such a concerned daughter, how won-"

"Tamaki get on with it," Kyoya said flatly. Tamaki sulked in the corner of Haruhi's hand and poked her finger. "...I've been...cursed!"

The twins closed in on Tamaki and smiled devilishly. "Ne Hika, didn't he bump into Nekozawa yesterday..."

"Ah, that's right Kao," Hikaru's grin widened. "We could just be speculating but maybe tono did something to annoy Ne-ko-za-wa."

The twins both said Nekozawa's name together creepily making sure to emphasize fully on his name. Tamaki cowered in the spot he had claimed on Haruhi's hand. "Kaasan!"

Kyoya sighed and waved the twins off, they turned away and started talking and in less than a second they were on the floor in fits of laughter. Haruhi stifled a giggle and covered her mouth with her hand, Tamaki looked at her through teary eyes; it was bad enough the twins were laughing at him, but he's own daughter!

"Ne Tama-chan, did Nekozawa curse you?" Hunny asked curiously. Tamaki flinched and the depressing aura surrounding him grew several shades darker. Even Kyoya was now finding it hard to keep a grin off his face, this really was too funny. "Tamaki why are you in your nightwear?"

Tamaki looked down to his attire and made a noise some where between a gasp and a scream. For the first real time he noticed just how filthy he was and also how he was in his pajamas in public. "Haha, the curse probably took affect his sleep," Hikaru said still trying to stop laughing, Kaoru agreed. They were both holding their sides giggling like mad men.

Tamaki glared at them getting rather annoyed. "Well this is rather annoying, I'm covered in dirt," he sighed trying to get the mud and sugar off.

Kyoya pushed his glasses up, a small smile creeping up his lips, and plucked Tamaki out from Haruhi's hand. "Ky-Kyoya!?" Tamaki cried obviously shocked.

"This can be sorted very simply," Kyoya said opening a drawer behind the table he worked at.

Tamaki freaked out and clinged tightly onto Kyoya's finger. "Don't put me in there!"

Kyoya rolled his eyes and ignored the small idiot in his hand, he lent down and pulled something out of the drawer. "This is only a prototype but it was received well, and they will be excellent for profit," Kyoya smiled holding up the small thing in his other hand. It was a mini sized action figure of himself in the Ouran uniform, he placed it next to Tamaki; it was slightly taller than him. "Take the uniform off the doll and change into that," Kyoya told him.

Tamaki picked the doll up and looked at it carefully. It was exactly like Kyoya in every outer detail. "B-but that would seem improper and the doll would be left n-naked!" Tamaki said clearly freaked out at the prospect of an undressed Kyoya. It was just a toy though.

That did it for he Hitachiin's and once again they were crying from laughter. "T-tono's a pervert!" Kaoru gasped. Hikaru was laughing too hard to even comment on this.

Tamaki stood frozen with his jaw hanging wide open in disbelief only noticing Haruhi shake her head, she didn't know what to say but all she thought was that senpai always got himself into a mess some how.

Kyoya glared at the lot of them but they were to busy laughing to notice. "Just get changed."

Tamaki took the doll and headed off some where to do just that. When Kyoya spoke to you like that you did as you were told, who knew what would happen if you didn't.

A few minutes later Tamaki came back wearing a mini Ouran uniform and carrying the Kyoya doll now clad in Tamaki's pajamas. "Bit small," he complained pulling at the clothes.

Kyoya shook his head taking the doll from Tamaki. "You should be grateful."

Tamaki sulked and walked across the table towards Haruhi. "This truly is troublesome. How on earth shall i entertain the princesses like this?"

The twins sniggered and Haruhi rolled her eyes. Well that was a comforting to know that his 'family' actually cared...or not! Tamaki sulked some more heading over to one of Hunny's cakes. "Tama-chan you want some?" Hunny asked.

Tamaki nodded and ate the cake miserably with a small spoon, and even that was difficult.

Suoh Mansion

Shima made her away through the halls of the Suoh mansion as quick as her old legs would take, which in fact was surprisingly quick.

She headed down a turning to her right and stopped at a door. She opened it quickly knowing that Mr. Suoh was currently at the school and rushed over to the phone. Picking it up it patched directly to the school office and Mr. Suoh answered.

"Ah Shima, is there a problem?" Mr Suoh asked. Shima scowled and asked him. "Has Master Tamaki been marked in present for his lesson's today?"

There was a pause on the phone. "I'll check," he replied. Shima could here him talking to someone in the background and voices were being raised. "No Shima, he hasn't."

"Have you seen him at all today?" She asked looking irritated. Another pause as Mr Suoh thought back to this morning. "No, i haven't seen him since yesterday. Shima where is my son?"

"I don't know," she said flatly. The phone went dead on the other end and back at the Ouran academy Mr. Suoh was calling his private school police (not at all like Kyoya's) to find his son. "Tamaki..."


"Open your text books to the chapter we covered yesterday, we will be going over the things that we missed," the teacher said writing the information on the board. Haruhi rolled her eyes as she heard the two boys either side of her sigh and groan.

They were in French and the teacher was the biggest bore in the world. Haruhi moaned inwardly, she knew what was about to happen. There went the first piece of paper, Kaoru had started it this time sending his note flying high over Haruhi's head to Hikaru. She tried her best to ignore this but it was incredibly hard.

"Haruhi, we did all this yesterday," Hikaru whined. "I'm bored." Haruhi turned the page and finished writing a sentence. "Do you even remember what we did yesterday?"

Hikaru laughed. "Of course i do, that's why it's so boring. Right Kaoru?"

Kaoru looked over at his brother eyes half lidded. "Hai, French is so boring. Let's do something fun." Hikaru caught the tone in his voice and a wide grin spread across his lips. "Ne, Haruhi?"

"What ever it is, no," Haruhi said quickly trying to concentrate. "But Haruhi," Kaoru cooed snaking his arm around her shoulders. From out of her pocket came a muffled cry. "You two stop harassing your sister and let her work," a blonde head popped up from the pocket followed by Tamaki's head and shoulders. "French?"

"Hai senpai," Haruhi said exasperated. The lesson wasn't even half way through and already she was getting irked. "It would help if i could actually get on with some work."

She shot the twins an annoyed look and they laughed, that was until the teacher came over to them and started to yell. Tamaki looked up at Haruhi and then down to her work. "Hm, you've misspelled that there," he told her. Haruhi reread her work and corrected her mistake. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, why any father would look after his children's education," he cried jumping onto the table. "If you should need my assistance just ask."

Haruhi rolled her eyes. "That would be cheating if i kept on asking you for help, i'd rather pay attention to the lesson and learn from a teacher," Tamaki looked put down, she groaned inwardly. "The more noise you make the more you'll be noticed."

She shooed him of the page with her hand and started writing again. Hikaru laughed quietly and lent over the table. "Ne Rat-san, she's right." Kaoru laughed as well. "You wouldn't want them to squash you Rat-san."

"Insolent idiots..." Tamaki mumbled, peeved.

He sat behind a book Haruhi had laying on the desk and sulked. Haruhi had a feeling the day was going to a repeat performance of nuisance.

She was right of course and by lunch she felt overtly exhausted, what with the twins constant teasing and Tamaki's never ending trips to depression, she never felt so grateful to be back in the Host Club room. He was someone else's problem now, hopefully.

After all the Host club charade Tamaki had now been transferred to Kyoya's pocket for their last lesson and he was half dangling out of it bored.

"Mother this really is a nuisance," he whined. Kyoya rolled his eyes and listened to his friends complaints.

"Tamaki, rest assured this will be dealt with and you will be returned back to your original size," Kyoya said surely.

Tamaki mumbled something inaudible and Kyoya could only do his best to concentrate on his work instead of getting rid of the annoying migit.

Tamaki had a way of getting even on the most patient of people's nerves, and with his now high squeaky voice, it was done a lot quicker.

There was a reason Kyoya had left Tamaki in the care of Haruhi, and the simple fact was that he couldn't be bothered to handle the stress he would most likely cause him. This was also the reason Haruhi had to take him home with her.

Haruhi thought grimly about the idea of having Tamaki stay th night in her home, he couldn't go back to his looking like this, and staying at the Hitachiin's was a big no. She couldn't see why Kyoya wouldn't have him, they were best friends right?

Probably to keep him out of his way, she thought bitterly as she walked home down the street.

Tamaki was currently half asleep in the bottom pocket of her blazer, she shook her head as she heard him humming a strange song.

"Senpai you'll have to behave here," Haruhi said seriously. "I mean it, no messing around. I have a lot of work to get on with."

"Of course, i wouldn't dream of disturbing your work," he called up. Haruhi found it very difficult to believe that.

Opening her front door she took of her shoes and unpacked her bag in her room, she laid her homework out on the table and then quickly got changed.

She stood in the kitchen and opened the fridge. "Dad's coming home soon because he has to go out early for work today," she told Tamaki, who was sitting on the edge of the table. "So i've got to make dinner earlier today."

Tamaki nodded and watched her prepare. "Just so you know it won't be anything like the expensive stuff you eat," she said opening the cupboards.

"Any thing my daughter makes will be ten times better than the top caterers," Tamaki gushed. Haruhi rolled her eyes as she put the ingredients into the frying pan, she then moved over to stir the soup she had put on.

"Is there anything your father could help you with?" Tamaki asked wide eyed.

"Iie senpai," she said, busy. "It's fine."

Tamaki sat dejectedly twiddling his thumbs, he felt pretty useless but it made sense when he thought about it. There wasn't much someone three inches could help with, he reasoned.

Tamaki sat there for what seemed like days to him, it had only been half and hour, watching Haruhi float about the kitchen cooking, preparing and cleaning stuff.

He whined then stopped abruptly as the door clicked and opened wide. "Haruhi! I'm home!"

Haruhi turned around and smiled. "Welcome back, how was work today otousan?"

"Kyah, how blessed i am to have such a concerned daughter," her father said embracing her. "And so kind, your cooking looks delicious as always, i can't wait to eat it!"

"Otousan calm down," Haruhi sighed getting back to her cooking. This felt like deja vu. "It's almost ready so sit down and relax for a while. Work must have been tiring."

Ranka-san! Tamaki smiled looking up at his 'daughters' real father. Of course Ranka wasn't his real name, it was the name he used when he was one of the girls. Ryoji Fujioka, after the death of his wife, started cross-dressing, it was so he would never love another woman other than her. (A/N: So sweet T-T)

Ranka's eyes went wide like a puppies, filled to the brim with tears. "My daughter cares for me so well, it makes a father proud."

Haruhi shook her head, blocking out the annoying familiarness of the situation. Oh she knew the reason, but she would have rather not thought about it.

Coming home from a day with her 'dad' or Tamaki to be precise, then coming home to her real father...well there really wasn't much difference. They both acted in the same over dramatic, idiotic way.

"It does doesn't it," Tamaki agreed hearing Ranka's comment. Ranka looked around confused hearing the noise. Slowly his attention came to the miniature boy on the table edge. "Haruhi...Why is that idiot in this house?" Ranka glared at him. Tamaki yelped and edged away.

Ranka got closer, his furrowed brows creasing even more until his eyes opened wide with realisation. "And why has he shrunk, ha!"

Haruhi's father burst out laughing at 'that idiot' on the table, as Haruhi continued to ignore them.

She turned around carrying a tray and set it carefully on the table, she went back and got the rest of the food before serving it up to her father and herself. She had to get and extra small bowl to feed Tamaki, but even the food was huge to eat.

"Otousan, Tamaki-senpai will be staying the night," she explained. Ranka's mixed expression of anger and sadness barely bothering her.

"Why?" He asked, sounding like a sulking child.

"Because senpai's situation is...unusual," Haruhi said filling her fathers cup. "It's only for tonight until it gets sorted out."

Ranka pouted muttering a "fine" and continued to eat the dinner his daughter had prepared.

A while later the dishes were in the sink and Haruhi was washing up.

"I have to leave now Haruhi," Ranka said depressed. "I wish i didn't have to leave my daughter with such an idiot."

"You'll be late if you don't leave otousan," Haruhi said walking with him to the door.

"Oh okay, wish me luck," he said giving her a hug then leaving. Haruhi smiled and wished him well before closing the door and heading back to the dishes. Phew.

After all that work Haruhi went into the front room and sat down at the table to study. Tamaki watched her with interest and it was hard for him to follow Haruhi's instructions; "don't disrupt me and don't get into trouble."

Several hours passed by until Haruhi yawned and stretched her arms up. "I'm going to bed now, it's late," she stood up and held her hand out. "Come on."

Tamaki climbed onto it and she took her into her room. "Wait a second," she said walking over to her cupboard, she folded the door back and rooted through a section. "Here it is," she said leaving the room and entering the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom she opened a cupboard and took out the first aid box, not that anyone was injured, she picked something that was similar to cotton wall and put it inside the object and then covered it with the small cloth usually used for her glasses.

"Senpai," she said when she re-entered her bedroom. "You're so small right now so i thought this would be best, you can sleep in this."

In her hands was a small carefully designed box, now made to be a bed for a very small person. She put it on her bedroom side next to Tamaki.

"You went to all that trouble to make a bed for me," Tamaki mumbled, eyes glistening. "What a wonderful daughter!"

"S-senpai, go to...sleep," Haruhi yawned getting into her own bed. She had gotten changed in the bathroom while making it.

Tamaki got into his make shift bed a smiled giddily, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the 'pillow'.


Suoh mansion

Mr. Suoh sighed heavily, his men in the school couldn't find hide nor hair of his son. This was starting to worry him, as Tamaki had not only left his mobile at home, but he hadn't called him at all.

The whole house was in an uproar and Mr. Suoh was seconds away from calling the police but Shima had convinced him other wise. Tamaki would probably come home when he wasn't off gallivanting every where, she had said to him.

Even though he was extremely worried he couldn't help but agree, after all Tamaki wasn't the sensiblest person around and had probably just forgotten and lost track of time. He'd see if he returned tomorrow before taking drastic measures.

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