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-- ByakuyaXIchigo --

Ichigo's body convulsed on the floor as the twin powers surged, flared, swelled and spill out into the atmosphere. The Captains Shunsui Kyōraku, Jūshirō Ukitake, Hitsugaya Tōshirō and Byakuya Kuchiki knelt helplessly around the teen.

Retsu Unohana, did not seem to be doing anything to calm his juddering form but watching and Byakuya could barely control himself. What could he have done however? This was no time for his selfish whim of panic.

Retsu, observed the youth, she regulated his ragged breathing and stroked his turbulent mind with her healing powers. She knew it looked horrendous externally, with his body into uncontrollable spasms, but she also knew he was not in any danger. At least this way he felt no pain, his unconscious body took the strain and he would be drained and ache from the extreme stresses placed upon it with the fitting.

What concerned her more were the fluctuations flowing from the still man on her left. His rigid observation and rapid breathing showed he was anything but the calm person he showed.

Gradually, the spasms slowed and Ichigo stilled.

Byakuya's hands gripped into fists on his lap almost shouting loudly at the medic in that simple action that he was struggling with his composure.

"He is sleeping." She drew the green glow from him and as the other Captains got up, she placed a reassuring hand over Byakuya's.

"Well at least that gets rid of the Espada theory." Shunsui sighed relieved taking a cup of the now cold refreshments, but he always felt calmer with a drinking vessel in his hands.

"Does it or have we just condemned Kurosaki?" Jūshirō glanced concerned to his friend who replied with a thoughtful nod.

"He is no different now than the child we allowed into our hearts. Only now, he may hold some vital information that may just finish this war before it gets started." Unohana spoke quietly, watching Byakuya pick the teen up from the floor.

They were pulled from their thoughts as Renji ran into the room.

"Taichō!" He looked startled at the sight of Ichigo in his arms. "The 12th are getting edgy, was that energy Ichigo's?" Byakuya nodded.

"I will deal with it." The long silver hair was thrown over a shoulder and he gestured for Renji to lead the way. The others, minus Retsu, took this as their leave and followed.

"I will take him to his room." Byakuya spoke quietly.

"Byakuya?" She enquired following him. "Do you think we care or mind that you finally released your grief for your wife?" He turned to view her. "Do you think that showing your true intentions towards this boy will make you appear less in our eyes?" She ran a hand through the ginger hair. He did not reply, but turned and continued on hearing her quiet footsteps follow.

"I do not care what anyone thinks. I have always acted upon what is right, not what will look good." He replied a minute later.

-- ByakuyaXIchigo --

"I made sure that he would sleep a while longer. That way he can further assimilate his brother without upset." Unohana explained as she watched Byakuya lay the figure in the bed and helped to remove his outer clothing. "And I think…" She touched Byakuya's hand with a smile and guessed that he would want to remain beside Ichigo. "…that you might want to rest yourself? The others would understand that this was a difficult experience for you. I am sure that this role as his protector these past weeks has been draining on you anyway."

"He has needed constant attention."

"Then I would expect no lesser devotion to duty than you sharing this room with him? I would not have been able to provide that level of care myself. It's a commendable thing, and quite possibly what gave him the strength to commit to this event."

They covered him up and sat silent a moment whilst she checked him again. "On his visits to my division, he was quite, how should I put this? He spoke fondly of you."

"He did?" Byakuya's gaze was drawn from the peaceful features of Ichigo to the amused face of the medic captain.

"I am happy for you my friend." She smiled getting to her feet. "My orders are to continue as you have been. I shall go and see to the others and leave you in peace."

Byakuya remained in his kneeling position beside the bed. He watched the rise and fall of Ichigo's breathing, the pale skin of his face and took his hand in his own.

-- ByakuyaXIchigo --

Outside at the gates Unohana arrived to see a flurry of white haori emblazed with the number 12 disappear into the streets. The division men fell back and followed their captain.

"How is our patient?"

"Which one?" She asked smiling. "One is sleeping, the other is ordered to rest."


"Our esteemed college felt rather worn out by all these events."

"Of course." Agreed Shunsui with a knowing smile. "The captain we once knew as Byakuya my continue to soften further?"

"He may." She said with a slight smile and bowed further. "Is this issue finalised or does the 12th need evidence?"

"He is used to us going against him, he'll get over it."

-- ByakuyaXIchigo --

"Byakuya?" Ichigo stirred and mumbled, the grasp in his hand tightened. Ichigo opened his eyes gingerly against the bright day that rushed into his room.

"I am here." The deep voice rumbled.

Ichigo turned into the naked chest of the captain and receptive to the arms that wrapped around him. He closed his eyes and felt the protection overwhelm him. within moments we was asleep again. Byakuya kissed the top of his head and finally gave in himself to the sleep that called him.

The captains stayed at the Kuchiki house for some time, they made excuses that they wanted to keep the peace, but really they were just curious about the budding relationship. Rukia managed to push the men out the door after a light evening meal and Unohana promised to go once she had checked on Ichigo again. They had all felt the his energy spiral around the house since the injections took affect. They had barely settled in all this time since.

She opened the door and quietly smiled at the scene in front of her. Ichigo, facing Byakuya, his head tucked under the captains chin, his own hands resting open palmed on the bare chest of his protector; who in turn had secured him within a tight hug that held him as close as possible.

With care she eased herself down to throw her green rays over the teen, careful not to disturb the clan leader.

"Retsu." Byakuya looked up frowning in a sleepy daze.

"Just checking once more before I leave. Go back to sleep."

"Is he okay?"

"Just still fluctuating."

"I can feel that but it has lessened." He yawned.

"He seems otherwise fine."

"Has that abomination of a man left?"

"He withdrew. We will all make our reports to the sotaicho. Hitsugaya has already gone."

"You do not need to cover for me."

"We always protect those with good intentions." She smiled. "Sleep."

-- ByakuyaXIchigo --

Byakuya woke with a start at some point in the night. Ichigo was not in the bed and he looked up worried. The light from the bathroom drew him like a moth.

Ichigo stepped out the bathroom and halted abruptly at seeing Byakuya approaching naked. Ichigo's face coloured with a blush. His mind instantly recognising the sight as incredible. The sight of Byakuya's perfect body sent a thrill down his spine.

He's so perfect. Why does he have to be so perfect? He thought, running a hand through his hair.

Ichigo couldn't help but look at his cock. Curiosity, it's not just a girl thing!

"Would you like me to dress?" Byakuya noticed and smiled.

A tremor of worry was beginning to rear its ugly head. Why, would he want me after everything that they did to me? Ichigo hesitated in answering as him mind filled with the thoughts he remembered and the new images from Hichigo's memory that were so different from his own.

"No." His quiet voice replied avoiding all eye contact and the vision in front of him.
He shook his head and stood nervously in front of Byakuya. "Will you…hold me?"

"I will." Byakuya replied But my friend his its own mind. He worried himself.

Slowly Byakuya approached him feeling the stirrings of an erection he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about. It wasn't even as if he could be thankful for his trousers to keep 'his friend' in his controlled zone as he had done these past weeks.

Byakuya held him, closing his eyes drinking in as much of Ichigo as he could; his smell, the feel of his hair against his cheek and the warmth of his skin. There was nothing as powerful as skin to skin contact. He almost fought against Ichigo pulling away as he wanted that precious, innocent and short moment to go on longer.
Instead of stepping away from him as he expected Ichigo's eyes searched his and he could feel the longing radiating towards him.

Ichigo let Byakuya's soft tender kiss fall on his neck and he groaned at the lightness of the touch. It was as if there was no one with him, he was so gentle, as if an imaginary lover was stroking, caressing and kissing him. Ichigo's eyes closed and he leaned into Byakuya's beating chest.

Byakuya trembled as his fingertips lightly brushed down Ichigo's arms to tug his robe loose and expose the nipples he had hungered for.

Ichigo's hands ran through Byakuya's hair as he bent to take a nipple in his mouth. The nobles hands clasped the younger man's buttocks and drew him towards his yearning cock. His head massaged against the silk fabric covering his crotch and felt the release of pre-cum moisture with anticipation.

Ichigo stepped back and dropped the yakata to his feet. He looked at Byakuya nervously revealing his unprotected and exposed naked form. His arms made some attempt to form a barrier to hide behind as he crossed them over himself. Byakuya didn't miss the quiver of worry.

"I'll get the light." Ichigo said turning to switch the side lamp off.

"Why?" Byakuya questioned catching Ichigo's chin lightly.

"I…You don't want to see me."

"You look stunning." Byakuya kissed him softly.

Taking Ichigo's hand he sat on the bed pulling him to his lap giving a moment to be sure; this had to be right for him. There was a deep need within Byakuya to nurture and cherish him. What ever it took, he was going to pander to Ichigo, cosseting and indulging his needs. It had nothing to do with being gallant or noble and everything to do with how much he cared.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Ichigo answered by pressing himself into Byakuya and kissing him urging him on.

The young man's nipples felt like heaven against his chest and he caressed slowly up his leg. Byakuya needn't have been so worried, this was a first for Ichigo too; first time for such an act with someone he cared for and wanted to give pleasure to.

Byakuya's tongue eased into Ichigo's mouth and he felt a sparkling excitement fill him. The hold on him was firm and reassuring and nothing like he'd imagined.

All those previous experiences had been about the enemies needs; Ichigo's needs had never had even a passing glance. Byakuya felt so different; his fingers seem to know where Ichigo wanted to be touched and in ways he only thought were fantasy made up in the books he'd read. There was no rush or attempt anything too intimate. The simple feel of Ichigo's skin was enough for Byakuya. The sounds of his breathing told him all he needed to know.

His face was flush, his breathing hesitant as Byakuya slid his hand delicately up between the toned thighs. Listening to his small gasps he moved to caress the head of Ichigo's penis with small circular movements, the sound was intoxicating. Ichigo looked at him with wide expectant eyes as he felt the warmth and sensation building higher. Byakuya gently sucked a nipple giving it a small bite as his breathing became pants of readiness to orgasm.

Unlike other partners he had had before, Ichigo was almost still and rigid as he came. Byakuya watched his face turn from surprise to almost pain as the orgasm struck. Ichigo had never had a man do that before, with such care and the rush of intense uncontrolled internal shuddering made him feel self conscious and out of control.

Byakuya felt him tense and looked to see his eyes filling with tears.
Your not ready for this. He thought.

He pulled Ichigo into a hug and held him as he cried.
"You don't have to do this for me." He whispered.

"But I wanted too."

"I can wait." He whispered kisses in Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo had no idea how Byakuya could stop himselves mid flow or what Byakuya was feeling after today and now this. But his hold around him was incredible and he never wanted Byakuya to let him go.

Reluctantly they moved up the bed and sat a moment holding each other again.
They were both enjoying this new awareness of each other and neither really wanted to sleep; Ichigo doubted that he could his nerves were too great. To be here next to Byakuya, the light on and completely naked was terrifying.

"Byakuya…I can't sleep now. Its late why don't you?"

"Ichigo…" Byakuya looked into the eyes that tried to avoid his hoping to read some understanding in them.

"No, don't make out I'm wonderful and it doesn't matter." Ichigo blinked back more tears and Byakuya took hold of his chin and drew his face towards him.

"It does matter that they made you feel like this and it does matter that you don't know how wonderful you are."

"For me sex has been about violence and forcing me…I can't help thinking that its going to happen again. Aizen made me feel…worthless."

"Your not worthless, your incredible."

He kissed Ichigo again softly and his arms wrapped around his pulling Byakuya over his body. He wanted him so much, wanted to feel him inside him and hear his moans with his touch.

Ichigo's hands running down Byakuya's back and over his backside were sending him insane, but he had to keep control; to continue now would be wrong.

He's not ready. He reminded himself "Your perfect. Everything I want." He whispered before sitting back up. "We can talk in the morning."

"Don't stop." Ichigo pleaded and Byakuya paused looking at those coppery eyes. "I want this now, I really want this now."

"Another time." Byakuya looked at him and shook his head.

"Please Byakuya, please. I want to wipe out all the times Aizen hurt me. This is killing me waiting and wondering; wondering and wanting you so much."

From his sitting position, his hand gently stroked Ichigo's belly and he bent forward to his nipple, rolling his tongue around its firmness. Ichigo panted in anticipation as his hand caressed down to his erection. Byakuya fisted the hard organ and began to move with Ichigo thrusting to the motion.

Byakuya kissed up his chest to Ichigo's neck and listened to his soft surprised gasps as they heightened in pitch until he drew a large breath and froze as he sprayed their bodies with his cum again.

Byakuya looked into Ichigo's eyes and smiled.


He nodded.

"Really?" But Ichigo nodded and smiled. Byakuya still wondered as he prepared the teen with some lube and positioned himself between the long legs. "Just look at me…Keep looking at me." He said softly. Byakuya whispered it again as he prepared to enter him. "Just look at me."

He caught Ichigo's eyes widening scared as the tip touched ready to push inside. "Your so special." Byakuya whispered, his full weight on him, his lips brushing over his as he spoke. "I love you." He said gently pushing his full length in.

Ichigo closed his eyes, arching his back and let out a soft moan. With long slow thrusts Byakuya filled him; he was tight and it felt amazing around his length. Each thrust slid in and out to its full extent, each the more wonderful to the sounds of Ichigo's pleasured moans.

"Oh Ichigo." He breathed repeatedly over and over with each thrust.

Ichigo hands held the small of Byakuya's back tightly encouraging him to push harder into him, driven by the intense feelings rushing around him. His girth rubbed against the opening and Ichigo felt the intense jitters of an orgasm building again.

Byakuya watched Ichigo's face intently as he began to move to his thrusts and began rushing him into deep rapid pushes. The urgent moans hit at his senses building up to the crescendo as Ichigo came letting out an involuntary cry digging his fingers into Byakuya's buttocks. It was more than enough for him and Byakuya was flooded with a blast of orgasm.

Ichigo watched Byakuya's face screwed up biting his lip, his hips jolting against his as he came. After some moments and receiving some soft kissed he opened his eyes and smiled.

Ichigo pulled him down into a hug which his locked arms accepted gratefully. Byakuya's breathing slowed to normal and he kissed him gently back.

Nestling beside Ichigo a while later, their trip to the bathroom to clean complete, Byakuya closed his eyes. "Can we go to sleep now?" He chuckled.

Ichigo watched him smile as he said it. "Byakuya?"

"Erm?" A sleepy voice answered.

"I love you too." He said giving him a quick peck.

"I know, be quiet now and go to sleep." He said seriously but the smile remained.