Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto but I do own a turtle

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto but I do own a turtle!

Parings: I'll let you guess.

Warnings: If you do not like boy with boy please leave.

The darkness belongs to one creature, known to be the ruler of night. He commands his followers with a cold heart and hand. He cares for no one, he loves no one, and is scared of no one. A young vampire prince will soon take over the cruel ruler… Sasuke Uchiha.

Will you take a seat to gamble with fate,

Will you try your luck to gamble with fate,

You don't gamble with money

No, you gamble with your life

Death is the dealer and fate is the player

But will you take a seat to gamble with fate

If you do then be prepared to lose

Because fate never loses.

-Brandon Brooks

Sometimes fate throughs you a curve ball. Once you think you think you got it together fate decides to through you off.

A skinny teen with amazing blue eyes and sun kissed skin stood gazing out into space.

" Naruto! Can you help me find this?" A elder women asked. The boy snapped out of his day dreaming and smiled.

" Of course. What do you need help finding? Oh lotion I see." The boy grinned and led the old women down isles. His eyes shifted down the isles his eyes met with coal eyes. The teen was pale and had short black hair in the shape of a ducks but (Giggle) he was very, let's say HOT!

Naruto stared straight into the teen's eyes; the stranger held no emotion on his face.

" Naruto." The elderly women called. It brought Naruto's eyes back from coal eyes.

" Sorry. Shall we see about that lotion?" with a glance back to the stranger he moved along to a different isle.

The teen stared at there retreating backs and smirked. He turned back to his business from before. He picked up a red rose and smiled to himself. He walked to the cashier to pay for his stuff.

" This is for Naruto." When he spoke it was emotionless. He grabbed his bags and disappeared into the night.

Naruto walked back to the front of the store, his mind was racing. He thought of the stranger and how handsome he was. Naruto shook his head " I'm so not gay! But he was.. NO I can't think about this…"

" Naruto come here!" Naruto snapped out of his thoughts. A tall boy with long hair and lavender eyes called out.

" What is it Neji?" The blonde was curious.

" It seems you have a admire. I didn't know you were gay." The boy smile at Naruto's face. Neji handed the red rose to Naruto.

" A guy told me to give it to you. He was tall, skinny, pale, and his hair was like a ducks but." Neji smiled when Naruto started to giggle totally forgetting that he was accused he was gay.

" You thought that same thing I did." Naruto took the rose from Neji and blushed at the memory of the pale teen.

" Let's go, unless you want to walk home again." Naruto shivered and started his way out the door.

Sasuke was on top of a roof staring at the stares. His teeth glittered in the moonlight. The blonde boy had captivated Sasuke's attention. Nobody had ever done that. He had decided to tail Naruto tomorrow but for now he had to feed. He swooped down to the humans below singling out his pray.

Naruto walked into his apartment and turned on the light. The apartment was small and had a small TV and a little couch. The floor was hardwood and was clean.

Naruto walked past his living room and into his messy bedroom. He sighed and landed on his unmade bed. He fell asleep with the rose in his hand.

The rays of sunshine hit the blonde in his face. His eyes started to twitch and slowly his eyes began to open. He sat up and rubbed his eyes in a cute manner. On the other side of his bed was a now wilting rose.

" OH CRAP! I'm late." Naruto scrambled to get his uniform on and to wash his face and brush his teeth. Naruto's hair was already up so he put his fingers through it. He ran out the door and ran full speed to his school.

A shadow was following the blonde flash.

Naruto had made it just in time. He greeted a boy with a dog like appearance. They both seemed to have the same personality… almost.

" So Kiba you going to Hinata's Party tonight?" The blonde asked.

" Hell yes! I wouldn't miss it!" The said boy Kiba grinned. Naruto stopped walking he was frozen in place.

" Yo Naruto, what's wrong?" Kiba looked in the direction Naruto was looking at. Standing only some yards away were eyes black as coal. The teen had ivory skin and his hair (must I say it again) was in the shape of a duck's butt.

" That guy." Naruto muttered under his breath. Naruto blushed when his eyes connected with his. The teen smirked and walked away. Kiba held back a giggle and followed the angry blonde inside the classroom.

" What a teme!" Naruto screamed because he was offended.

The stranger walked into the office to get his classes. A busty woman with blonde hair was sitting at the desk doing paper work.

" What do you want brat?" The lady didn't even look up.

" I'm here for my schedule." He answered smoothly. The lady looked up from her paper work.

" Uchiha Sasuke, Prince of all vampires. What are you doing here?" The blonde lady glared at him, " You're people don't usually come during the day."

" Like I said, lady Tsunade, I'm here for my schedule." Sasuke was unfazed by the weak glare.

" Why have you stepped into the light after all these years?" Tsunade was starting to lose her patience.

" Let's just say I was drawn by it." Tsunade's eyes went wide.

" You don't mean… Have you meet him?" Sasuke only smirked.

" Shit!" Tsunade handed a paper to him that she got out of her computer. Sasuke nodded his thanks and left.

Tsunade sat down in her desk. Her fists were clenched and in a matter of seconds her desk was in splinters and paper was every where.

" Lady Tsunade, not again," A lady with short hair walked in.

" Shizune I need something." The blonde had a playful glint in her eyes.

A red head sat next to a blonde that seemed very angry and irritated. The blonde turned his head and then smiled.

" Gaara you're back!" This thing next to him then tackled the red head! (Meaning Naruto)

" Naruto… get off." Gaara was now irritated.

" Sorry Gaara I forgot." Naruto slid off Gaara and back into his seat.

" Where's Kiba?"

" He said that He and Shino were going to play hooky." Naruto smiled to himself which creeped out Gaara.

" Class we have a new student." The teacher was tanned and had a cut scare running across his noes, " His name is Sasuke Uchiha." Gaara flinched a little but went unnoticed by the blonde. (Of course) All the girls went crazy!

Sasuke walked in and his eyes went straight to the blondes amazing blue eyes. He walked towards the empty seat next to the frozen boy. Naruto was staring into his eyes and he couldn't look away. Sasuke broke the eye contact when he sat down.

" Okay class this week we are doing a project with four people in a group."

Iruka was cut off by a knock on the door. A kid with short hair and ivory skin that matched Sasuke's walked into the room. He handed a piece of paper to Iruka and sat next to Gaara with a side-glance towards Sasuke.

" It seems we have another new student, Sai." All the girls giggled and went as much crazy as when Sasuke walked in.

" As I was saying we are doing a project that involves four people. You will have to write a play on feudal Japan and then an essay explaining about a shogun in that age." Also the people you are setting next to will be your partners." Every body either groaned or yipped in glee.

" You have two weeks to finish. I will grade on how well it was planned and thought out." Nobody was really listening. Iruka grabbed pen and paper to right down the groups.

" Okay! Sai, Gaara, Naruto, and Sasuke you're group number 12." Naruto smiles up at Iruka and nodded his head. Gaara and Sai had started up a conversation before Iruka interrupted.

" So Sai it seems you know Gaara." Sai smile at Naruto and there was a glint in his eyes.

" Yes. You must be Naruto. Gaara you never told me he was this smexy." Gaara just glared at him. Sasuke gave a deadly glare towards Sai, he caught Sai's attention.

" MY Sasuke Uchiha, the ice prince." Sai smirked and ignored the glare.

" Sai, the villages most perverted gay guy ever." Sasuke's face stayed calm. Sai just smiled even wider. Naruto was still blushing at Sai's comment.

" So Gaara if you're friends with Sai and Sai knows Sasuke does that mean you know Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

" Wow Naruto. Yes I guess you can say I know Sasuke." Gaara just nodded towards Sasuke.

" Oh! Well when did you make all of these friends?" Gaara just brushed off his question with a " Hn." Naruto groaned and faced back to the front.

In the back of the room was a Neji. Yes a Neji, a very rare sight indeed. He was watching the seen unfold in his eyes. He stared at Sasuke and smiled and walked out of the classroom. Oh this will be interesting indeed.