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Chapter: forty three


I turned the tenth hundred corner of the castle thing! You know what I decided it wasn't a castle but a MAZE! It was meant to touchier whoever entered! My friends were getting irritated and so was I dammit! I made a right and bumped into a heavy set looking guard. I fell back a couple of steps and glared.

"Sai!" I heard Choji say behind me and so I turned my face to see the pale imitation of Sasuke. It was very creepy in a way. O well I found him sweet!

"Stand back kids this one has some sentencing to do so out of our way." The guards pushed and bumped ME! What the hell I was pregnant can't these bastards see that!

"HEY ASS HOLES YOU BETTER WATCH IT I'M PREGNAT!" I growled and they turned and looked at me with disgust and kept walking not even grunting an apology to me. Hikari and Hikaru were making buzzing sounds that echoed besides the pounding of the fat bastard of soldiers.

"Sai didn't look so good guys." Ino stated. It's true he didn't it wasn't like him either. What could be going on in his mind I winder?


I hate this! I don't know what I'm doing…this place reminds me of Sasuke's house. I was still in the dark corners of some place and only saw picture hanging on walls or a couple of chairs know and again. I was lost in a castle thing…..I think. Why do some women have to be crazy? I was pressed agents the wall due to the lack of vision I had from losing a lot of blood I needed food. My hand came across a cold object that was round and smooth. It turned I realized it was a door.

I turned the handle and light stung my delicate eyes but it was short lived two dark figures came rushing towards me and covered my moth with a cloth I in took some thing sharp and passed out.


Dam I couldn't do anything because every time I moved the room got dizzy on me. I needed something I was thirsty and my throat was burning. It was so hard and unbearable. I dare not to move in fear of the rooming turning on me again. Tears welled up into my eyes…I know this because I felt them hot on my cheek.

A knock

"Lee are you in there?" I heard a sweet little innocent voice. It sounded so familiar and so nice like soft bells. It didn't bother me her voice. I heard the door open and creak sending my head in pain.

"Lee you look awful." That was a male voice very deep and gruff….Gaara witch means the other voice belonged to Hinata.

"I...It hurts…hel help please." I managed to say. I couldn't see them because if I were to open my eyes, it becomes a blur and make my stomach turn.

"Hinata do you think he needs blood? Look how his mouth is and how pale he looks." Gaara's voice was worried.

"Yes that's why I came here first. There should be some in the fried in the corner of the room. You get it while I lift him up." I felt hands on me and when I felt elevated my stomach turned but nothing came out because I had nothing in my stomach I had emptied it in the cell.

"Ok now Lee open your mouth please. Gaara slowly pour it in his mouth ok." Hinata was so gentle and nice. I did as she asked and was awarded with warm liquid that stopped the burn in my mouth and very slowly with every gulp of this languid my head became clear and my stomach became sturdy and full.

"His color is returning. That's sort of creepy in a way." Gaara said.

"Shut up!" I growled at him.

"Oh my gosh!! LEE TOLD GAARA TO SHUT UP!" A rough voice came through somewhere. I opened my eyes slowly and saw the source of the voice. It was Kiba and Ino and the twins and choji. All shocked to see that I told Gaara to shut up.


Well so far it was quiet and waiting for them to bring out Sai. Shino sat with me quiet…it wasn't helping my nerves. Neji and ditched out on me too…what the hell so did Gaara and Hinata! I hope whatever they are planning will help I just have to stall them now. Then I will save you Naruto! I don't know how but I will and kill the bastard who stole you from me! I was currently drumming my fingers and glaring at my father. There was no sign of Itachi either. It had been almost an half and hour already of sitting and Shino kept quiet the whole time staring at I don't know he has those creepy glasses on that make him look psycho and his shirt covers his mouth witch makes it worse.

"Hey ass hole I can read your mind! I'm just as worried as you are under stand." Crap! I forgot he could! Dam I'm losing my touch here….my fans are going to kick my ass!

I turned to look at my father but he was staring at a door being open. SAI! He looks so terrible. He's paler then usual what the hell happened to him? Where's Lee? I sat up straight in my chair. Shino did the same.

"LET THE SENTANCING BEGIN!" My father's voice boomed through the court room. They pushed Sai into a chair and soon everything became silent.

(Tenten and Neji)

"Tenten over here it's this door!" Neji called to his bride as she mad a wrong turn. She moved with speed and together they kicked down the door. It landed with a crash and there tied up was a beauty that hadn't aged in a long time.

"What kind of husband would lock up his wife like this?" Tenten growled and looked at Neji. Neji looked at her then turned away from a blush that quickly made its way to his ivory face.

"NEJI YOU PERVERT I SWEAR!" Tenten was about to through a knife at him but he stopped her with a quick kiss.

"Tenten know is not the time for this we have to get her out of there ok." The girl nodded and stared her work on the heavy chains and locks with ease and style.

"Wow." Neji was so impressed with her.

"Alright Neji we got the girl let's go and we need to hurry!" Tenten Handed the boy the unconscious lady and they sprinted back up the stairs they had taken all the way down to the basement.


This is not good! Sai you idiot! I need to stop him from saying anything…Tenten and Neji aren't here yet…SAI is about to send him self into suicidal mode. I can't let this happen!

"My king pleases before we discuss this how can we prove that this young man has indeed been turned Rock Lee into a vampire we can't say for sure until 24 hours has passed and so far only 22 have passed." This might stall him.

"You're right…however if somebody will please bring in Tsunade please." His voice sounded confident. However I knew Tsunade was at the other side of the castle.

"Yes, but you may have to wait a little bit. She's on the other side of the castle." He glared at the guy who had spoke and then with gritted teeth…

"Fine hurry up then!"

(Kakashi and Iruka)

"Target captured! Let's leave him in the bag then. We have to hurry back now." Iruka whispered. He through the bag in the back seat of the car and kakashi jumped into the driver's seat. They were off in a matter of moments speeding down the streets.

"That was easier then I thought! I'm just relieved now." Iruka said sliding in his seat.


I feel a little better now that some of my most trusted friends are here but I can't shake this feeling that something is happening, a chill. Sai please wait for us please.

"Come on Gaara I need your help!" I know what I must do! Knowing Sai he's going to try and save me! I'm not going to be abandoned again not this time! Gaara pulled me on his back making me shocked.

"Alright every body let's hurry!" Gaara spoke and he took off at full speed with the others close behind. Walls were a blur.


It's been another 30 minutes I can't I must do this for Lee. I'm not longed for this world.

"King…I did it I forced my self upon the human and I took his virginity and I turned him into one of us!" I put on a cold stoned face like how it was before. I felt my heart throb a little but kept my face none the less. He stared at me shocked not sure if to trust me or not.


That idiot has he no faith in his friends?

"Father that is a lie let us wait for Tsunade to see. You know how Sai is like! He's a trickster." I couldn't let this go!

"SILENCE, how dare you speak out like that Sasuke? When we are in the court I'm the enemy so shut your mouth or ill punish you my self. However the bug master I will heed and wait for Tsunade." Thank got some little time left.


"What, they want me to go where? Look I'm busy here so come back some other time." Dam it I need to stall this.

"But the king demanded you come." The man looked worried and scared. Good he should be.

"I said I don't have time for this!" I through the chair I was sitting on agents the wall it shattered. The man ran out of the room.

(Iruka and Kakashi)

"Hey babe did Naruto always have long curly hair?" Kakashi stared though the back seat. Iruka turned and looked.

"CRAP!" They stopped the car and took the bag and looked in side it was the girl at the party. She had blood droplets on her face witched smelled faintly like….Naruto.


I felt like I was moving. It was shaky and bumpy but moving anyway. I opened my eyes slowly and realized I was in a car in the front seat.


"Still lively as ever Naruto?" That voice…..


"The one and only little squirt." HELL YA SCORE FOR ME BABY!


Almost there almost there, I have to admit that I was surprised that Gaara put me on his back just like nothing. I have always felt a certain awquardness after Gaara dumped me. It felt like I would always be with him. However it all changed and now I have fallen for another man. He's a pervert yes but still there's something about him.

"You ready Lee?" I jumped surprised to hear his voice.

"Yes." I said waiting in anticipation. I don't care if they kill me! I just want to be with him forever and ever. I could see the court room right in front of us and we headed towards it at full speed!


Hey Shino if you can read minds why in the hell won't you talk to me to calm my *BLEEP* nerves hu? I stared at Shino to make sure he heard it loud and clear he turned to me then back to the wall.


"You know Sasuke your brain is nosier then before you were with Naruto. I think he's rubbed of off you and your ice butt." Shino that guy! I could feel my upper brow start to twitch.


The court room doors where just know slammed in and it echoed through the whole court room every body was in a shocked state. Emerging through the doors was Lee and Gaara and the others excluding Tenten and Neji….Hey that reminds me where was Kakashi and Iruka they disappeared on me!

"WHAT ARE YOU CHILDREN DOING? HOW DARE YOU INTTURUPT THIS COURT SESSINON! EPLAIN YOURSELVES NOW!" My father's voice was just as loud as the door being kicked in.


Maybe I over did it a little…..?

(Lee) I jumped off of Gaaras back staggering a little but Gaara steadied me with a helping hand.

" Your majesty Please I forgive the intrusion but please don't blame all this on Sai it was me! I used seduction on him I wanted to be one you guys and stay with Sai forever! So please even if you kill us let us be together! I BEG YOU!" I know it sounded stupid but it was the truth.

"Well child have you been bitten? Have you been transformed all ready?" The kings voice sounded emotionless I can't tell what he's thinking.

"Yes I have it was some time I don't really remember though It seemed all so fast. Sai and I were making love." I said a blush took my face. Sai's looked at him for the first time. He had something behind his coal eyes.

"Did you know about the law we have child?" He asked I turned to face him again and with out feeling ashamed I answered him.

"Yes your majesty."

"I see then. Then you must know the penalty for your action, Sentencing the both of you to death!"

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stop right there!" Everybody's eyes turned to tall beautiful women, everybody bowed in respect to her! The room was in whispers and in awe. Tenten and Neji were behind looking sloppy and worn out like they did a marathon of some sort.


The lady swept across the hall her lond black hair sweeping into the sides back and forth. The vampire king's eyes looked troubled and he got up and bowed. She gave a wink at Sasuke and gracefully went to the king.

"My queen…What are you doing here?" The king looked nervous. She smiled and pulled him up by the choker and glared at him.

"Get out of my seat! You're going to be sleeping on the couch for a long while!" The whole court oooed. Sasuke smiled "oh ya that's where he got it from."

The king got up and went to sit in a smaller seat located on the near right of the now sitting queen. She smiled at Lee and opened her mouth.

"You little brats! If you knew the consequences why did you do it Lee? What's wrong with a whole life time with Sai was it not enough?" The lady looked like a concerned mother right now. Lee looked at her and opened his mouth no signs of fear.

"NO humans are greedy creatures my queen! It would have to be with forever with him and only him! I WANT TO BE WITH HIM FOREVER because I LOVE HIM!" Lee's eyes were filled with tears and Sai quickly got up to hold him and squeeze him.

Sasuke smiled some but his heart ached for Naruto. He looked at his children and smiled they were sleeping now and one was making spit bubbles with his mouth.

"Well if that's how it's going to be." Everybody turned their attention back onto the queen. Sai held on tightly to Lee.

"I'm going to have to sentence you two to the borders of the country and will work as guards for 150 years understand! Also Tsunade?" the blonde young doctor walked into the room smiling.


"You will teach all male vampires sex Ed and they have to attend or they will be forced into more painful class to make them listen! You can choose your teachers but we will compensate you.

"THANK YOU MY QUEEN." Lee bowed and tears fell from his eyes.

"Lee it will be just you and me forever." Sai whispered into Lee's ear. Gently he lifted Lee's chin and kissed him full on the lips. The whole court room awed and made other suggestive marks.

(Iruka and Kakashi)

Iruka glared at the girl and punched her in the face.

"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO NARUTO?" Kakashi pulled Iruka back a little. The girl was smiling and laughing hysterically. Iruka was about to punch her again but kakashi just knocked her out. She fell limp in the car.

"Babe don't worry I'm sure he's fine he's a strong kid." Kakashi soothed Iruka's back and rubbed his face and licked the tears.

"I know but there's blood ...His blood babe." Iruka said holding on tighter to his lover.

"Everything is going to be ok. Let's get this kid to the court hosing seems like every body's getting in trouble. Little vampires."

"I wouldn't' talk if I were you." Iruka mumbled making Kakashi chuckle. After a bit of hugging they made it in the car and drove off.


Thank god we made it in time. I knew this mission was going to be hard so I'm glad I brought Tenten.

"Hey Neji you look tired. Those stairs walk climbs training room and what was that one room all dark with the robots and stuff o well. Come on Neji it wasn't that hard for you was it?" Tenten smiled. Women I say!

"You knew Tenten I wouldn't be talking you look the same as me." I smiled and we both laughed. Man I'm So lucky…I guess Ill wait for that forbidden fruit just a little bit longer my Tenten.


"Hey Sasuke!" Sasuke looked towards the person calling him and he jumped up.

"DID YOU FIND HIM?" Sasuke's eyes were on the bag. The court room fell silent once more. Kakshi shook his head. He turned to the queen who was staring at them.

"MY Queen Naruto has gone missing and we have caught the main culprit!" Kakashi took the girl with the curly hair out of the bag and placed her on the floor. She was glaring at all of them.

"YOU STOLE MY NARUTO! HOW DARE YOU!" The queen stood up and glared at the girl with full force. Sasuke's father looked at his wife and stood as well.

"My dear?" He said.

"Take over on this case no mercy for this vampire!" The queen looked pissed her face was turned and growling/ hissing. Her fangs were sharp her hands clenched and shaking.


"Know now don't get your guises panties in a bunch." The court room once again looked to the busted down door. The Queen looked over and in a second became the beautiful women goddess as she had entered before. She squealed and ran over to Naruto and hugged the hell out of him. Naruto's parents where right behind Jariya and smiling.

"Hey you little slut How the hell did you get out?" The queen let go of Naruto and punched the girl into the wall. It shattered some of the wall and blood trickled down it. The girl fell silent.

"Guards for now take that traitor to the jail." The kind said staring at his wife. Man no wonder why he married this woman.


If it wasn't for Jariya and my parents I don't think id ever get out of that house maze thingy. Gosh where are my babies and my Man? There they are. Awe look Hikaru's spit bubbles. Look at little Hikari's feet so cute.

"Naruto!" Hey Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" I ran and hugged him and squeezed him.

"Naruto I'm so sorry about the fight we had. Please forgive me." Oh yeah the fight.

"I already have babe! I forgot about it so you're in the green." Sake smiled and lightly even more gently placed his pale hands on the plump and round tushy.

"Sasuke!" Naruto warned. Sasuke however didn't seem to care….How sad Naruto said as Sasuke roamed his body and his neck with kisses and licks.

"GET A FUCKIN ROOM YOU SEX MACHINES!" Kiba yelled. Shino was holding him back….

The rest was all a blur to me as I found my self in a state of pleasure as Sasuke was pounding me doggy style in a room made of glass. He was hitting all the right spots and his shaft felt so good in me…….

You know Life can't go with out light and dark times in your life…if it was all happy all the time would it really be best

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