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There it sat, lying open on her desk. It was merely by luck that Jenny had even spotted it lying on the ground. The clasp of her bracelet was broken and as she was ascending the stairs on her way to MTAC it had come undone, landing in the small corner beside the stairway. When she had gone to retrieve it she spotted it on the floor along the wall. It was a piece of lined paper that, judging by the slightly jagged edges, had been torn from a spiral notebook. It was folded into fourths, a poorly drawn picture of a flower enclosed in a heart on the front.

Jenny almost left it. After all, it wasn't hers and she sure wouldn't want another person snooping into her business. However, she realized that the paper wouldn't stay hidden forever and that its owner may not find it before someone else. There may be a name inside the letter which would allow her to return it to the proper person, and surely whomever it belonged to would prefer her reading it than, say, Agent DiNozzo. Jenny quickly scooped it up and slipped it into her pocket, deciding she would look at it once she was in her office.

Now, having opened it, she found a noble, though incredibly corny, attempt at poetry inside, but no name anywhere.

To the one I love:
Your hair is silky to the touch
Your eyes just glow so very much
When I'm with you I feel so grand
I just want to hold your hand
Your smile makes my heart light up
And my feelings I must write up
You're a beautiful person, inside and out
All my love for you I must shout
I'm very glad that I met you
And forever I will love you

Oh brother, Jenny thought as she read, Lord Byron this guy is not.

The note was hand-written with small hearts and flowers adorning the page.

The love letter was simply signed "From your admirer." The handwriting did not look distinctly familiar to her, but then again the agency had a plethora of employees, many who likely had similar handwriting. Not to mention the possibility that it was the letter's recipient, not its writer, who worked for NCIS.

Then again, they may both be NCIS employees. Jenny frowned at the thought. While inter-office dating wasn't prohibited, she knew first hand that it could lead to awkward situations and strained working conditions.

The poem's description was no help. It could refer to anyone. It's too bad the wannabe poet didn't have a larger or more descriptive vocabulary.

I suppose I can rule out any of our bald workers, but other than that…

A knock at the door pulled Jenny from her thoughts. "Come in," she called.

The door opened and Cynthia peeked her head in. "Director, you're needed in MTAC."

Jenny frowned slightly. The mysterious letter would have to wait for now. "Thank you, Cynthia. Tell them I will be there shortly."

"Yes, director."

Jenny looked one last time at the letter. She couldn't leave it out on her desk, that much was clear. While Cynthia was not the snooping type, she occasionally had to get items from Jenny's office while she was away. Jenny didn't want to run the risk of having it seen by anyone, accidentally or intentionally. She could slip it back in her pocket and take it with her to MTAC, but her pockets were shallow and the last thing she needed was to have it fall out there.

Glancing around her desk, she spotted a file of reports that Agent DiNozzo was supposed to pick up that day. Jenny couldn't remember the last time Tony had ever picked up anything from her office on time. With little time to think about it, Jenny stuffed the letter between two sheets of paper within the file. With that, she grabbed her cup of coffee and left, her mind leaving the note for the time being.

Less than five minutes after Jenny had left, the door to her office reopened. "I'm surprised, Agent DiNozzo! It usually takes you a few days to take care of anything involving paperwork," Cynthia said with a smirk.

Tony grinned in response. "Well, Cynthia, paperwork isn't really my area of expertise. I'm much more a hands-on person and I think I'm of better use out in the field than at my desk." He grabbed the file with the post-it reading "Dinozzo", cradling it under his arm. "But in this case Gibbs feels this is more important."

Cynthia crossed her arms as the agent walked past her, eyeing him knowingly. "He threatened to castrate you again if you forgot to pick it up, didn't he?"