This is my newest collection of sins... I mean of stories! Each of them are inspired by the Capital Sins and the way our partners live them.
Let's fall into temptation, shall we? I hope you like them.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, not even the pie. I am sorry if the content of these stories offend someone in a religion/food sense, that is not my intention at all. These points of view are only for fun.

Gula & Temperantia

It was a late afternoon, when the last rays of golden sun busted into flames, creating a peaceful shade of orange and blue between the faded clouds in the sky.

The partners walked side by side in the street, heading to the place they held dear at the end of an exhausting day.

Once more he came into the solitude of her office, rescuing her, as he would say, from the piles and piles of horrifying paperwork that still could be filled in the weekend. Right now there were other matters in their hands, for example feeding a very lazy anthropologist.

It was funny how he would care about her eating habits, not that she needed of course, she was perfectly capable of eating by herself.

So, he dragged her to her feet and rather forcefully put the coat around her shoulders and taking her by the arm they strolled swiftly by the long corridors of the facility and into the warm breeze of the last autumn days.

The man was being driven by his stomach alone.

They finally arrived to the small diner and entered with the slight ring of the door bell.

Both took their usual seats, one in front of the other by the large window. All that they wanted to do now was relax, after the furious ride that had been the last case, glad it was now over.

"This one was really hard, but in the end, we found the resolution in the bones. Bones, " - She sighed, innocently enough - "…always right." She said lightly with a grin in her features.

That pun was totally intended and he found himself, despite the growing ache in his stomach, laughing at her joke. It was always a blessing to see her laughing like that, satisfied for another accomplished mission.

After ordering the usual, both engaged in casual conversation until the food arrived.

Awhile later, full plates of attractive food had been placed in front of them. A fresh salad to her and a full plate of fries, hamburger and a slice of blackberry pie for him. All of it looked delicious.

He looked at his plate as if he had never seen food in his life before, and a huge childish grin adorned his features.

"Oh Bones, I'm so hungry I think I could eat a whole elephant!" He said then, taking a large bite on his food, eating with all his might, savouring the rich meat which still steamed from the oven.

Her look was one of disapproval; her eyes were round with disbelief.
She had never seed him so eager to eat before. Of course he was always hungry but right now, he seemed very... animalistic.

"Booth! Take it easy, you'll choke on your own food."

"Chill out Bones, have a piece of my food. You're always eating that horse's food anyway." His mouth opened once again, biting the succulent meat.

"Wha... hey! This is not horse's food. This is very healthy food, nothing like what you are eating, not even in the same amount..." Her mouth contorted in a sickening shape.

"I eat so much because I'm a man in development... I need energy to grow healthy and strong." He said, mocking her conversation. His smile grew huge after seeing her eyes roll at him. "Besides... you don't eat enough, Bones."

"And you, obviously, eat too much." Facing him with a stern face. That look on her face said enough of her next movement. He knew her way too well to know what was coming. He dropped his food and braced himself for the ride of his life.

"Anthropologically speaking, a human male eating large sums of food after a successful task can be compared to ancient tribe rites and the feasts thrown to honour the warriors who had been victorious in the battlefield..."

He would not let her finish her anthropological rambling, not when he was still hungry as it is.
Before she could finish, his voice cut her off her tracks, bringing her back to reality.

"Whoa Bones... not right now, I'm eating, please." Once again he shoved some fries in is mouth.

She sighed, slightly annoyed with his behaviour, but what could she expect from a man whose brain was currently situated in his abdomen area.

Her head turned slightly in displeasure while her body rested against the chair; no way was she going out without a fight.

Crossing her arms over her chest she finally said, loud enough only for him to hear.
"Anyway, eating that much could be considered a sin."

Mouth agape, eyes open in disbelief, he looked directly at her. She wore that childish grin only made to be displayed in victorious occasions... against him.

"How can you say that? You're not even catholic!" Yes, she had to go and jeopardize his beliefs, in that annoying way she always did.

"No, but you are." She finally offered sincerely.

"Since when do you care?" He too had his arms crossed over his chest, his brow in a frown.

"Since you started eating all that food. It cannot be good for your health. Perhaps you should take my example. I eat healthy food, also eat moderately, enough nutrients required to sustain my energy levels and keep me going on all day. You need to have temperance, Booth."

She then laughed heartily, at her own unintended joke. "Get it? It's my name."

Infuriating. But God, when he saw her laughing that way, with that smooth melody in her voice, nothing in the world mattered anymore. Just her, and the way her eyes would half close and her hand would graciously rest on her lips, preventing from laughing harder.

And regardless of himself, he laughed too. "I'm aware of your name."

His laugh was genuine, and roamed in his chest entwined in the many emotions he was feeling right now.

"You never eat anything good. Come here, have some of this magnificent pie."

He took a fork in his hand and smoothly picked a nice piece of the tasteful pie. The fork lifted in her direction guided by his steady hand, his eyes never leaving hers, he wanted to see her reaction.
And indeed, he saw. The horror in her eyes, seeing the small piece dripping in dark purple sticky cream.

"You know I don't like pie!" She said in her defence, but the fork came closer and closer to her lips, until she couldn't resist anymore. The smell of fresh berries entered her nostrils and she was lost.

She had to taste the sugary heaven that he always did. She wanted to know how sweet it felt in his mouth.

Slowly her eyelids closed over her blue eyes at the same time her lips parted, allowing entrance to the offending piece of food.

Her lips held on the fork as the piece of pie entered her mouth. He then took the fork away, watching closely her response, taking pleasure in the sigh before him.

The dark liquid melted slowly in her tongue, it felt bittersweet and smooth against it, only to be matched by the hard but delicious crust. The feeling highlighted her senses, as she chewed slowly, savouring all the sweetness inside.

She opened her eyes slightly, and beneath her eyelashes she threw him an adoring look while the tip of her tongue came out, sensually, to clean the rest of the sauce in her lips.

And as he witnessed that moment, thoughts of passion and a blurry of feelings rushed through his mind, breaking all restrains and unlocking all the barriers that held them apart, and with a thrust forward, he reached for those sugar-filled lips, and kissed her with all his might. He devoured her lips, craving for her tongue, savoring her sugary heaven.

She closed her eyes, letting herself drown in the pleasure, because never before, has a sin tasted this good

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