All it took was 3 days and Alice convinced me to let her plan the wedding. She used that unfair "If you loved me you'd let me do it."

In ways I was exactly like my mother. I couldn't deny Alice.

I've been engaged to Damien for 3 months now and the wedding was coming up in two weeks. Two weeks and I would be Mrs. Kirsten Driscoll. Just thinking about it sent shivers down my spine.

At this moment, Alice and I were out shopping for my dress. Yes I know, I should of done this at least a month ago, but Alice insisted we wait, for what reason I don't know. Alice wanted it handmade, that way we knew it would fit. Though it was sure to be expensive. Anytime I denied her, she'd give me a look that said "You let me plan the wedding, now you do what I say" I sighed and stood there as the seamstresses poked and prodded the fabrics being fitted around me.


I couldn't wait to see how the dress came out on Kirsten. She thought I just picked a design from a magazine, but really, it was my own design. Kirsten insisted we buy off the rack. Ick, like I'm going to allow my niece to wear and off the rack wedding dress.

"Alice," Kirsten whined, "Are we anywhere near done? I wanna go home."

She is too much like Bella.

"Nope." I answered simply

She groaned and stood there. I don't get how Bella and Kirsten both hated anything that had to do with fashion. Then the vision came.

Something was running through the forest. It was too fast for me too see in the vision.

"Have you found them?" came a voice.

"Yes, seems like they're having a little party. A wedding I believe." another voice said.

Then out of the shadows stepped the mutt.

"Thanks Quil, I owe you one." Jacob said.

"No problem. They wouldn't recognize my scent." He replied.

I came back into reality and gasped too quietly for the humans to hear. Kirsten looked at me with a knowing look. She had come to perfect her power of reading minds. She was so attuned to Damien that in a time of need, his thoughts came the loudest. She had learned from her father how to get into other peoples heads. The only difference between Edward and his daughter was that she could turn it on and off. I faked a smile, but she saw through it.

"I saw the vision. They're gonna ruin everything aren't they." She said at vampire speed.

I shook my head no. I wouldn't let them.

Well here is your sequel. So many people asked for one and since its summer vacation and I have nothing better to do, I decided to write one.

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