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A few days flew by without a hitch. Alice continued to plan the wedding which was coming up much too fast. I was getting whiplash at how fast everything was going. Right now, I was in the car with my mother whom I'd asked to come with me for the final fitting of my wedding dress.I hated being away from Damien and I hated the Emmett's thoughts of a bacholer party for Damien.


"Yeah mom?"

"Well, uhm...I know that you and Damien are obviously so serious about each other and all, but you're a rare breed of vampire dear and just I'm..."She stopped.

She looked ahead at the road which was winding way too quickly past us and then back at me.

"..Well I just...uhm.."

Is she could still blush, she would of been.

"Mom...are you...are you trying..."I sputtered.

It hit me. She wanted to have "the talk". Holy shit...if I were still somewhat human, I'd be red as a flippin firetruck about now. My mom laughed nervously and we avoided eye contact.

"Uhm...well its just I know you were born whilst I was still human and although you were completely're still a rare vampire breed having two powers and all safe."

I couldn't help it anymore...I laughed and my mom focused on the road.

"Wow, being a mom sucks. I wonder if this is what Charlie felt like."

That just made me laugh again and even harder this time. By the time we reached the gown place in Port Angeles, I was laughing so hard I was gasping for air I didn't need.

"It wasn't that funny." Mom said flatly.

"But...your...though..." I broke off into another fit of laughter.

She knew what I was trying to say and shook her head. The helpful lady behind the counter whom stared at me like I had two heads ushered us into the back room where there was a bag hanging in one of the changing rooms. I calmed myself and entered it. I quickly changed into the dress and it was absolutely perfect. Alice knew what she was talking about when she said that it should be custom. It was exactly as I pictured it. I was looking forward to this wedding more now than ever.


Kirsten had left early this morning with Bella for the final dress fitting before next week. I can't believe I am actually marrying the girl of my dreams. She is way too good for me, but somehow I got her. I could sit here and think about every perfect part of her, personality,intelligence,looks, all day long, but am inturrupted by a knock on the door.

"Damien, Alice needs us downstairs. She wants you to try on your suit before next week just to be sure it was hemmed correctly."

"Thanks Edward. I'll be down soon."

"Damien, I'm glad that shes found you. You both deserve a lot of happiness."

I'm taken aback by severity of the emotion in the statement. I know Kirsten is his daughter and all, but as a father shouldn't he be threatening me, if I hurt her you can't imagine the pain you'll be in and all that?

Edward laughs.

"Yes, thats probably what I should be doing, but for right now just get downstairs."

My face contorts at the thought of trying on the damned suit again, but I sigh and follow Edward downstairs. I am guessing due to the expression on my face when we reach the bottom,Emmett and Jasper break out into a chorus of laughter. I sneer and them and stand still after Alice runs in the room and forces a bag into my hand.

"!" She says.

I sigh and go change. When I come out of the bathroom adjacent to the living room, Emmett breaks out into cat calls like the ass that he is and Alice claps her hands happily.

"It .Take it off."

Emmett, Jasper and Edward can't help it anymore and their "calm and composed" faces break out into amused and laughing. I could kick them.

"Is that a challenge?" Edward asks, still amused.

"What if it is?"I play along.

"LET'S GO THEN!" Emmett yells, catching on to the mood.

I change back into my jeans and navy blue t-shirt and follow the rest of the guys outside, where the wrestling matchs commense. Kirsten,of course,still on my mind.

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