Chapter One

John groaned as he slowly woke up, the pain in his body was just a low throb from what he could have guessed was from the painkillers the doctors had given him.

Doctors He thought to himself as he slowly opened his eyes and found himself in a private hospital room, the walls, floor and ceiling painted bright white with sunshine fighting through the blinds on the windows.

As he slowly woke up he was aware of voices being heard through the closed door close by, looking at his left arm he was surprised to find it in plaster while he could feel something down his back and realised that he had been asleep on his right side facing away from the door.

But where and who am I? What happened to me He thought to himself, he could just barely remember his name but only his first name. His head pounded giving him a headache as he tried to remember, all he could remember was darkness and cold chills.

Closing his eyes once again, John drifted off into a light sleep.

'Thunderbird Five to Tracy Island May Day May Day!!' A voice screamed before flying back, landing in a bundle along the metallic corridor bouncing several times until he longer felt anything as the room around him shook violently.

Fires burst into life, burning through anything it could sink into while eating at the precious oxygen, sparks flew from damaged consoles while the young man slowly groaned in pain as he felt his left arm scream in pain.

He slowly crawled over; flinching at the sparks trying to salvage what was left of the space station's control room. Another shudder shook the space station as something burst nearby, he hit his head on the edge of the controls and his world went dark.

John woke up with a slow moan and opened his eyes finding a pair of green ones staring back at him, shining with concern and regret.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked his brown hair messed up while his silver suit was covered in burn marks and soot.

"Sore" John replied his eyes widened in panic when he didn't recognize his own voice but tried not to move when he felt the gauze on his back pull at his tender skin.

"W-where are we?" He asked keeping still; trying to remember the dream he had just had, hoping that it was a clue to solving who he was.

"We're at St Thomas's hospital in London, you collapsed during clean up… don't you remember?" The young man asked again softly, voices were heard in the hallway once more.

John shook his head a little, "No, I don't remember anything… not even your name" He said moving his eyes away, afraid of what would happen now.

The young man sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "Was afraid of this" He muttered as he got up out of the chair and crossed over to the window.

"What is it?" John asked, sounding scared and unsure. He felt insecure and was afraid that he wouldn't be able to defend himself if this stranger tried to do anything to him.

"It must have been the attack on Thunderbird Five, I'm sorry John… I should have noticed this, I should have asked you the vital questions" The young man said softly, apologizing as he moved back down onto the chair.

John frowned and thought through what the young man was saying, "I've got amnesia haven't I?" He said softly looking up to seeing the young man nod slowly.

"I've got to go and tell Dad, he'll need to know this" He said looking back at the closed door.

"I'm sorry" John muttered before falling into a light drug induced sleep.

"We'll have to take Thunderbirds Two and Three back to base, then start clean up. Thunderbird one can stay here under the protection of the police" Jeff said as he looked at three of his sons, Fermat and Tin-Tin.

They all looked worn out from the day's events, and like himself were all dirty and just needed a long hot shower before having something to eat. But his second born son, injured in the space station's attack had collapsed and rushed to the hospital they all now waited in.

"What about John Dad? The doctors said that he can't be moved for a few more days" The eldest boy, Scott spoke up from his place at the window. He had taken his gloves off as well as the top of his uniform revealing a sweat soaked blue shirt underneath.

"Virgil is with him at the moment, it's too much of a blur to remember what happened up there at the moment but I'm sure that once the burns have had chance to heal then recovery will be swift" Jeff replied, he was keeping his voice strong but the doctor's talk remained fresh in his mind.

"Gordon, I want you to fly Thunderbird Three back to base while I'll fly Thunderbird Two back… Scott, Thunderbird One will have to return to base soon but for now she can stay here until we get a private jet out" He instructed his boys before leaving the room, his shell slipping slightly.

Scott sighed softly, "Well Gordon, Alan you heard Dad… we should get back and start clean up as much as possible" He said with a small stretch, "From what you all told me, we've got a lot of work to do"

Alan nodded thinking of the mess down in the hangers themselves, from where they had to cut through into Thunderbird One's hanger to all of the foam from the Firefly then up in the main complex itself with shattered glass everywhere.

"What about John? Is he going to be ok" Tin-Tin asked seeing that Alan was staring down at the floor, worried for his brother.

"The doctor said that he'll be fine once the burns have healed enough, he'll be able to come home" Scott said as he was with his father when the doctor talked to them, he was concerned when John collapsed on them.

"We should go, the people of London would want their park back" Gordon said standing up, resting a hand on Alan's shoulder as he did so.

Virgil looked up from John's sleeping form when he heard the door open, looking around he saw their father enter the room.

"Hey Dad" He said softly as John moaned a little in his sleep as he tried to move but was stopped by the pillow at his back.

"How is he?" Jeff asked after closing the door softly behind him, walking further into the room.

"He's been awake once or twice since I've been in here but Dad, I think that concussion was worse than I feared" Virgil said leaning back in the chair.

Jeff leaned against the windowsill, the sunlight feeling good on his sore back after being thrown against the metal cages down in the bank.

"What do you mean Virgil? He seems in pain even when he's asleep, are the burns" Jeff asked folding his arms across his chest.

Virgil shook his head, "The burns are fine, just the gauze does take a while to get use to… it's the concussion that's got me worried, Dad… I think he's forgot his memory" He said looking over at his father, mixed emotions filling his eyes.