Chapter Three

Jeff watched as they circled above Tracy Island, he glanced over at his second born son wondering what was going through his mind as they looked down at the tropical paradise down below.

"Well John, we're almost home" He said softly, seeing how the bandage was tied loosely around the back of his son's neck supporting his healing arm. White gauze was poking out from the white shirt John was wearing, showing where the burns were healing across his arms, neck and back.

"I guess so Dad... I'm scared of what is going to happen though" John muttered softly not turning to face his father, as Jeff continued to perform the circuit around the island.

Jeff inwardly sighed, "Just take it one step at a time John, we'll get there" He replied with a soft smile, glancing at his son.

"Tracy Island to Tracy One, you have landing permission" Scott's voice came across the radio.

"Tracy One to Tracy Island, thanks Scott... we'll come down now" Jeff replied with a smile, which faded a little when he saw John's confused look at the radio.

"OK Dad, we'll wait at the house for you" Scott replied and the radio went silent.

John sighed softly and rubbed the bridge of his nose, fighting against a headache that was appearing along with mixed voices, emotions and memories echoing in his mind.

Jeff glanced over as he tried to focus on landing the plane safely on the island, frowning a little. "Are you OK John?" He asked, occasionally glancing over at his son. He was concerned that another headache would cause his son to fall asleep, or cause some pain as another memory appeared.

"I-I think so Dad, j-just trying to remember something... but it hurts" John replied, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as the noise continued in his head.

"Just remember what the doctor said, slow deep breaths to calm yourself down and let the memories come to you" Jeff said calmly, wishing that he could help his son but with focusing on landing the plane all he could do was keep his son calm.

John nodded and closed his eyes, forcing himself to relax with slow deep breaths feeling his headache pounding in his ears and along his forehead. He heard the voices in his mind turning down into a low rumble, waiting for him to be able to sort them out.

Jeff looked over at his son, seeing that John had calmed himself down long enough for him to focus on landing their plane to the air strip.

The shudder shook the plane a little as he got it to land, trying to keep it as smooth as possible then let the engines die down as they taxied along the airstrip wanting to get it into the hangers out of the way just in case they were called out.

"Well John, we're home... how about we get up to the complex?" Jeff asked after the engines shut down completely, and the refuelling begun. He freed himself from the restraints before helping John out of his.

John slowly opened his eyes and nodded, slowly freeing himself with Jeff's help. "I'm scared Dad, I don't remember names or faces yet I feel that I should know them and this place" He replied softly, his voice shaking slightly.

"It will be OK John, I talked to your brothers and they understand what has happened to you... we're all going to help you through this" Jeff replied resting a hand on John's uninjured shoulder, being wary of the edge of the gauze on the back of his neck.

John looked over to Jeff's arm and slowly up to his face, forcing himself to relax and smile a little. "Thanks Dad... just wish -" He started to say and frowned when he lost his sentence.

"Come on John, it's probably just the painkillers... let's get you back up to the house" Jeff replied, inwardly sighing seeing that some of his son's memories had surfaced but confused John. He wished that there was another way to help his suffering son, but from the talks with the doctors then that being surrounded by familiar feelings and family would be one of the best ways to help recover from the amnesia.

Scott paced a little in the office, his hands clenched behind him as he continued to pace back and forth the length of their father's desk. His mind was practically buzzing with all of the thoughts and emotions that ran through his brain and heart as he continued to pace.

"Carry that on Scott and there would be a groove in the floor, or are you trying to make one?" Virgil asked, his voice breaking through Scott's trail of thoughts.

"Sorry Virg, just worried about John... they landed over half hour ago, but we all promised Dad that we would wait here" Scott replied turning to face his brother, with a strained smile.

"I know Scott, but we don't want to overwhelm John... I can't imagine what he's going through right now" Virgil said softly coming into the office and looked out of the large windows at the distant ocean, the sun was beginning to set and it cast a bright orange light across the island.

"I can't either Virgil, but I feel helpless like this... he's our brother, and he's lost his memories, those that what make him our John" Scott replied looking at his brother, he found that if he couldn't talk to John about what troubled him then Virgil was the next best brother he could talk to.

Virgil sighed and ran a hand through his hair, making it spike a little more. "It's like Dad said, we just have to be there for John... especially as he's still recovering from the burns and his broken arm" He said softly looking up at his brother with a small smile and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Things will work out, John isn't lost as you think... we all recovering after what The Hood did to us, John most of all... so we'll just have to take it one day at a time" Virgil added, squeezing his brother's shoulder before leaving the office.

Scott sighed and forced himself to calm down, "One day at a time" He repeated before leaving the office, after locking the computers, leaving to join the rest of the family as they sat around waiting for Jeff and John to join them for their supper.