The Monocle

Kaito marvelled at the suit in the secret room. So his father was the original Kaitou Kid! How interesting. This puts a whole new spin on things!

He decided to try it on, putting the white pants on for the first time, and the blue dress shirt and red tie. Next the shirt and cape. That cape was cool. it could become a hang glider. that's useful!

Now the hat. Heh, he looked at himself in the mirror. Not bad! It all fit him perfectly. He then looked at the monocle. How do you put this thing on? He fumbled with it, and tried to put it in his eye.

It fell out.

He fumbled again, oh! It goes on the right eye ok.

He dropped it. Ack!

3 hours later.

"I got it!" He said finally, sitting up with the monocle on his right eye.

He stood up.

And it fell out again.