Here's a short little Az-centric snippet for all of you in the midst of my relative absense. I hope you like it! The 'Checklist' concept was actually borrowed from my buddy GT Spuddie. So compliments to them if you like the concept!

Again, Az and Tin Man is NOT mine. Le sigh.

The dark haired young woman surveyed her closet with a faintly ironic eye.

Pastel, pastel, pastel, leather—wait what was that still doing there? She removed the leather bustier and tossed it aside. One of the other maids would deal with that. She returned to her study. She had to make a selection, sometime before noon preferably. After a moment she did and allowed the hovering maids to aid her in putting the complicated series of garments on her royal person. Thus dressed, she turned to survey herself in the mirror, and double check that she was indeed ready for the ordeal ahead.

Undergarments of the feminine, lacy, and all together unthreatening variety? Check.

Gown both demure and understatedly elegant? Check.

Hair flowing loose from any architectural bindings? Check (and thank Ozma for that one.)

Face only barely made up in soft pinks and pale roses? Check.

Eyes as un-sorrowful as could possibly be faked so early in the day? Check

Shoes containing absolutely no platform qualities what so ever? Check, check, and check.

She seemed ready, she thought. Still, something was missing. She turned and crossed carefully to her dressing table, and removed a large emerald on an unadorned chain.

Ah yes, that was it.

Symbol of my right to sill be alive and standing at her sister and mother's side? Check.

Steadying her nerves and layering on one last bit of artifice in the form of a small gentle smile that left no sign of her true agitation upon her face, Azkadellia nodded for her doors to be opened.

At last, she was ready for another day in the court of the O.Z.

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