Ok, so this is the opening to my Hermione/Luna story. I will continue this one once Forbidden Magic is over. I felt like I needed a change. If you like it, I guess tell me so! I want to know if I should continue this one. This was for a competition so I had to keep the words under 800, thus why it is so short. Other chapters most likely will not be so short.


"Did you think such a sight was something we would live to see?" a brunette told another girl who was cradled in her arms. She could smell the fresh scent of her hair as it brushed against her face. She didn't know how long she longed to do this, how much she waited to do it, but now, only three months after the war, she was brave enough to admit her feelings.

"I did," the girl next to her answered, "what I didn't think would happen was me and you seeing it together like this."

The sun was setting behind hills in the English countryside. Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood had chosen the spot for the view. During the war and even before, Hermione had struggled with her feelings. They had escaped and the nights she shared a room with Luna were the most interesting.

No one else could ever keep Hermione guessing and she was shocked to learn that part of herself. She was wondering why she was spending so much time worrying about Ron who had since then left with another girl. She didn't remember the name now, but it wasn't painful when it happened.

Her friendship with the others after the war seemed to be stronger than ever, and since that day in that shared bedroom, Hermione has been a changed person. She thought back to one of her last nights there in that room, Luna was sitting on the bed watching her sleep.

With one eye open, she noticed the silvery blue eyes lost in what seemed to be a dreamy thought. Luna had usually looked this way, so Hermione thought little of it. She couldn't help, however, to look back at her. I—She didn't notice did she? Did she notice what I had told her the night before about my feelings, she thought, I didn't say what I had said in such an obvious way, did I?. Oh, it's been a while and now I can't help it. I didn't think this could happen!

"Luna?" Hermione sat up, "are you alright?" The blonde witch nodded her head, "I just like to sit up and watch you sleep at times. It soothes me."

Hermione couldn't help but to blush. She is Ravenclaw after all. I can have complex conversations with her without her falling asleep on me like the others. I think that's something that I needed, but how did she know?

"I—I haven't even fallen asleep yet," Hermione said. "Aren't you tired?"

The blonde shook her head no. She looked out the window with a small sincere smile on her face, "there was no time to sleep when I was pondering what you had said to me."

Hermione, once again, blushed. "Oh, so you caught on, did you?"

There was a nod from the younger girl. Her eyes were reflecting the full moonlight in their dreamy stare. She took a small breath and said, "you said that you wanted someone with more of an interesting outlook but also someone who could keep up with your mind."

"Yes, but how did you know I was—" Hermione hesitated. "How did you know I was talking about you?"

Luna smiled sweetly; her stare did not leave the pale moonlight. "The look in your eyes," she said, "It certainly gave you away."

Hermione couldn't help but to turn pink. "B-but Luna, you weren't even looking at me! You were looking out the window!"

"I didn't need to look at you to see your true feelings," she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Her silvery blue eyes closed for a moment and then re-opened. They looked directly at the stunned brunette, "I can see the look in your eyes without having to look into them."

"What does this mean? Do you—" Hermione couldn't think of what to say. Finally, it came to her, "do you feel the same?"

"Since the Christmas party," Luna said. It all came to Hermione. She had been crying against Luna. There was comfort, there was attraction but she had fought that off. She thought she was just furious with Ron, but no. It was more than that. Brown met blue in a clash of emotion.

Luna raised herself from her bed and strolled causally over to the older girl. She gently took her head into her hands, tilted it and placed a soft kiss to her lips. As their lips met, Hermione felt a connection. Yes, it was there all along. This was it.

She was brought back to the present, the sun hanging low in the sky. All the time away from Luna, the time with her in battle, it brought them closer together. Hermione grazed Luna's lips, yes, this was it.