AN: Found this prompt in Songs of the Heart by DefyingGravity24 and thought I'd give it a try.

Rating: K+
Word Count: 100
Summary: Fred's efforts finally pay off.
Prompt: Put your iTunes on shuffle, and write a drabble based on each of the first ten songs that play.
Song: Lonely People - America

"Dont give up until you drink from the silver cup;
And never take you down or never give you up;
You never know until you try."

"Mmm," Hermione sighed. "Did you ever think you'd get here?"

"Of course. My charms are irresistible." Fred grinned, tracing lazy patterns along her stomach with his fingers. She shivered lightly and settled against him, her hair tickling his chin and a few stands getting caught on his swollen lips.

"So much so that it took you two years to finally get me?" Her smile was teasing and he dove in quickly to cover it with a searing kiss before pulling back from her.

"Nothing to do with me, love. It's not my fault you take so long to catch on."