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3.20 Everyday is a Sunday Evening

Nathan was pissed, no fumed that someone idiotic prick would dare lay a hand on his wife. After celebrating the team's victorious win at a 4 hour party, Nathan was ready to express his anger and frustration out loud even after Haley repeatedly told him it was no big deal. No big deal? Those words put together mean nothing to a man who's overprotective of his wife. With a smug look upon her face she sat down on their comfy bed and continued to listen to Nathan's rambling and angry tirade come from their living room inside of their small apartment.

She laid her head against the bed's headboard and let out a loud sigh as he walked into the room. Cutting into his sentence she quickly blurted out, "So what about those Lakers? Their games pretty weak right?" she planted a fake smile on her face, obviously trying to get him to change the subject. Noticing her almost sad attempt to make him shut up, Nathan walked over to her, sat on the end of their bed and gave his infamous smirk to her.

"Hales, I know exactly what you're trying to do, and it was a nice try, but I'm upset. I mean, first Chris Keller tries to take you away, well actually does for awhile, and now that jackass shoves you. I never knew it would be so hard to have such a wonderful woman by my side..." His strong yet gentle hand rubbed a small circle on the exposed skin on her thigh. He never knew what amazing legs Haley has until she became a cheerleader; since then he can't get enough of them.

He let his hand detach from Haley's leg and he began to start unbuttoning his shirt as he stood up from the bed. He threw it onto the floor with great force as he shook his head to his intense thoughts. "Babe, I know you always say I can't let go of things quickly but he pissed me off, and if it wasn't for that damn ref I would've put him in a hospital..."

All the words that he had been saying for the past minute or so hadn't even made it to her ear. She was completely mesmerized by his touch, his body, and his anger. The way he touched her thigh sent chills up her spine and blood rushing faster throughout her body. Her nipples grew increasingly hard when he removed his shirt and even though she had expressed annoyed feelings towards his on-going rant she secretly couldn't get enough of it. His rage always sent tingles and chills throughout her whole body, even in an intense fight with him, she just wanted him to take control of her.

It was a secret no one knew, not even Nathan, but she had a strange fetish for men that are controlling, in and outside of the bedroom. All she wanted at that moment was for Nathan to snatch her off of the bed, pull off her clothes and do whatever he pleased with her. She bit down on her bottom lip as her eyes gazed over every aspect of his body in view. Her pussy grew wetter as her dirty fantasy played inside of her head and before she knew it, a loud moan escaped her mouth. A moan loud enough to make Nathan stop in the middle of his sentence, lift his eyebrow questionably, and give her a narrowed, curious stare. "Hales?" He said as he walked closer to her, his eyes locked onto her beautiful soulful brown eyes. "Haley, are you alright?" He asked, wondering why a moan would escape her lips at such a time like this.

Her fingers gripped onto the sheets and her breathing became ragged with anticipation and need. She looked up at him, focusing solely on his gorgeous blue eyes and whimpered out, "I want you…"

His eyes squinted at the sound of her seductive voice and he decided to tease her a little. He raised his eyebrow and leaned over the side of the bed as he ran his large hand up petite leg once again, stopping at her entrance which was radiating heat.

"How do you want me baby?" He asked as his finger slowly moved the fabric that was covering the entrance of her pussy aside and pressed his finger gently against her already wet folds. At feeling his finger at the very entrance of her pussy she let out a loud wanting moan and started breathing heavier.

The words in her mind seemed to scramble and go into disarray; the only word she could seem to mutter out was,"Rough?" He furrowed his eyebrows at her words and let out a small confused laugh.

"What do you mean rough?"

She quickly moved her body closer to his and latched her soft warm lips to the skin on his neck and in a husky and breathy voice she moaned into his. "I want rough sex…please Nathan. The way you're just in a huff right now is making me hot..."

Rough sex? He had never done anything rough to a girl to a girl before; his mom had always told him to never rough up a chick, especially one he loved so much. But by the look in Haley's eyes he thought that maybe a little rough play would by just fine. For tonight at least.

"So, let's just say I do go along with this..." He said with a low deep tone of voice as he inserted his finger into her wetness, letting it lightly brush against the walls of her pussy. "…how would you want it done? I mean, what do you want done to you?"

Almost being driven into a lust induced trance by his finger inside of her, she closed her eyes and bit down on her lip before answering. "Na- oh fuck. I um..." She stuttered out before continuing her sentence. "I just want you to take control of me… pin me down to the bed so I cant move. Make me beg for you…just be rough with me. I love it when you're rough baby"

His infamous cocky smirk came across his face after hearing her steamy request and he quickly pulled his finger out of her warmth. Getting straight to business, he unzipped her jacket and threw it to the side before his strong hands went directly to the bottom of her cheer shirt and pulled it over her head. His lips pressed firmly against hers without warning as he laid himself on top of her carefully, trying not to put too much weight on her small frame.

He pulled away from their hot steamy kiss and stood up from the bed, leaning over slightly to touch Haley's soft skin on her midriff before sliding his hands down to her short cheer leading skirt. "Oh baby…" He groaned out as he yanked the thin skirt right off of her hips and down her legs.

"Nathan…" She innocently whimpered out as her lust-filled eyes gazed upon his body.

"Quiet Hales" he said in a harsh tone in return to her whimpers. Normally, he would never speak to her in such a manner but he knew it was what she wanted at that moment.

He roughly and quickly ripped her pure white panties right off of her body with ease, and before Haley knew it, he was back down on the bed and his face was in between her silky smooth legs. Taking in the sweet musky smell of her pussy, his tongue swiftly delved into her wet folds and slid straight into the deepness of her pussy, making her hips thrust towards him ecstasy

A few loud moans escaped Haley's lips and in return, Nathan once again, answered her moans in a loud harsh voice that made tingles go up her spine. "Be quiet!" He couldn't help but smirk after watching her react to his words.

He continued working his mouth on her pussy, alternating from licking her inside and rubbing her clit to sucking her rock hard clit and fingering her dripping wet pussy. His cock was quickly getting hard and he knew he wouldn't be able to last much long without being inside of her.

He sat up from her body and climbed off the bed, quickly discarding his pants and boxers; letting his large hard cock bob in front of Haley. As he climbed back onto the bed he was trying to figure what to do to her next, then he remembered what Haley had said him and he grabbed her small wrists and pinned them down on the bed with his hands.

He was driving Haley insane at that moment and she was needing him inside of her badly. Nathan took one of the hands that was holding her wrists away from her and grabbed a hold of one of Haley's hard rosy nipples roughly, squeezing and tugging on it.

"Oh shit!" Haley yelled out into the air as his fingers pinched her nipple. Nathan couldn't help but chuckle at her. It was rare for her to curse so he knew he must've been doing something right.

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