-This is the LAST installemnt of the story :-( Sorry, but all stories must come to an end. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it though :-)-

Haley hissed in pleasure as Nathan lavished her pussy with his tongue and rolled her eyes into the back of her head. Never before had she felt such pleasure given to her and she was hoping to God that it wouldn't end soon.

Nathan's tongue delved deep into her wet pussy as his hands spread her cheeks further apart so he could gain better access to her. His index finger teased her clit softly as continue sucking and licking at her warm pussy. Haley pushed her ass back onto his face, forcing him to go deeper into her and Nathan could tell it was time for him to stop before she got too into and came on the spot. He moved away from pussy and gave her ass a hard slap as he stood back onto his feet. "Alright that's enough baby. Now it's time for you to please me…"

He sat down on the sofa and grabbed a hold of his throbbing cock, jacking it quickly to tease Haley. "Get on your knees and suck this cock, little slut" Haley got off of the couch then got down on her knees in front of Nathan and took his thick cock into her hands.

She had always enjoyed his cock; the length of it, the width of it, and especially the feel of it. He was well endowed, to say the least and just looking at his cock made her quiver.

She flicked her tongue across the head of his cock playfully before sliding her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, causing it twitch briefly. She lowered down onto his cock and she slowly took his length into her warm mouth.

Nathan groaned out in pleasure as soon as he felt himself hit the back of her throat. He had always loved getting blowjobs from beautiful women, but he found that they were even more amazing when they came from a woman you love. He placed his hand on the back of her head and each time she would bring her head up from his cock, he would push it right back down. Haley let a small moan out on his cock, causing vibrations throughout it and his body to stiffen.

She lifted her head off of his cock once again and before he had to chance to push it back down, she cupped his balls and licked them slowly, letting her warm tongue tease and titillate the sensitive skin covering them. It was something she had never tried before and since they were trying a new sexual fantasy, she decided to try a new trick or two on him.

Nathan's reaction was enough to tell her she was doing something right. His mouth dropped open and his breath became extremely loud and harsh. Even though he had been excited the whole time but that just took it all to another level. After only two minutes he had gotten completely aroused with it and had to stop her before he came.

Her took hold of her hair and pulled her off of his cock, not too hard to pull her hair out but rough enough to lift her head up. "That's enough baby girl. Now are you ready to get that little ass fucked hard?" Haley eagerly nodded her head and Nathan stood up to his feet. He picked her up and carried her back into their bedroom and tossed her onto their bed. "Bend over and spread your legs nice and wide for me so I can fuck you doggy style." Haley obeyed and did as she was told and glanced back at Nathan, who was stroking his cock, getting himself ready for some intense fucking.

He walked up behind her and gave each cheek a slap before positioning himself at her entrance. He slid into her wet pussy slowly and once he got a rhythm, he held onto her waist and fucked her faster and faster. His cock hit every wall inside of her pussy and Haley held onto the bed's sheets for dear life. His hard and intense thrusts made her voluptuous breast bounce all around, something he always loved to watch while fucking her. That's when he decided to switch positions and forcefully turn her onto her back.

He laid down on top of her carefully and kissed her soft lips as he slid back into her warmth. From then on out, it went from a sexual game to making love.

As much as he would've loved to finish with a bang, he couldn't deny his love for her and everything he got that close to her he had to show it. As his lips sucked and bit at the skin on her neck , Haley could feel herself reaching the point of orgasm. She arched her back towards him and yelled out his name as her cum oozed from her pussy. The way Haley yelled out his name made Nathan's balls churn and he came shortly after, shooting his hot load straight into her pussy. Haley's fingers ran across his head playfully and as a smirk came across Nathan's face, Haley couldn't help but laugh. "What are you smirking about, mister?" Nathan kissed the soft skin on her shoulder then grinned up at her. "I was just thinking , maybe I should get angry more often" Haley kissed his forehead and chuckled out, "I love you baby."