Chapter 1: Harry's Temper Tantrum

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It was a normal day for the shoppers in Diagon Alley, everything so far had been fine. People hustled about reading about the war with Grindewald, and the efforts of the various foreign ministries that were attempting to put up a fight, while others just ignored the signs of coming war and did their everyday shopping.

People were browsing through Flourish and Blotts looking for new books that had come out, others were entering Madame Malkins for All Occasions buying new robes, getting measured, some were just looking around with a few friends.

One man in particular had been standing still looking at a newspaper for a long time. To be precise, the man was staring at the date.

June 22, 1935

The peace was shattered suddenly as the man threw down the newspaper, magic coalesced around him as his rage built up.


The shouting drew strange looks and people carefully backed away, forming a ragged circle of watchers around him. He didn't seem to notice. With a wave of his hand the man was surrounded by hundreds of objects, which he proceeded to destroy in an amazing display of magical power and skill. The circle was now backing away, giving this man more room to apparently blow off some steam.

After ten minutes of continuous blowing shit up, the man let out a final terrible scream and there was a flash of light followed by a massive explosion. Everyone in the vicinty screamed as the sound of shattering glass and concrete breaking filled the air. Seconds later, there were dozens of loud cracks as the Aurors were finally alerted and showed up.

John Charles Potter, Captain of the Aurors looked around in shock. The noise had stopped thank Merlin, and the dust was starting to clear. Who ever did this, if he wasn't a criminal, was going to owe several biliion galleons to pay for the damages. Wand drawn, he looked carefully at the man as his features slowly started show.

Black messy hair, green eyes and tall.

Those were the features that stood out the most, aside from a scar he could just barely see under the man's bangs. Slowly he walked towards him, for he had seemed to calm down and was looking around with a guilty look on his face.

Harry looked around suddenly remembering that he was in Diagon Alley and that the public had been witness to the small tantrum he just had. He noticed a group of fifteen aurors were surrounding him, the Captain walking towards him carefully.

"Oh Shit."

As the man noticed him, John tensed slightly, his wand coming up to point directly, before picking up his pace.

"I'm Captain John Potter." He said briskly, "What's your name?"

Harry blanched as he realized that he couldn't use his own name as he was talking to his grandfather or whatever. Thinking quickly he came up with his mothers name.

"Harry Evans." He said, pausing for a bit he continued. "Uh, sorry about all this I can fix it up real easy watch." With a few waves of his hand, the entire Alley shimmered, when it stablilized the place was back to normal.

Everyone gawked.

Well everyone besides for John, he was after all the Captain of the Auror's and Captains don't gawk. It didn't matter to him that he was bug-eyed, he was not going to gawk. He clenched his teeth furiously.

When the shock wore off, he turned to Evans abrubtly. "How did you do that?"

Harry looked around, "Ah well you see, I possess a limited amount of control over time, essentialy I just went back a few minutes, copied the scenario and brought it here."

John gawked.

He couldn't help it. Having power over time was not unheard of for him, as he was a Potter, however for someone else to have power over time... Even with the Potters, the most control anyone ever had was to freeze time, or to create a time dilation field. For someone to be able to go back a few minutes, and bring it forward! All with a few waves of a hand and almost no mental focus!

For his family, stopping time was done with complex wand movements and intense concentration. Setting up a time dilation field was even worse, that's what he called limited, not what Evans had done. No what Evans had done he called major control. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered what Evans considered major.

John was brought back by Evans next words.

"Now, I can't have you all knowing how powerfull I am so..."

John slammed his occlumency sheilds up as fast as he could, and set them to max power just as Harry Evans waved his hand around.

People blinked for a second as their memories were erased, the aurors disappeared and reappeared doing whatever they were doing before they were sent out and Harry Potter, known in this time as Harry Evans was gone.

In his office sitting in his desk, Captain John Potter blinked as he was somehow brought to his office from Diagon Alley. Sitting back in his chair, he resolved to keep a look out for Harry Evans. Something didn't ring right with him, there was no one who had control over time besides for the Potter's. He couldn't go up against Evans outright because he was too powerfull he would have to be content with watching.

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