Title: Love is in the air Title: Love is in the air

Author: Screeching Twilight- Al

Genre: Romance/general

Summary: One night stands our great, when you don't get pregnant. But Isabella Swan just had the best one night stand, but regrets it when she finds out she's pregnant. Luckily for her, the child's father is Edward Cullen the biggest player ever, and he is the owner of Cullen inc. the largest software company.

Rating: T

Warnings: rating may change; language; drug references; and sexual references

Author notes: Um here is the first chapter, kind of like a preface- please review no flames

Chapter: 1/ 25ish

Disclaimer: I do not; I repeat I do not own Twilight, New moon, eclipse, breaking dawn or midnight sun all rights belong to Stephenie Meyer

Chapter one: a look into the future

"Andy!" I yelled as I hobbled after my son, as he ran farther into the yard. "Andrew Edward Cullen get over here this instant!" So I was a little annoyed, but come on- having twin little boys and a little girl on the way is difficult on a woman, especially when her loving husband is stuck in traffic.

"You too, Mason Jonathan Cullen! I mean it- it's time for dinner." I finally gave up chasing them and stood there for a second.

Not one minute later two little men bombarded me. I looked down and smiled. My little boys; Andrew and Mason. They both took after their father, same reddish brown, auburn hair that was always a tad bit messy, but soft and silky. Bright, mossy green eyes and long, long eyelashes that tickled your neck when they cuddled on your shoulder. They were just normal for their age, a bit on the slender side, but then again they were tall- like their handsome father, the love of my life Edward Anthony Cullen.

Edward. He was literally my angel, sent down from heaven to guide and protect me. His beauty was astounding, something I never had a hope to concur, but if I did, then were would the pride go when I showed off my Edward, emphasis on my. He was a god, no doubt about it.

But as handsome as Edward was, I think are little boys are pushing him off the track. They looked so much alike, but their were differences. For example, Andy's hair was blonder, almost a dark strawberry blond with brown streaks through it, and Mason took more after me, for instance, I swear his eyes were hazel the other day. But still over all they were their daddy all over again. I pitied all the girls that would know them. But over all, the looked almost exactly like Edward. But as Edward put it, he hoped that our new child Faye Alicia Cullen would look like me. But no matter how my children looked they were still the best looking people on the block.

"Hi," I said, barely managing to squat down and hug them.

"Mommy- Andy hit me," cried Mason, who literally knocked me over by clinging so much.

I was about to answer when a smooth velvety voice answered for me. " Then I think Andy owes Mason an apology."

I turned around and stood up as fast I could and leapt- okay more like fell- into his arms. "Edward your home!"

"Of course I am, sweetie- nothing not even an accident could keep me from you," he said as he lent down and brushed his smooth, full, wonderful, amazing, delicious lips against mine, ever so lightly. But once again my heart bounced, loudly and strong, threatening to emerge, leave my body. I felt a slow tinge at the base of spine slowly spreading through my whole body, as sparks on love flashed in front of my eyes.

Oh, the wonderful joys of being in love. The wonderful joys of being in love with the sweetest man alive. Oh, the joys of being in love with the sexiest man.

I turned toward the boys again, but the minute I did so, they were crashing into us. "Daddy!"

I laughed blithely as I saw the god, my husband, bend down to embrace our two little boys. "Hey kids," he said as he laid sweet kisses on their foreheads. " Were you good today?"

Andy replied, his lisp enclosing on every word. " Mathon lied datty, he thaid that I hit him. I did not! You belief me, wite datty?"

Edward looked mockingly puzzled, so much so that I had to bite my lip from laughing; nonetheless, Edward managed to answer Andy, seriously. "Of course I believe both of you- known of you would lie, especially to your beautiful mother, right?"

His arms were around me again, closing me in a sweet embrace, as he lightly swayed, a small grin on his face.

Mason looked bored, and Andy looked away and would not meet anyone's face. "Andrew, honey- is everything okay?' I gently inquired, looking at him.

"Mommy?" He asked, turning toward me, his short arms out wide, asking for a hug.

I gently loosened myself out of Edward's grip, and knelt down in front my three year old, and hugged him, careful of my stomach. "Yes, baby?" I asked, as I gently rubbed his hair, and inhaled his cute little scent.

"I hit Mathon."


Little sobs and tears came from Andy, as he responded, "Mathon said that Rothelle would newer mawwy me."

I couldn't help, but smile. My little son had his first crush- at the age of three. I thought they started playing like this when they were five, but guess not.

"Honey, hitting is not nice and you're a little young to be getting married." I rocked for a while in till I noticed he was remarkably quite.

"Edward!" I called, who was now playing with Mason.

He stopped and came over, Mason trailing behind him. "Yes?"

"Is Andy asleep?"

He looked, and grinned while nodding.

"Can you take him, and put him in his bed?" I asked, tired and exhausted myself. What? I am with child.

"Of course, sweetheart."

Edward then proceeded to lift Andy into his arms and carry him into the house. Leaving me to stand up, after some hard breathing and sweat running down my face I was up.

I looked and spotted Mason on the swings. "Mason!"

He looked up and hopped off the stool. His little legs were carrying him over to me. "Did you tell Andrew that Rochelle would never marry him?"

He shrugged- another thing he got from his father. "Yes."


"Because you said we are too young to get married," he stated this, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. His hazel eyes- yep, it's definitely hazel- looked up to meet mine. " I'm sorry."

I sighed and grabbed his hand. "I know, make sure to tell Andy that. But for now let's go eat."

"Okay," he said, with a sigh. How old was my son- twenty, no- he's three. But close, though.

When we came through the red door and finished taking off our shoes, Edward came and brought me to his chest, his arms lightly on my waist. " Come on in, Bella." His voice was so smooth and silky- I was ready to jump him. And believe me I would have if I wasn't pregnant and had a child currently in the room. Oh the joys of having an incredibly sexy man but having children.

We walked to the dinning room, where I noticed that Edward had already set up for dinner and the food was so nicely placed on the table. I just love spaghetti.

Mason, Edward and I chatted idly all through dinner, our moods blissful. "Dad today at Tanya's," I sent a warning look at Mason, " at Mrs. Blacks, Rochelle and Andy 'got married''. I watched in awe, as my son did the little quotation marks in the air. " I got Oliver mad at me, and he tried to hit me," at this Edward choked and coughed a little, "but Mr. Black said that Oliver was the naughty one. So Oliver had to go sit in the 'naughty' corner." Again with quotation marks. " But, you know daddy it wasn't my fault that he didn't know the sun is actually a star." He said this part with an uninterested tone. And I just happened to glance at Edward who thought this was hilarious.

I was laughing when all sudden, my pants looked very wet. " Um, Edward?"

"Yes, sweetheart?" he turned to me then, his gaze loving and caring.

"My water broke."


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I stared in horror. How could I responsible, young, educated Bella swan be pregnant? And after a one nightstand, too. Was the world trying to kill me? No. This test is wrong because I would never get pregnant, especially like this. It had to be wrong.

Remember next chapter starts at the actual beginning, before she meets Edward.

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