Hello everyone! This is my second fanfic for digimon and my third fanfic all together, so I hope it's not too horrible. I just thought of it on the spot, so there isn't much of a plot. Well please enjoy it anyway!

Chapter 1 Burgers

It was an extremely hot summer day in July. The sky was light blue, and the sun was sizzling so much that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. At this time a 16-year-old Koji Minamoto was sitting in his room with the air conditioning on full blast. He sighed to himself as he put own a magazine he was reading and walked downstairs into the kitchen. He searched in the fridge for something cold to drink. He took out a soda and some ice cream and started to make an ice cream float, when he heard someone knocking at the door. Since no one else was home, Koji had to go answer the door. When he opened it, one of his best friends, Takuya Kanbara burst in.

"Hey Koji, what's up? Oh you're making an ice cream float…well just don't put any fish in it." Takuya suggested.

"Why would I put fish in an ice cream float?!" Koji asked, slightly annoyed. "Well, at least its better than putting tons of meat in it…or barbecue sauce."

"You know what?! My burgers were better than yours! Just admit it Koji!"

"How can I admit something that's not true?" Koji replied.

"Oh it's on! Tomorrow…we'll have a competition!" Takuya declared.

"Fine by me." Koji said. Then someone knocked at the door, and Koji went to answer it. It was Zoe, Kouichi, Tommy, and J.P.

"Hey guys." Koji said as he let them all in.

"Man, it's so hot out there!" Zoe complained. "Anyways, what are you guys doing?"

"We're going to have a burger contest again! This time it's to determine the winner once and for all!" Takuya exclaimed, with an intense look in his eyes and a fist in the air.

"Umm…what was that again?" Tommy asked nervously.

"We're having a burger contest this weekend, and you guys will be the judges!" Takuya said and pointed to Zoe, Kouichi, Tommy, and J.P.

"About that…umm I have summer school classes, which I will be very busy with." J.P. responded.

"I promised my parents I would hang out with them this weekend." Tommy said.

"Umm…I'm going to spend the weekend with my girlfriend." Kouichi explained.

"Nice try Kouichi, but you don't have a girlfriend." Koji said. "Besides, you've never even tried my burgers before."

-Flashback from five years ago-

"Hey Kouichi, I made these burgers to celebrate our first birthday together." Koji said proudly, as he brought in a tray of burgers. "I call them the rainbow burger version 2.0." Kouichi looked at the burgers nervously.

"What happened to the first version?"

"Well….lets just say it was not quite up to par, but I assure you these burgers are far beyond par, actually I'm so confident in them that I'm entering them in a contest."

"What contest? World's worst food ever made? City's strangest tasting thing? Weird stuff that shouldn't go into people's mouths?"

"Why are you insulting them, before even trying them?" Koji asked, partially hurt.

"Uhh, well I'm not trying to…well you see the thing is…oh look its J.P. and Takuya doing the tango in bikinis!" Kouichi yelled. Koji freaked out and closed his eyes.

"Oh wait, I need to film them and show it to Zoe!" Koji shouted. "I'll go get my camera!" he said and ran off. Kouichi just stood there slightly dumbfounded that Koji actually believed him to such an extent.

-End of Flashback-

"Well, I just…oh fine…I mean, how bad could they be right?" Kouichi gave in.

"Okay, so Kouichi and Zoe will be the judges then." Takuya concluded.

"Uh, hold on a second! Who said I wanted to eat your guys' horrible burgers. I absolutely refuse." Zoe told them.

"B-but…Zoe…" Takuya and Koji both made sad puppy dog faces.

"Aww, look at those adorable faces. How can you say no to them?" Kouichi asked. "And besides, you can always just pretend like you ate the burgers and then choose Takuya. He'll love you forever if you do." Kouichi whispered in Zoe's ear.

"W-why would I c-care about t-that?" Zoe blushed. "F-fine, I'll do it." She told Takuya and Koji.

"Yay! Thanks Zoe! Besides it would be boring with just Kouichi." Takuya complained. Kouichi gave Takuya a look that said 'what is that supposed to mean?'

"Y-yeah, well whatever." Zoe said, while blushing.

"Huh? Why is your face red Zoe?" Takuya asked her. "Do you have a fever?" he asked and put his hand on her forehead.

"N-no, I-I'm fine! Don't touch me!" Zoe shouted, as she slapped Takuya's hand away. "I-I got to go, so see you later." Zoe said then turned around and ran out the door. The guys just stared at the door that the female friend had exited from. Zoe ran all the way to the park, without realizing it. She was so annoyed; all she could think was,

"God, that stupid Takuya! Why would I have a fever! Isn't it obvious? I'm in love with you!"


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Kouichi: so…am I really going to have to eat those burgers?

Me: You'll see…hee hee.

Kouichi: what was that hee hee for?! You're going to make me eat them aren't you? (Sigh) I'll get the barf bags

Takuya and Koji: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!