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Chapter 9 Saving the day and Sunsets

"Huh? Danger? Shinya and me?" Takuya looked from Zoe to Koji in a flurry. "What danger?!

"Oh right…" Koji said. "Well actually…there were these guys…" Koji then went on to explain everything he saw and heard about the shifty people in the tree across the street from Takuya's home. After he finished, Zoe had a smile on her face. "Zoe…what're you smiling about?" Koji asked nervously. "Don't you care that some guys are out to get Takuya?"

"Of course I do! But I have a plan to catch them." She told the two.

"Hey not cool! I'm the leader; I'm supposed to come up with the plans!" Takuya complained.

"Takuya…don't you know? The leaders never come up with the plans, they just encourage everyone to keep going and take credit for plans they didn't come up with." Zoe explained.

"Well then who comes up with the plans?" Koji asked.

"The beautiful and charming main female character of course!" Zoe said, and flipped her hair, and winked.

"Great…all we need is a beautiful and charming girl then." Koji said.

"Yeah." Takuya agreed. "We could call Nikki from math class. By the way, why are you twitching Zoe?"

"You idiots…." Zoe grumbled. "And I'm not twitching! I was wink—oh never mind! Wait a second; you think Nikki from math class is beautiful and charming?" Zoe asked Takuya.

"Who cares…?" Koji stated. "Just tell us what you're plan is."

"Oh right…ok, so this is what we do…"


A few hours later, the sun was shining brightly, it was about lunchtime.

"Hm, maybe they're in school?" A man with blond hair, one of the two members of Team KT mused.

"You idiot! Its summer." His partner, a woman with long black hair replied.

"Haven't you ever heard of summer school?" The man said. The woman said nothing and just ignored him. "I'll take that as a no." The man sighed. They were both still sitting in the tree across the street from the Kanbara residence.

"Shh! Look, someone's coming out of the house!" The woman stated. The both got out their binoculars to see Takuya walking out the front door, with a trash bag in hand. "Oh no! What if he's on to us? He's probably got explosives in there!" The woman panicked.

"Yeah…or he could be throwing out the trash?" The man suggested. "Seriously, you have got to stop watching those old spy movies…" Takuya walked over to the trash can and lifted the lid. "Yeah see? The kid's just taking out the tra--." The man was interrupted when Takuya started banging the trash can with the lid. "What the hell? What's that kid doing?"

"He's messing up our frequencies! Did you put any devices in that trash can?" The woman asked frantically.

"Hmm…oh yeah I put the ones to see and hear what they're doing."

"Why the heck did you put both of them in the trash can?!"

"Well sorry! Jeez…why'd I get partnered up with such an annoying person, on such an annoying mission…?"

"Oh just shut up! I've got to get rid of that boy…then that woman will be so upset!" The woman started laughing maniacally. The man just blinked at her.

"Yeah…I'm getting off this crazy train." He said, and started climbing down the tree.

"Wait! Where are you going you fool?!" The woman asked.

"I'm sorry…but you're just too insane. I'm not going to help you kill some kid just because you were in love with his father…" The man said, and hopped off the tree, then yelled to Takuya. "Hey, there's a crazy stalker lady here! Someone call the cops!"

"Shut up Jim! You'll blow my cover!" The woman gasped, and shot at the man, Jim with a gun. Jim dodged it easily.

"Oh my! She has a gun on her and she's trying to shoot me, an innocent bystander! Someone help!" He feigned innocence, and called out. Some neighbors looked their way, and some started coming up to see what the ruckus was about.

"What's happening over here?" A man, who looked to be in his mid forties asked.

"That woman, up in the tree there. She had a gun and she tried to shoot me." Jim explained and pointed up at the woman. People started gasping, and whispering. "See? She's got a gun with her." The woman tried to hide the gun, but it was too late, and everyone had already seen it.

"Oh my, someone should call the police." A woman in a floral dress pointed out.

"Already did." Takuya announced. Everyone turned around to see, Koji, Takuya and Zoe walking up to them.

"We heard the gunshot, so we got scared and called the police." Zoe explained to everyone. Soon enough, they heard a siren and a cop car drove up to them.


After the crazy woman from Team KT was taken away by the cops, a bunch of reporters came up to Takuya, Koji and Zoe and started asking them all kinds of questions.

"Are you kids aware that you assisted in capturing an experienced ex-spy who was on the run from the law for several crimes?" One reporter asked.

"Ah not really. I just did what I thought was right." Takuya attempted to give a heroic smile as some cameras flashed.

"He's so enjoying this…" Koji sighed, and Zoe giggled. Then some reporters started asking Koji questions.

"How were you involved in the capturing of the ex-spy criminal, Kimberly Jones?"

"Are you a male model?" One female reporter asked.

"Are you single?" Another one asked.

"Uh...well I phoned the cops after Takuya told me about hearing the gun shot, uh and no to the second question. Yes to the third question--wait what does that have to do with the ex spy thing?" Koji said, making some of the female reporters and a few males giggle, and blush. "Uh ok, that's enough questions. I'm going home!" Koji announced, and walked away, some, ok most of the reporters running after him.


A while later, after all the reporters left, Takuya and Zoe were sitting in his backyard on lawn chairs, drinking lemonade. They sent Shinya off to Nago's house before, so he wouldn't be in danger. So they were alone.

"So…that was a pretty interesting day…" Takuya said, and took a sip of his lemonade.

"Yeah…who knew it would be so easy? We didn't even have to do anything." Zoe laughed.

"Sorry, we didn't get to use your plan though."

"Are you kidding me? Who cares about my plan, I'm just glad you and Shinya are safe." Zoe explained. "Seriously! Do you really think I'm that ridiculous?" Zoe pretended to be mad, and crossed her arms and looked away.

"No…" Takuya put a gentle hand on Zoe's cheek. "I think you're--." He was interrupted when they heard the front door opening, and some shuffling around happening inside. "Hm? Is Shinya home already?" He wondered out loud, and got off the chair to see who it was. Zoe was still sitting there blushing, but she walked up to see who it was. She noticed Takuya's eyes were huge, so she opened the door to see Takuya's dad there, in vacation clothes, putting some suitcases down. "D-Dad…?" Takuya asked slowly, still in shock.

"What? You're not even going to give your old man a hug?" Mr. Kanbara asked.

"But…I thought…I thought you were…d-de--."

"Takuya!" Mrs. Kanbara walked through the front door, and dropped her bags. She ran to Takuya and gave him a long hug.

"M-Mom? Y-you're…a-alive?" Takuya almost choked on his words, as he buried his face in his mom's shoulder.

"Yes honey…I missed you." Mrs. Kanbara was crying.

"Aw shucks! Let me in on this hug!" Mr. Kanbara said, and embraced them both in a group hug. "Come on Zoe! You get in on this group hug too!" Mr. Kanbara smiled. Zoe was surprised, and stood there awkwardly.

"Come on Zoe. The more the merrier." Mrs. Kanbara also smiled.

"Zoe…get over here!" Takuya had the biggest smiled on his face. As he reached out for her hand and pulled her into the group hug.


"Koji! Check it out! You guys are in the news paper." Kouichi ran up to Koji. He was standing in the park with Tommy and J.P.

"That's so cool!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Yeah…at least you guys had an exciting summer." J.P. sighed. Koji didn't say anything, but he just smiled.

"Hey…so where are Takuya and Zoe?" Kouichi asked. The other three smiled, and pointed farther along, there was a bridge there which had a river running underneath it. It was sunset, and there was glowing beautiful orange streaming across the sky.


"You know…the sky really is prettier when you're happier…hm that probably sounds selfish." Takuya said.

"Yeah it does." Zoe joked.

"But you also look prettier when you're happy." Takuya smiled, making Zoe blush.

"S-Shut up! Where did you get that cheesy line from? A shoujo manga?"

"Hm yeah, how'd you guess?"

"Takuya!" Zoe punched him in the arm. Then the thought dawned on her. "Wait…so you don't read yaoi manga?"

"Uh…no. Why?" Takuya gave her a strange look.

"Well that time Kouichi gave you some manga."

"Oh that was shoujo manga." Takuya explained.

"Ok…why have you suddenly developed an interest in shoujo manga?" Zoe asked.

"Well…because you said I don't know anything about romance…so I was trying to learn."

"R-Really? Because I said…that?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah…you know I've been trying to tell you for a while now," Takuya started, "I really like you Zoe." At that moment Zoe finally realized Takuya wasn't gay.

"I really like you too." She smiled, then Takuya gently put a hand on her cheek, and kissed her softly.


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