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"Pssst!" Bella turned around to look at the other side of the lunchroom, "Psssssssstttt!!" she heard the noise again.

"What in the-" she was tackled by a very tiny pale girl and dragged into the bathroom. She didn't know for sure what Alice was doing but one thing was for sure: Everyone was staring at them on their way out. "Alice what was that all about?!" Bella whisper-shouted.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just kidnapping you for a grand day of shopping in Port Angeles! Why you don't look happy?" Alice whined.

"I'm not. I have three tests today that I studied long and hard for and was hoping to get them over with!" The two girls were now walking out towards Alice's yellow Porsche. "I mean really Alice, we just went shopping yesterday! Can you not control yourself. At least until Edward gets back from hunting tomorrow."

"No way, Jose! That is exactly why we're going now, to avoid Edward and have you all to myself in the wonderful, huge, expensive shopping mall where everyone knows me." Alice grinned evilly. Bella was practically shoved into the car and they drove off not three seconds later.

"Alice, this is low," Bella glared at her, "even for you! You know that Edward wants me to be happy and this is most definitely not making me happy!!" Alice rolled her eyes and slowed down as a cop car went by.

"Uh-oh." Alice said, sounding defeated, "it's Charlie." Bella waved frantically before she was pushed rather violently into the backseat. Alice half-ducked down and covered her face with the scarf she was wearing. Charlie passed them right by not even noticing with the donut he was eating. "Phew, that was very close. Almost too close."

"Ugh! Charlie, how could you not have seen her speeding from all the way back there?! He's always checking up on Edward! But no, he wouldn't check up on the one person in his family capable of kidnapping me." Bella continued to grumble as Alice laughed to herself.


Poke, poke. Bella opened her eyes, wincing at the glaring sun,and groaned, "Alice, I'm awake. You can stop poking me now or you'll leave a bruise."

"Sorry but you wouldn't wake up when I just said your name. Then you started talking about Edward and I decided something had to be done."

"Fine I'm up, now where are we going to exactly?"

"Well, I thought I might be nice and get you something for lunch first as I thought maybe I didn't kidnap you in the kindest way possible. So we're at the Italian restaurant that Edward brought you to." Her eyes lit up with hope and pride that Bella couldn't resist but make her happy.

"Okay, I guess that will redeem you a bit. But you need to be easy on me and I'm buying everything when we get to the mall." Alice shook her head and pulled into a parking space.

When they got out of the car, two teenage boys were staring at Alice's car. "Whoa." They spoke in unison as they gazed at the Porsche. "How much did this cost you?" one said.

"Nothing" Alice said as she locked the car with a beep and sauntered into the restaurant.

"That was a bit strange." Bella said to Alice as they opened the door and walked in.

"Actually, lots of people love Porsche's and I've been asked that question more than once before." They stepped up to the stand where the hostess was waiting to send them to a table.

"Hello, how many?" she spoke without looking up from the table list.

"Two," Alice spoke up.

The girl looked behind her and told the waitress, "table twenty-seven."

When she finally looked up, Bella whimpered and Alice gave her a questioning look. "Oh. It's you." The hostess said with a sneer, "What, did your boyfriend dump you? You can always give him my number." She smirked.

"Sorry but he's just a bit busy at the moment so my friend and I are having some girl time, thank you very much!" Bella remained as poised and polite as possible.

"Right this way," the waitress looked at them expectantly. They walked into the dining room and the waitress picked up some menus on the way. Once they were seated and had their menus Alice spoke up.

"So, what was that all about?"

"That girl was the waitress when Edward and I came and she kept flirting with him the whole entire meal. It was horrible and she pretty much threw my food at me." Alice giggled and recited Bella's order to her after she had a vision. When they got the check and Alice had grabbed the check with her super-fast abilities, they left without giving one look to the rude hostess.

"All, right," Alice squealed, "SHOPPING TIME!!" Bella groaned again as she was pulled forcefully into the Porsche.

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