Ch. 1

Rukia quickly walked through the twist and turns of the Soul Society roads. Captain Ukitake had told her to retrieve a file from the 12th. Divisions captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi. She couldn't ignore the painful feeling in her stomach, she didn't much care for Captain Kurotsuchi. That shinigami made her skin crawl, even more so than Captain Ichimaru. Rukia continued to walk through the never ending labyrinth, not entirely sure where she was going. It wasn't even day she was in this part of Soul Society. After five more minutes of wondering around she finally gave up, stopping at a corner and leaning against the wall. She sighed deeply and rubbed her head.

"I'm never going to find it."

"Find what, Miss Kuchiki?

Rukia looked towards the sound of the soft voice. It was the 12th. Divisions lieutenant, Nemu. She felt sorry for the girl, but she also scared her. She knew it wasn't her fault, Mayuri did horrible things to her, so she heard. She slightly smiled at the girl, who only stared back blankly.

"I need to see Captain Kurotsuchi."

"Follow me, I'll take you to him, Miss Kuchiki."

The young girl walked past Rukia, leading the way to a cluster of buildings. She walked through door after door, Rukia following silently behind. Finally she opened the last door, leading into a room that look like a lab, but on a smaller scale. Rukia expected Nemu to stay and say that she was looking fir him but instead she left, closing the door silently behind her. Rukia looked around, the place seemed completely empty. Had Nemu taken her to the wrong place?

"May I help you Miss Kuchiki?"

Rukia quickly turned around to see Mayuri facing her, he was setting in a big leather computer chair. She was more than a little surprised, having a loss for words. She didn't think she could handle being in a room alone with Mayuri, she had been right. She felt more unsettled now more than anything, why did Nemu have to leave? She started fidgeting with the obi that held together her


"Miss. Kuchiki? If you have nothing to say then leave, your wasting my time."

Rukia jumped, she instantly regained her composure, putting her hands back at her side. She put on her emotionless mask and bravely locked eyes with Mayuri. She cleared her throat and took a few steps forwards.

"Captain Ukitake sent me to retrieve file: A5673."

"Ah, and why did he not come down here himself?"

"His illness has driven him to stay in bed, so he sent me in his place."

"Miss. Kuchiki, you should know vary well that I can only give files to captains or lieutenants."

"You know the 13th. Division doesn't have a lieutenant." a little sign of sadness cracked through her stone mask.

"Then your captain should of come, despite his condition. He knows fully well that I would not give you the files. He has just wasted your time, and more importantly, mine. Now please leave, you know what to tell your captain." Mayuri turned back to his desk.

"But Captain, he said that the file he wanted wasn't a big deal."

"No, Miss. Kuchiki," Mayuri cut her off in a harsh voice, " your captain cant seem to understand that I wont bend the rules for him. Furthermore, even if your captain came down here," Mayuri looked through a stack of papers, "he has not gone through the proper channels, so I could not give him the files. Now please leave, Miss. Kuchiki, and tell your fool of a captain to do things the correct way."

Rukia's stone mask crumbled into a million pieces, her face flared as she stormed out of the room. She managed to calmly slide the door shut, not wanting Mayuri to know that he had gotten to her so easily. Once she was sure she was out of earshot she started to rant.

"That stupid man! Kisuke should of let him rot in that cell!"

Rukia continued ranting while she made her way back to Ukitake's quarters.

Rukia, yet again, walk through the maze of Soul Society until she found her way back to familiar grounds. From there she quickly made her way back to her captain. She quietly knocked on the door to Ukitake room. Their was no reply, worried she knocked again, this time a little more audible. A few more seconds on silence and she slightly slid the door open.


A white sheet rose up from a bed and slid to the floor, unveiling a sickly looking Ukitake. He yawned deeply and ran his fingers through his long white hair, pushing it out of his eyes. He shifted his weight, attempting to get up, but failed when he let out ragged cough. He ultimately settled back down on his bed and looked up at the flushed Rukia.

"I'm sorry Rukia, were you waiting long?"

"No, captain."

"So, did you manage to get the files from Mayuri?"

"No, he said you didn't go through 'the proper channels,' captain."

Ukitake sighed in frustration, "I'm sorry, Rukia. I knew he wouldn't give you the file. I guess I was just hoping that he would be a better mood than usual, or something."

"Captain, if you knew you shouldn't of sent me down there... I felt like a complete fool." Rukia cast her gaze down to floor as she thought about what Mayuri had said to her.

Ukitake dragged himself off his bed, slightly wobbling as he stood, " I'll go make a file claim, I'll also tell Captain Kurotsuchi that you were just following my orders."

Ukitake walked past Rukia who said nothing, leaving her standing alone in the room. Rukia stood silent for a few moments then turned around and slid the door open, walking the in opposite direction of Ukitake. For some reason she just wanted to home and do nothing, luckily enough her day was over. Rukia was making her way back to her living quarters when she heard someone calling her name.

"Rukia, hey Rukia! Wait a minute!" it was Rangiku.

"What is it?" Rukia stopped in her tracks, looking curiously at her.

"I'm getting together with some of the guys to have a drink, do you want to come, Renji will there." Rangiku giggled as she nudged Rukia.

"No thanks, I'm really tired." said Rukia with a slight blush.

"Your so boring Rukia. You have to come next time, Kay?"

"Sure, Rangiku."

"Oh, and you know, Renji misses you. Ever since you where put in squad 13 you two haven't seen much of each other."

"Yeah, I know. We've both been really busy... So I'll make sure to go with you next time." Rukia smiled at Rangiku.

"Okay, see you soon!" Rangiku happily walked away from her.

Rukia reached her quarters and slid open the door, she closed the door behind her and locked it. She went to her and laid down on her bed, drifting off into a slumber.