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(Bella's POV)

I slowly slid my hands down the front of my dress. I was nervous and excited, a mixture of emotions that were starting to put me on edge as I looked in the tall mirror on the wall. I brought my hand to my chin and lifted my face slightly. The last few months had taken a chunk out of me, but I was healing. See here, I got a bit of colour back into my face. There was a light tap on the door. I turned around.

"Come in." I said. The door opened, and then Rosalie walked in, Emmett following close behind. I smiled. "You look lovely, Rose."

"Doesn't she?" Emmett grinned, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Look at yourself too, Bella."

"Bella, you look amazing!" Rosalie agreed, coming forward and pulling me into a tight hug. I felt like she was holding me together. "How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Alright." I murmured.

"Don't have any nervous jitters? Not thinking about backing out?" Emmett inclined, an impish smile on his face.

"Should I?" I asked playfully. "Do you have any reason for me to change my mind." I poked his side. "Because please, tell me now." Emmett pat my head.

"'Course not. Just making sure."

I grinned, and turned around again, swallowing the lump of terror that rose in my throat. Not fear of marrying Edward. Of course not. I love him with all my being. He is and is the reason I have everything wonderful to me. I could never say no to him. I wanted to marry him. The fear was only that this was all happening. Now. And quickly. And that's what frightened me the most. Rosalie stepped up behind me and pushed my hair to one side. I smiled at her through the mirror.

"Ready?" She whispered. I bit my upper lip and nodded.



I shivered as Edward placed a hand on my waist, the other of the side of my neck. I smiled in anticipation at the words I had been dying to hear for so long now. He closed his eyes for a fraction of a second, and it was as if I could read his thoughts. He had been waiting for this moment much longer than I had. He licked his lips, letting the moment last just a second longer.
"I do."
And I saw as he opened his eyes, the emarld green happier than I had ever seen. I could see years and years of our future. Together. I was unaware of everything else the minister was saying. The only thing I was thinking was 'This is too good to be true'. He loves me, he loves me, he loves me. And in that second when the diamonds danced in his eyes, I knew he would never hurt me, never leave me.

And then he kissed me. When he pulled away he whispered, "My wife. My life. My love."


After the ceremony, there was a recepetion. I went and found my dad. He kissed the top of my head gently.

"So let me get this straight. I have to watch the kids while you two go off on a luxurious honeymoon together?"

"Sounds about right. I'll think about you as I'm picking grapes in Venice." I smiled up at him. I felt Edward's arms wrap around my waist. He whispered in my ear.

"And how are you Mrs. Cullen? How do you feel?"

"Like a bride, a mother, a daughter all at the same time." My stomach muscles tightened, but I ignored them. "And I couldn't be more happier."

"I like hearing that." My father said, a smile on his face. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn he almost choked back a sob. I smiled lightly. My dad leaned forward, placing his hand on Edward's shoulder. "You'll do good. Take care of my baby girl." Edward smiled back.

"Will do, Sir."

"Good. Now go on your honeymoon!" He pushed me into Edward's arms and then walked away. I laughed as Edward held me close.

"I love you, my Darling." He whispered. I didn't answer, just breathing in everything Edward. "And I love this dress on you. Though I'd like to see it off..." I smiled so only I could see.

"Would you?" I whispered.

"It has been a long... long time since you and I..." He let on.

"Edward!" I looked up at him. He just shrugged his shoulders.

"It is the honeymoon." He grinned my favorite half smile, dazzling me to momentary insanity. I shook my head and pulled his face towards mine, so I could answer him with a kiss.

"So it is."


"When Edward starts his classes in September, I'm fairly sure Bella will not be able to raise those children on her own."

"No, I'm sure she won't." I answered my wife while staring out the back window of our home. It was way past midnight, and I was beginning to become worried about those children alone with Charlie. I suppose it was a good thing when I sent Alice over there. I sighed. I felt Esme as she came up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist.

"And what do you propose we do?" She whispered.

"I'm not sure." We stood there in silence for a moment.

"You know, all the kids are going off the college this year. Really, there's no reason for us to stay here." Her voice was sweet, sincere. I turned around to look down at her.

"What about your charities?"

"We can always come back up the city. It's not that far."

"No." I looked away. "I guess it's not." I looked back down at her amd smiled. "We'll call around tomorrow." It was almost worth dying this moment everytime I saw my Esme's eyes light up like that.

"Thank You." She said, leaning into me.

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