"O-M-G, look at dat gerl over there! She's soo0oo pretty! Way bettr thn that Bella grl. Some1 go get Edwerd!!1!" I herd ppl all over da skool wisper bout me. I just smiled. I luved dis place.

Stuped humens didnt kno I could kill them so0o easily. But I lyked the attenshan. I wundered who dis Edwerd guy wuz. If he wuz cute, he could be my bf. But I had lyk ten othr guys lined up for dat posishian, if Edwerd wuznt cute, then no go.

"Hi, I'm Edwerd Cullen," a silkie voice purd. I turnd around to see a beutifel man, bout a foot taller then me.

"Hi, I'm Izzy. Short 4 Isibella." I replyd with a smile. He was realy cute!1!

He gasped. "OMG thats my gerlfrinds name!"

I frowned. "u have a gf?"

HE frowned also. "Ya... Hey, I can't hear ur thoughts. R u a vamperie, too??"

I hissed. I knew he smelt funny. "No. I'm a warewolf."

He crinckled his nose. "U smelt funny... But thats OK. My gf is friends with a warewolf an she says its fine. Want 2 eat lunch with me?"

"Shore." I said with a smile. Even if he was a smelly vamperie, I knew we could turn out to be the best of friends. Maybe even moar, if that dum Isibella gerl would get out the way.

I followed the pretty boy over to his table 2 c other pretty ppl just like him!! I gasped at there beauty. But frowned when I smelt that they were all vamperies lyk Edwerd.

"This is --"

I cut off Edwerd off with a smile. He looked stuned for a moment. "Let me guess. Roslee, Ement, Alisha, Jason, and Isibella??"

Edwerd looked shocked. "Howd u kno that!?1?! Do u have sum kinda power or sumthin1?"

I grinned from ear 2 ear. "y, yes, yes I do."

Dey all laffed at me, parently, I'm funnie. I lyked the attenshian.

All during lunch we talked and laffed a lot. Edwerd an I shard a peice of pizza together. Isibella, or Bella as dey said, wuz gettin angry at him 4 doin that. I knew he couldnt eat, he would spit it up latr, but he didnt seem to mind, so neether did i.

Roslee, Alisha, and Bella wuz gettin maddr becuz Ement and Jason were all ovr me. lul, wut? I cant help it if i atract ppl of the oposit sex!1! It is out of my controll!

"so, Izzy, u wanna come ovr 2nite and tlk about bein a warewolf?? I bet its realy cool!" Ement exclaimed, wile humpin Roslee lol. Hes such a horn dog.

"shore! sounds like loads of fun!" I exclamed happly. Alisha an Bella didn't look so happy, but i didn't care. Edwerd and Jason looked happy, so thats all I cared bout!

"lets dich this stuped school!!1" Jason exclaimed, usin his power 2 make us all super happy.

"edwerd," bella wined, "I dont want to miss biologee1!!"

"den u can stay." I snaped. "ur just a stick in da mud."

Bella's eyes widend. "omg, edwerd, r u srsly gunna let her tlk 2 me lyk dat??"

Edwerd shrugged, he wuz on my side. "Well, its tru. U r a lil muddish."

"screw u, edwerd! u can go to poopy land!! o wait, thts rite, u cant cuz ur a vamperie!" bella shouted angerly, runnin out the cafitearia.

Edwerd frowned, he looked close 2 tears. I huged him. "it's OK, Edwerd! 4get her, u can come with us and here me tlk bout bein a warewolf. it's fun!1!"

He smiled. "OK, Izzy. u r way cooler than bella newayz."

"ya," jason and Ement agreed.

"Alisha too," jason added.

"and roslee!"

The othr girls glaired at me menicingly. I could tell dey didn't lyk me, but i didnt care. I had Edwerd.

Dizclaimr: stephenie meyer made up stuped bella and sexii edwerd, i just wrote dis story cuz i can and its fanfiction!!1!!

A/N: hi, guyz! my name is izzy (LOL I KNOW JUST LYK BELLAS ONLY ITS IZZY) and i looo0ve twilight!!11! i ttly wish dis wuz a tru story :( u should read this and tell me wut u thought!!1!41!