ugh... u ppl r so stuped!!1! how could u say those things 2 me?? i rite perfectly fine, thnk u! and i thank i kno their names, i read the storys moar den u do, obveosly. and i spell way bettr then n e of u!! i mean, look at my writins and look at urs!! xactly.

n e wayz... enuff bout the stuped ppl... hears da story!!1!2!

"Well, ement," I said with a smile, "bein a warewolf is vary hard."

Ements eyes widened in enterest. "realy?? how?? hardr then bein a vamperie??"

I snorted. "Of corse it is! have U ever striped naked wile runnin and fazein n2 a wolf?"

Ement formd an O with his mouth. "No... cant say i have..."

Edwerd persed his lips in thawt. "wow, u were rite. bein a warewolf is lyk a billion times harder den bein a vamperie. Now I feel bad 4 Jack."

"OMG!" I shouted. "Jack is the weerd-o tht emprented on me!!1!" I shuttered. "Lyk I could evr luv dat guy."

Edwerd looked shocked momentarly. "Jack emprented on sum1!? Thts grate! He ken leave Bella alone now!!"

I frowned. "I thawt u didnt care bout Bella n e moar..."

Edwerd looked thawtfull. "I will alweys kare 4 Bella, but not in the way ur thinkin. Bella and me r ovr."

I lit up lyk a bag of blood under hospitel lites. I tryd 2 hide it, but frum the looks of Jason and Ement, I didnt do a vary good job. "O. I'm srry."

"Don't be!" Edwerd exclaimed, his eyes wide as suemo wresseler fists lol. "it wuz bond 2 happin n e ways. she wuz all ovr that mikal newt guy or sumthin durin gym. shes a slut."

I laffed. "lol, i bet. she looked lyk 1."

I noticd Ement and Jason left the room, leavin me and Edwerd alone. Roslee and Alisha were 2 busy bein angry 2 hear bout bein a wearwolf. dey were gelus of me cuz there bfs lyked me to.

Edwerd movd closr 2 me, a sly smile on his face. I reeturnd it with ez. He wuz sooooo cute!!

"Would it b weerd if i azked 4 a kiss?" he askd qwietly, duckin his hed a lil in imbaresment.

"corse not!" I exclamed happly and leand n2 him.

when our lips met it wuz amayzin!!1! even tho he wuz a smelly vamperie, i couldnt beleeve how good of a kissr he wuz!!

"EDWERD ANTONY MASEN CULLEN!" came a loud voice.

Edwerd and I turned our heds in shock to seee...

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