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I was sitting on the Cullen's beautiful porch looking at all the trees. I was going to be married right in front of this house in just a few short days. I still couldn't believe I was getting married. Me. The girl who said I would be 40 before I would even consider settling down just a few years ago, is getting married.

But if you saw Edward you wouldn't blame me. He was like a god. He treated me like a princess. A porcelain princess but still a princess. I did have an unbelievable way of finding trouble. I mean come on, my best friend is a werewolf and my fiance is a vampire. Fiance. I don't know how to get use to that word.

Bella Swan is getting married in a week.

I walked in the house and into the kitchen. The kitchen was a dream. I could not believe how beautiful it was considering no one but me ever ate in the house. I opened up the cabinet to find a bag of candy just for me. It was an assortment of all the good candy. I grabbed a Snickers and threw away the wrapper. Vampires don't really crave candy. This was my stash of heaven at my heaven's house.

Vampires do however crave sex. Rosalie radiated sex wherever she went and Emmett was never far behind. Edward had been patient with me the last couple of days. He finally caved but now I was refusing him. I wanted to wait until it or at least try and wait. Needed it to wait. No matter when it happened until I was a vampire, Edward would be to careful and never able to put his all in it as long as I was human.

I hated being the only human in a house full of vampires. I had been staying here since Edward and I told Charlie about the proposal. He hated the idea of it not being to Jacob Black and Edward hated Charlie's thoughts for thinking like that.

I was still hungry even after my wonderful Snickers and opened the freezer. Success. I had been wanting popsicles for the longest time. Being a product of the south somewhat, I loved popsicles during the day. They were always just what I needed to cool me down. My vampire popsicle was out for a hunt. I had to insist about 6327492 times that I would be fine alone and that he needed food. The only family needed to prepare for the wedding.

The front door opened and in walked my family. Emmett was laughing as he walked in the kitchen discussing how his bear was the biggest animal anyone had caught today. I still couldn't imagine bear tasting good but it was his favorite so I just smiled. The first image of a bear that popped in my head was Winnie the Pooh and I just couldn't see Winnie tasting delectable.

Emmett looked at me as I plopped myself on the counter right in front of the freezer. I just smiled at him and continued eating my popsicle. My toungue slid up and down the popsicle and then I sucked on the top of it again. He glanced over at Edward and I couldn't help but smile. I knew they were discussing something but I had no idea what.

Edward, look at her. You know she wants to do you right here and now right. I mean look at her you know she wants to...

Edward pushed his brother and I giggled glancing down at Edward's pants. I knew what they were discussing now. Me. I didn't try and turn Edward on but according to him it was impossible for me not to. Edward walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "I missed you my Bella." I blushed and Emmett looked at me. "Hey lil sis. Miss me?" I nodded and he tackled me to the counter in the biggest bear hug not letting go. Edward pulled him off and I couldn't stop laughing. Enough. She's mine. Edward looked so angry and I couldn't understand why. Emmett winked at me and walked out to the living room probably to wrestle with Jasper or someone.

Edward looked at me and asked if I was still hungry. My stomach answered for me as it grumbled to life. I hadn't really had anything real yet today. Before I knew it Edward had fixed me a chicken breast and swiss sandwich. He sat down on the counter and watched me eat. For some reason he loved watching me consume food. After I swallowed my last bite he leaned over and kissed my neck. Oh how great his cold lips felt against my skin. He countined to kiss my neck and his hand found my boobs squezing one and then another. "Oh Bella." He broke the kiss for a moment to speak. "You have no idea how much I missed you."

I blushed and pulled him off my neck without much of a fight. 'Edward you were gone for only a couple of hours. You couldn't have missed me that much."

He frowned. 'Oh silly Bella. Emmett made me come home when we did because I was apparently to unbearable to deal with. And Jasper kept telling me to stop thinking about you because he was missing Alice too much."

I shifted my weight off the counter and went to get another popsicle. You think you missed me Edward Cullen? Just wait.

I unwrapped the popsicle, sat back on the counter next to the fiancee and put the popsicle in my mouth. If felt fantastic against my lips and I rolled my tongue around it. Edward could not take his eyes off me as I licked the popsicle. I moved my tongue around it swirling my tongue at the base and let my tongue fall along the top. At the top all I did was let my tongue swirl making sure he didn't keep his eyes off of me.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Bella if you don't finish that popsicle soon I might do something we will regret. You do still care about our virtues don't you?"

I giggled and finished the popsicle catching the drops that melted on my fingers and then licking them too. As I threw the stick into the garbage can I smiled. "I am done and your virtue is still intact, are you happy?"

He stole me into his arms and the next thing I knew we were in his room. He laid me gently on the bed and went to lock the door. I still laughed whenever he did that. In my mind I don't really see a locked door deterring any of his siblings if they really wanted in.

He looked at me and smiled. "Do you want your virtue intact for much longer or do I need to solve this problem on my own Bella?"

I winked and what I said even surprised me. "If you think you can handle me Cullen, bring it on."

X End part one of two X

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